Why online signing process is a must in 2021?

Electronic Signing

The evolution in technology and the way of living has made businesses look for better opportunities and methods to complete the most complex task within the shortest time period. The most significant element for the smooth running of a business is time management and the ultimate goal of businesses is to use time in the most efficient way. 

This applies to completing the documents on time and sending them for signatures. As the world is evolving, people are looking for alternative ways to get the documents sent, signed, and delivered right away. This is really consuming when businesses manage these tasks through the traditional method of paper document management. It is both time-consuming and costly. 

The pandemic has made businesses realize the importance of remote communication and how a slight lag in time due to distance could cost a lot of money. While few businesses were unprepared for the repercussions of the pandemic, some businesses tackled and saw an increase in productivity while going remote and paperless. eSigning software is one of the factors that helped businesses to enhance their services. 

With an online signing process, businesses can send, track, sign, and deliver the documents on time to the associated parties right from where they are. The mobile-friendly characteristic of eSigning software empowers customers to sign from anywhere at anytime. Hence, it is inevitable to include eSignatures in the business process. Let’s go through why the online signing process is a must-have in 2021. 

Enhanced Security

The conventional method of the signing process has several disadvantages. The maintenance of printed documents is a hassle for companies where the documents are mishandled, misplaced, or lost. There are instances where the documents or contracts are forged. 

When you maintain paper documents, there are higher chances of them getting lost or damaged. If the documents are very old, there is a possibility that the ink might fade out. It is also a tedious process to maintain them and retrieve the required documents at the right time without much confusion. All this raises doubts about the safety of the paper documents and their authenticity. 

The application of electronic documents and eSignatures enhances your complete signing process. The top-graded security offered by Sign.co ensures absolute encryption of your documents. 

Furthermore, Blockchain technology offers an exceptional audit trail that cannot be tampered with. Wondering what the advantage is? The documents cannot be manipulated and stored securely. 

Closes Distance & Communication Gaps

How long does it take for your teams to get a document signed and returned? Is it hours? Days? Even weeks? One of the drawbacks of paper documents management system is it takes quite some time for the document to move from one party to another. 

Businesses normally follow a predefined process while forwarding documents to the next party. This will exhaust time in redundant tasks. 

When you are leveraging online signing software to send and get your documents signed, you get to save a lot of time. The software will forward the documents directly to the concerned party while averting the prolonged processes. The contracts will be sent, signed, and delivered in a short span of time by all parties. This is a boon, especially when it takes hours or days for the documents to reach the signer.

In short, the eSigning software brings the parties closer by reducing distance and communication gaps. 

Advanced Features

Digital signatures paves way for a high-tech environment where businesses can effortlessly manage their complete workflow online without using several spreadsheets. Online signing software provides an option to get the documents signed right away or through emails. 

Furthermore, when companies sign up for eSigning solutions that can use predefined templates to serve different business purposes. You can also check out the template library that already has some of the common templates arranged in a user-friendly manner.

Managers can track the status of the documents or contracts directly and get updates on any request for changes. The employees can set the software to send the document in a selected sequence for signatures and let the system carry out the following tasks. The top-notch features provide by eSigning solutions empower employees and all associated parties to communicate right from the document. Did you know? Every document has a dedicated timestamp that ensures tracking of the activities performed by the signer and viewer on the document. 

Reduces Workflow Redundancy

eSignature software assists businesses, where the software will focus on the signing process while your teams can focus on more pressing tasks on hand. The electronic signature app paves the way for businesses to create templates for frequently used documents, populate them in a jiffy, and send the documents for signature with zero trouble. 

On minimum clicks, you get to upload a document, add recipients, and send them for signatures even when you are away from your desk. This ensures that all the activities are completed effortlessly with minimal human interference and more automation.  Owing to the development in automation and AI, the eSigning technology of Apptivo is developed with Blockchain technology leaving no trail behind, and encrypts all the documents. 

You can even make changes to contracts effortlessly. In the conventional signing process, the entire document has to be reworked. It is exhaustive and redundant. Therefore, your signing process becomes properly planned using a cloud document management application. 

Saves Operational Costs

The traditional paper document management system is expensive in the long run. It includes not only the initial costs but also the operational costs and maintenance costs. Why go for an expensive option when there is an affordable solution?

The online eSignature software doesn’t involve any operational cost. It works on subscriptions. When a person purchases a subscription, he is bestowed with all the features mentioned while purchasing the plan.

Another added convenience of electronic signing software is that there is no additional maintenance cost. All your document information is stored in cloud storage that can be accessed effortlessly at any time from anywhere. So, you can quit moving several files from one location to another during a meeting, office renovation, or relocation.

Instead, all your essential documents can be accessed and downloaded with a single click. 

Better Customer Experience

Customers like instant solutions, and we should never make a customer wait. This is because they have the privilege to switch to another vendor if your service is delayed or not satisfactory. In this fast-paced world, businesses are coming up with innovative solutions to provide quick and timely services to their customers.

Likewise, we can see a huge leap in the field of electronic signatures. Different technologies are developed and implemented to make one provider better than another. By incorporating the right online signing app, businesses can send the documents for signature instantly.

Consider your customer wants a copy of a document signed six months ago. If you are following a paper document management system, it is difficult to get the document immediately. On the other hand, when you are using eSigning software, you can easily retrieve and send the document immediately to the customer. Hence, the customer is satisfied, and the retention rate is improved. 

Effortless Tracking

Do your employees go through innumerable phone calls and emails to get a document update, signed, or delivered? It is challenging to track the progress of documents when you are following a manual paper document management system. 

With exceptional online document management software, you can track the progress of your document right from where you are without any manual interaction. The Audit Trail keeps you updated when a signer views the document, request changes, or complete the signing process. 

The timestamp facility provides the necessary boost that your team needs to track every document individually and stay updated. With this, you can track the progress of the document, viewer history, the time a party opened a document, signed them, downloaded them, and it includes the IP address for security purposes. 

Further, you will receive both email and in-app notifications when particular actions take place without your application. Thereby, all information related to your transaction will be available at your fingertips. You can manage your estimates, work orders, cases, and contracts without causing any disturbance to the other parties involved. 

Wrapping Up

Businesses are moving global, and people are able to make transactions from any part of the world. In this scenario, it will be a loss of time and resources if the customer has to wait for days or weeks to get an estimate, work order, or contract. With the presence of more players, companies have to make sure that they are nowhere left behind in the delivery of services. If your company has all the tools to make the work of your customers easier, then you will definitely stand apart from the rest. By incorporating an eSignature solution into your business, you can create an online signing process, reduce redundant tasks, and get the transactions processed without any roadblocks.

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