Why recycling paper packaging bags are important

paper packaging bags

When you recycle paper packaging bags, you reduce the amount of plastic that goes into landfills. Paper packaging bags are made from recycled materials and can be recycled more than once. Recycling paper packaging bags is a good habit that can be performed easily by consumers. When you put plastic recycling into action, your act of saving the environment helps protect our oceans and creatures.


The Goal of the United States

The United States’ official recycling goal is to divert at least 50% of paper packaging materials from landfills by the year 2012. In order to achieve this, it’s good for people like you and me to be conscious consumers and shift towards buying products that are made in America instead of importing them or manufacturing them overseas. With over 200 million pounds exported inappropriately every day into our waste streams, we can easily help reduce disposal rates across the supply chain.


Companies are now considering environmental friendly packaging bags 

Companies are now considering environmental friendly packaging bags, which is an important step in a consumer-driven recovery. Consumers can also start to demand environmentally friendly packaging that meets all of their expectations by purchasing products made here in the states instead of buying them online or from overseas companies. With over 200 million pounds exported inappropriately every day into our waste streams, we can easily help reduce disposal rates across the supply chain.

Persons at risk for certain health issues might be more sensitive to toxins that are in plastics. Consumers must also consider what they reuse, which gives a good perspective on their personal habits and recycling efforts.


Find the right type of packaging that fits your needs

Juxiang Packaging Printing is one of the best packaging wholesale companies out there that are selling their products in environmentally friendly bags, paper baskets and corrugated boxes. Juxiang has all kinds of printing equipment such as printers, scanners, plotters and even colour card printers. They are the only wholesaler that can custom manufacturer packaging boxes and bags for your products that will defiantly fit your needs. The use of eco-friendly materials in everyday life has become increasingly more important as a way to save our natural resources and conserve them for future generations. We spend billions every year on plastic containers, bags, and bottles that end up being disposed of when they are no longer used or recycled.


What type of packaging boxes you can get from Juxiang Packaging Printing


You can expect only the finest quality packaging products from them their products include:


Jewellery packaging box

This type of packaging box is made from high-quality materials and is perfect for packing your jewellery in a safe and protected way.

Many of their customers use this packaging box to pack delicate pieces of jewellery, as it is made from a hard plastic that will not damage or scratch the jewellery while it is in storage.

This type of packaging also offers excellent protection against dust and dirt.

Another great benefit to using this type of packaging box for your jewellery items is that it can also come in a multitude of different sizes and shapes to accommodate every type of jewellery item.


Gift bags

A perfect choice for packaging small gifts, you can buy these vacuum-sealed bags and use them to pack your personalized items. The professional printing process on each bag ensures that every gift is secure in its own individual seal. To maintain the standards of this type of packaging box you must store your item away from light needing to have it unsealed.

You can also choose easily from a large range of different colours such as black, white or grey to suit your gift.

These packaging gift bags can also be purchased in 4 sizes ranging from 0.6″ to 1.5″.

Types of greeting cards that you would like printed on? – Choose between many different value options depending upon the occasion or company size and make sure this will go down a treat with family members and friends, along with getting great feedback for business promotions too! The welcome home banner is certainly considered one of the most popular items to give as a gift.


Magnetic gift boxes

This type of packaging box allows the customer to display their item very simply yet elegantly.

Larger sized containers are often made from metal and finished in a polished silver colour and would be perfect for storing jewellery, clothes or accessories.

Allowing for you and your recipient to access items stored within this packaging takes place through pegs that may also feature an attractive logo embedded into them; alternatively, these magnets can also be engraved onto labels or covers so that any items stored will glow with electric blue.

With an even larger sized magnet box you can display, there is nothing restricting your storage requirements and the box itself stands over 6 inches in height making it a perfect option for storing cans of drinks (like soft drink brands Coca-Cola & Pepsi).

Having a decorative layout featured around these boxes means all your top quality gifts would look fantastic on show at a party!


What type of printing would you like for your promotional item to have?

If you had thought about our plastic bins, then these shopping bags might be a good alternative idea that is cheaper and very lightweight. There are numerous different bag designs which can range from colourful stripes to trendy animal ones too; this means finding the one that suits each gift effectively takes place quite easily as there aren’t so many options available!

You will find in the past, most bags have featured larger handles that are somewhat reminiscent to shopping basket bags; therefore you would find no problem in slipping your item onto it or over the top. With various bag designs available as well at discount promotional items occasions, this allows for individuals to choose from a wider range of decorative colours incidentally resulting in more value added too!

There is almost nothing better than getting a gift which has been made with some personal care about it.


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