Why should you consider adding A2 Paneer in your diet : Health benefits of Paneer

A2 milk

Paneer is a type of cheese that has been made in India for more than two thousand years. It is a low-fat, high protein food that can be used as an ingredient or eaten as a main dish. Paneer contains many vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. A2 Paneer also has less lactose which makes it easier to digest for those who have trouble with dairy products.

A2 Paneer is a fresh and tasty cheese that has many health benefits. Wecan use this as a substitute for milk in recipes, or eaten raw on its own. A2 Paneer can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and, cancer. It also contains high levels of calcium which promotes healthy bone growth. This Paneer is specially made for those who are lactose-intolerant. It contains less than 1% lactose. The health benefits of this cheese will make you reconsider your diet choices.


Benifits of A2 Paneer :- 


1. It is Casein Free and Fat Free :

It is Casein Free and Fat Frees rich with Minerals, Calcium and Protein. Being an important part of Indian Diet it is full with minerals like calcium and protein which provides strength to muscles. It has a good amount of Vitamin B-2, B12 and riboflavin that enhances metabolism rate. Paneer contains a moderate amount of protein and carbohydrates. This is the best source for Vitamin B-6. Paneer. The following table lists the gold medalists in each category – calories, fat, fiber, carbohydrate, sugar and protein. One hundred grams (100 gms) serving counts for 182 calories. Paneer is a block form of Cottage Cheese, which is made by curdling milk with acid. It contains no casein and less whey protein than other cheese like mozzarella or feta cheeses.


2. It contains 25% more Calcium content than normal cow’s milk – 

A2 Paneer contains almost all the nutrients that are required by the body. It has a good level of calcium which is essential for building strong bones. Calcium content in this paneer is about 25% more than normal Paneer made from cow’s milk. 15% less saturated fat content than normal milk’s paneer. Calcium in the form of Phosphorus is more bioavailable (easily absorbed by our body) than calcium from other sources. It’s also a complete source of Dairy Proteins with all 8 essential Amino Acids and also contains Beta Casein A2 Protein.


3. A2 Paneer Digests completely :- 

The A2 protein digests completely, whereas the A1 protein can react to different IgG antibodies that may cause health issues like Heart Disease, Diabtes etc. Paneer digests completely in 4-5 hours, and it is considered a very fast digesting food as compared to other protein foods.

That is why we feel hungry again soon after having Paneer. So, make sure that you include other proteins in your meal. Paneer, when consumed in right proportion to other food ,digests completely and provides nutrient required by body. It is a complete food. It contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins (especially calcium), minerals and water all together which other milk’s paneer does not have. The protein present in A2 Paneer digests completely unlike the case with many proteins found in other paneer. Its natural immunoglobulins make it highly digestible and easy to absorb.


4. It contains all the essential amino acids :-

Paneer is a complete food that has all the essential amino acids. It contains 18 different types of protein, as compared to other curd cheese varieties like Cottage Cheese (20) and Milk (21).

In ancient days, Paneer was considered as a complete food. However, due to lack of knowledge about its nutritional value it was denied its rightful place in diet. To overcome these problems and to have paneer a healthy food, scientists at National Dairy Research Institute experimented with many ways. They found out that if you cut A1 protein by adding enzymes then it can be digested properly without the formation of any antibodies against A1 proteins. This new product is called ‘A2 Paneer’. 

5. A2 paneer has high antioxidant potential –  

It has high antioxidant potential compared with other types of milk, especially when it is processed into paneer. This study suggests that this high antioxidant potential may be due to the presence of flavanol-rich cocoa and teas in the paneer. Researchers from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee have found out that paneer has the highest level of antioxidants among all cheese varieties available in the market

The high antioxidant potential of paneer may be due to the type of milk used as raw material, the storage conditions or cooking procedures. According to this study, the antioxidants in paneer were mainly flavanols – catechin and epicatechin – which are present in tea and cocoa powder. The authors also found that milk stored at normal room temperature for three weeks had higher levels of these antioxidants compared with milk stored either under refrigeration or frozen. Paneer is a popular Indian cheese generally made from whole cow’s milk. It has an excellent shelf life when kept out of the refrigerator and can be consumed after cooking.

6. A2 paneer Prevents against certain cancers – 

Researchers found that consumption of A2 paneer helps to fight lung cancer and colorectal cancer.  Paneer is well known for its anti-obesity effects, and now this study shows that the milk product has cancer preventive effects, too.

Another recent research found out a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 23.5 in persons consuming A2 paneer instead of whole milk (A1 type). This could be because A1 type “milk” may cause an increase in insulin levels – which can promote fat storage and weight gain. Researchers found that consumption of A2 paneer helps to fight lung cancer and colorectal cancer. 

Scientists in USA have found that a type of casein known as beta-casein A1 may be more likely to cause these illnesses than a second type known as beta-casein A2.  The researchers made their discovery after examining more than 300 cancer patients and finding that those with high levels of beta-casein A1 protein in their blood were significantly more likely to develop lung cancer or colorectal (bowel) cancers.

7. A1 Milk Linked to major diseases –

Dairy products has a sugar which is called lactose. If we cannot digest lactose properly, it passes through our large intestine where normal bacteria convert it into fatty acids such as oleic acid or propionic

These fatty acids are then absorbed into our blood and travel to the rest of the body where they are used as energy by cells that don’t use insulin (fat, muscle, heart muscle, etc). The idea is that if we eat foods with lots of oleic acid or propionic acid in them before a meal containing glucose or starch, this will prevent fat accumulation in our bodies. 


8. A2 paneer has lower fatty acids – 

A2 milk had 45% less saturated fat in it, which is close to the levels in skim milk (the type of milk that contains no fat at all). This contributes positively towards weight management in consumers. And, more importantly, A2 milk’s 33% less casein (or ‘main protein’ in milk) compared to regular dairy products is a boon for those who are lactose intolerant.

A2 milk has almost 45 per cent lesser saturated fat content as compared to regular cows’ milk. 


9. A2 milk’s effect on Weight – 

Casein makes up around 80% of the proteins in milk. It is a good source of protein and keeps you full for longer. “When casein breaks down it releases amino acids, that can give you an insulin spike,” said Dr Tee as she explained how this can contribute towards weight gain. The A1 variety may be more likely to promote fat storage compared with slower releasing A2 type of protein present in milk. 

It has been seen that clinical studies have shown positive effects on inflammation levels by those who switched from regular dairy products to A2 milk. And, as we know, inflammation (if left unaddressed) leads to increased fat storage and eventually obesity. On top of this, lactose intolerance has been known to lead to abdominal bloating and discomfort which causes many people avoid eating or consuming dairy products altogether for fear of having gas and cramps later on. This also contributes detrimentally towards losing weight loss goals.


10. A2 Paneer is effective for lactose intolerant –

It is good for lactose intolerant patients. Unlike other dairy products, paneer does not contain galactose which may aggravate the symptoms of lactose intolerance in some adults and children. 

Owing to its important nutritional properties, paneer is beneficial even for infants because it helps them mature into healthy toddlers by providing a well-balanced array of nutrients like calcium, protein, iron, phosphorus and zinc. This also is goodA2 Paneer is effective for lactose intolerant pa for pregnant women.

Paneer especially provides an abundance of phosphorus that is so vital during pregnancy as it has a major role to play in laying down strong bones and teeth in new born babies as well as facilitating optimal growth of fetuses.

Conclusion –

A2 paneer is a cheese alternative that has 10 benefits and should be considered into your diet. This milk-based product can replace dairy in many recipes, while also being healthier for you than the alternatives. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Best Paneer Pune and start enjoying its 10 benefits today. Visit our website Urban Farms to know more about this healthy option and how it might help improve your life!

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