Why One Should Plan A Honeymoon Vacation to Morocco

honeymoon vacation

A Morocco honeymoon vacation is the perfect way to begin your life as a married couple. Morocco does not disappoint with a romantic beach trip and a romantic camp in the world’s largest desert. Moreover, from hiking up the pretty valleys of Morocco to shopping till the end, you will love Morocco more.

Morocco is one of the most beautiful lands on earth. Moreover, it is full of natural beauty and romantic places, making it the dream honeymoon vacation land. Reasons are:

Incredible Hospitality And Friendly People

Morocco has a slight European dominant culture despite being a North African country. However, the hospitality is quite impressive. Morocco’s hotel staff and the locals were quite cordial and courteous. Apart from that, friendliness in this country is very impressive and professional throughout the morocco honeymoon vacation. Moreover, locals ensured that travelers enjoyed a comfortable stay.

Marvelous Architecture

Morocco is famous for its Atlas mountains, medieval medinas, Sahara Desert, and modern skyscrapers. Moreover, travelers were very excited to explore the heritage of this country. However, this land is close to the ancient architecture of Rabat. Beyond shopping, people realized that there are many things to do in Morocco, including exploring these glorious medinas.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Couples felt like the unusual experiences on Morocco’s honeymoon would never end. After pampering in an exciting cooking class at Marrakech, the hot air balloon ride was another highlight of the Morocco honeymoon vacation.

You can start an early day at Essaouira, where you enjoy a romantic moment supervising the Atlas mountains to take the ride. Later travelers also went to explore the Argan oil co-operative, where you can take a tour to understand the process of purifying Argan oil for skin products and cooking.

Amazing Shopping Experience

The shopping experience in Morocco is quite fascinating as every place surrounding it is abundant with unique souvenirs to buy. While exploring the shopping places, Fes fascinated you more than any place in Morocco.

However, this place had various skills, authentic carpets, cutlery, spices, and handicrafts. In contrast, Marakkesh had a wide variety of souvenirs such as magnets and keychains at a very budget price.

Design and location:

Morocco is such a popular destination because of the design and location of the various riads, desert camps, and other eco- lodges. The creativity is almost infinite, from itinerant desert camps to luscious, lavish riads and eco-cottages running without electricity.

When to Honeymoon in Morocco

Before packing your bag with your loved one, it is better to know when to enjoy your honeymoon vacation the most.

The best periods to visit Morocco are from March to April and September to October. However, the months in between are offbeat seasons, with November to February being the coldest and wettest times and May to August being the hottest.

Travel in Morocco blooms during the peak seasons, and so you have to book well in advance.


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