Why Online Learning is Important in Today’s Age


Over the years, technology has forayed into the forefronts of the education industry, creating several innovative solutions to improve the academic lifestyle of students. One of its most successful interventions is e-learning, a mode of electronic educational curriculum that offers self-study outside traditional classroom environments.

eLearning is a cost-effective, streamlined, and highly efficient way of studying course material that guarantees good quality learning in the comfort of home. In this article, we take the opportunity of sharing the top 5 reasons why e-learning is imperative for today’s budding students.


Unlike traditional schooling, online learners can access a variety of course material that is vetted by professionals from subject specialized domains. These platforms not only serve as an impetus for improving the student’s knowledge base but also encourages them to self-learn their course contents thereby reducing the financial burden of additional tuition from academy schooling.

Authentic Material

Online learning is a great method of accessing personalized content that is endorsed by teachers from board-certified institutes. Many students often struggle in finding authentic preparation material for their annual and bi-annual examinations, especially in the last months when time is of the essence. By using e-learning platforms students can download genuine course contents, solved papers, book notes, and pre-test material without worry.  

Content Flexibility

Recent leaps in CMS technology has revolutionized the way content is accessed, consumed, shared and discussed. Several new exciting features now allow students to easily preview, download, share, and re-share study material in a matter of a few clicks. Moreover, with mobile responsive capabilities, students can easily interact with e-learning platforms even while on the go.

Study Independence

One of the best parts of e-learning is the privilege of accessing study material an unlimited number of times. Unlike classroom environments where the student can only learn a particular topic once, online learning gives the liberty of viewing the content as per the user’s ease. The student can also study the material offline and share with via e-mail, WhatsApp, and other social sharing platforms. This becomes particularly useful during the pre-exam season when teachers are either on leave or busy with their administrative responsibilities.

Updated Content

Another key benefit of online learning is the assurance of consuming the latest study material. Top e-learning platforms such as Tutoria offer only the latest study material and maintain strict adherence to modern learning practices. This also compliments the delivery cycle of the content and eliminates the probability of exposure to outdated material. Offering updated study material, the learning process becomes significantly streamlined as the student can save time by 25%-60% of what is required in classroom learning.

Final Word

E-learning gives students the freedom of defining their own learning speed, the ability to save their time, traveling expenses, and still benefit from the valuable insights from subject professionals. But most importantly, it is an excellent means of positive internet exposure to help students build awareness and adapt to the latest digital concepts of today’s age.


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