Why prepare for CLAT 2022 with Mock Tests?

Importance of CLAT mock test
Importance of CLAT mock test

CLAT is a national-level law entrance exam. Based on the performance in this test a student can secure admission in National Law Universities as well as other law colleges which consider CLAT score for admission.

The Executive Committee of the Consortium of NLU has made changes in the CLAT 2022 Exam Pattern. The question paper of CLAT 2022 will consist of 150 objective-type questions. For each wrong answer, there will be a negative marking of 25% marks per question. As per the official announcement, there has been no significant change in the syllabus. But students must be alert about any surprises as CLAT 2015 had many questions of high difficulty level from subjects that were never asked in the previous CLAT paper. For that, taking different types of CLAT mock tests will be extremely helpful. Here we have explained how you should attempt mock tests while preparing for CLAT.

Why prepare for CLAT 2022 with Mock Tests?

Since the conducting body does not release the mock tests for CLAT officially, candidates must practice solving sample papers in a time-bound manner in the form of CLAT 2022 mock tests. It is important to attempt mock tests not only for CLAT but also for any competitive exam. Finally, 5 reasons why you should attempt mock tests before writing the exam.

Helps with practice and preparation

It is said that with proper practice and conceptual understanding, mock test problems can be solved faster. So, if students are lagging behind in proper preparation, they should start their preparation now, clear their basic concepts and then start applying those concepts while attempting mock tests. This will help them to review their preparation level and improve their weak areas.

Helps you develop a suitable strategy

Rather than just learning concepts and formulas, devising the right strategy is what really makes the difference. For that, it is important to know how to strategize to crack and clear these tests. The primary objective of these mock tests is to create a benchmarking tool that will help the students to measure their preparation and work on their weaknesses.

Useful in adapting to time management

Time management plays an important role when you have to crack competitive exams. It is very difficult to solve all the questions in the given time, as accuracy is important. Hence, solving as many mock tests as possible will help you determine which questions to attempt first and which ones to skip.

Helps you learn new techniques to solve problems

They want to help you learn some advanced techniques while you are attempting these mock tests. This is why students sometimes find new ways to apply basic concepts.

The mock test should be treated as a real test. If a student is serious while appearing for the mock test, then they will do well in the actual exam as well. Every mock test you take gives you an opportunity to learn and improve your performance.

Allows you to analyze yourself after the exam

After each exam, students should take time to understand and analyze their mistakes. Each section needs to be read carefully to understand it. A student attempting these tests should first try to solve each question in different ways and then find the solution.

Benefits of taking CLAT 2022 Mock Test

Some of the ways in which appearing for the CLAT mock test can benefit CLAT 2022 candidates are given below:

Mock Tests are basically practice-type exams at home or at the coaching center. The more tests you take, the more comfortable you will be on test day.

After taking the exam students to get an analysis report which shows how many marks the candidate has scored in each section of the CLAT mock test. Students can evaluate this report to understand their performance level better. Whether they have excelled in the exam or they need to practice more.

As we know there is negative marking for wrong answers in CLAT. Here, accuracy plays an important role. You learn to improve your accuracy level in the exam when you prepare adequately with mock tests.

After practicing for the CLAT exam, students can take a test to assess their level of preparation. So, if they give mock tests then they will be confident about their aptitude in the exam and also, on getting the performance analysis report they will motivate themselves to improve more and score better every time.
Practicing mock tests will enable the students to know their weak areas and aim and improve in the subject in which they are scoring well.

How many CLAT mock tests are to be taken?

There is no number one can suggest and it is recommended to go for as many mock tests as possible. However, it is always wise to start with one or two mock tests during your initial phase of preparation. This will bother you less and help you reach your level of preparation. Once you move on to the next level of your preparation, the total number of mock tests required by you will also increase. Around the last stage of preparation, the number of mock tests can reach up to 20 in a week. You can take CLAT mock test from Law Prep Tutorial which is the best CLAT coaching in India. Law Prep Tutorial has 21 years of experience in CLAT coaching. Law Prep Tutorial is one of the oldest CLAT coaching in India.

How to Analyze CLAT Mock Test?

Pick up a copy of the CLAT 2022 sample paper from the official website
Read the instructions carefully. and set alarm clock set alarm for 2 hours

Start attempting the exam. Here, you need to keep in mind that you are looking at which are your strong sections and which are your weak areas. Choose CLAT mock test from Law Prep Tutorial for CLAT practice test. Accordingly, try to prepare a strategy for the next exam. Keep this process up to 5 mock tests. Thereafter, you will be able to find out the right strategy for you and follow it from the 6th mock test onwards.

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