Why should people use polycarbonate sheets instead of Glass?

Polycarbonate sheet supplier

With the evolution of the construction industry and the availability of more modern building methods and materials, polycarbonate sheets have rapidly become an energy-efficient and cost-efficient replacement for Glass. Polycarbonate poses resistance to high-pressure situations like different types of weather and extreme fluctuations of temperature. When people need to choose between glass and polycarbonate sheets, the choice is obvious. This blog discusses some features of polycarbonate sheets that will make you buy them from a polycarbonate sheet supplier and declare them better than Glass for various commercial construction and industrial applications. Those features are below

Lightweight and durable

With the ability to deal with different environmental conditions and elements differing in severity, polycarbonate sheets are around two hundred and fifty times more resistant and durable to scratching, cracking, and surface damage than Glass. Moreover, polycarbonate sheet is also extremely lightweight making it simpler to carry and transport than Glass and occupying less stores and trucks. Glass features high density and is heavy but extremely weak. Thus, it needs significant special care to protect it from damages during its transportation. Contrary to that, polycarbonate sheets are virtually durable and deal with different types of transportation conditions.

Decreases energy costs

If decreasing the costs and energy output is an important priority of your organization, think about installing polycarbonate sheets rather than Glass. Manufacturers of polycarbonate sheets manufacture polycarbonate sheets in different thicknesses so people can choose the degree of insulation they need for their structure. Thick polycarbonate sheets offer better insulation with their lower U-value. Maintenance of a temperature-controlled environment ensures that heat does not escape from the structure, leading to long-term savings in energy costs. During summer, people can also enhance the energy efficiency of their air conditioner by maintaining control of optimal interior temperature with the help of well-insulated polycarbonate sheets.

Superior ultraviolet protection and light diffusion

Manufacturers have designed polycarbonate sheets to provide temperature control, ultraviolet protection and optimal light diffusion for an extensive range of settings and applications. Architects desire nature light, but that light has to undergo filtration to different degrees to offer comfort and excellent ultraviolet protection, particularly in light and temperature control atmospheres. Contrary to Glass, polycarbonate sheets provide maximum transparency, diffusion and light transmission apart from anti-reflection and anti-glare features for clarity and optimal visibility. People use it for various structural applications where natural light is mandatory or desired. Besides, polycarbonate sheets are also equipped with ultraviolet filters that protect the plants, furnishings, and interior design from sun damage. Without appropriate ultraviolet protection, sunlight light can discolor internal design features like decorative pieces like oil paintings, leather or wooden furniture and laminate flooring. It can also burn the leaves of plants.

Easy installation

As polycarbonate sheets are extremely lightweight than Glass, their installation procedure is more efficient and easier. Where Glass would need the strength of many building workers to hold every panel in place, only one person can install polycarbonate sheets with minimal tools and effort needed. The machinability of polycarbonate sheets makes it extremely simple to cut them down.

Which company to prefer when looking to purchase

There are many companies out there that are selling polycarbonate sheets but one, in particular, is getting the more recognition these days and they are Wuxi Brilliant Technology. They are known to be one of the best and reliable wholesalers out there that are seling their products on a global scale. They offer one of the best polycarbonate sheets to their clients as they are known for not altering them from their original shape, but rather providing good and custom-made boxes which is great. They have had excellent results with different types of materials which include:

acrylic glass sheets, aluminium panels, yard signs, acrylic rods, PVC boards and much more.

The prices are also competitive and affordable with them usually offering discounts on bulk orders. This helps businesses to save a lot of money, which deals well for both the clients and their company itself overall making the experience even more rewarding.

Important Factor About Wuxi Brilliant Tech

This is the only company that is willing to sell you their high quality products on affordable wholesale prices worldwide. That may not seem like much but if you think about it you are getting your desired products very easily from them. Made using the best quality materials

All the Brilliant Technology products are made using only 99% pure materials and are best suitable for the application. It is sourced from reputable suppliers only with the best industrial raw materials.

You can also order each and every product from them in custom shape and sizes if required. This is another point that we also get impressed with as most other companies do not make customers available for the custom shape and sizes. But you can definitely get to interact with them quite easily through e-mail, phone calls, online chat system and many others in detail so that they are able to build a perfect customized product for you according to your needs.

If something goes wrong no matter how small or big it seems it will be resolved very quickly to the satisfaction of their customers.

Can offer a faster shipment system worldwide

The great thing about brilliant Technology is that they have got a fast shipping system in place so you don’t have to wait for special time outs like other companies do but your products will be shipped within just 2-3 working days or weeks maximum even on next day delivery options if required demanding on the region. We loved this ability as most companies did not provide such an offer and hence could easily slow down or stop the supply of product to customers if you don’t have a delivery address. But brilliant Technology is willing to provide this service in case anything goes wrong and also make your place clear from any sort of backups as soon it gets confirmed on their end.


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