Why Nova City Peshawar is trending Real Estate Project?

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Nova City Peshawar is an emerging society developed by Nova City Developers. Its also a hub of attraction due to its prime location near Charsadda exchange, Peshawar. Nova City Peshawar is aimed at providing a society furnished with amenities at a friendly rate. Moreover, Royal Business solutions intrigues real estate investors to invest more and more in Nova City Peshawar.

Nova City started with Islamabad and due to a huge success, it shares, this new project is introduced. It is also going to be a top-notch project like Islamabad. Furthermore, the developers are renowned nationally as well as internationally.

Nova City Peshawar Owner and Developers:

Embellished with the state of art infrastructure and technology, Nova City Peshawar is trending real estate project. Nova developers are not a new name in the world of real estate business. After getting officially launched in January 2022, it has received tremendous response from the developers. Also, Nova developers are engaged in several other projects other than the investment projects. First, Nova City Schools which serves as an innovation and modern technological practices. Second the sports arena representing the athletic spirit is an activity by the developers.

Coupled with the international standards, the team of Nova developers is a highly skilled one. Therefore, a trust has been built upon the investors where they feel secure to invest.

Nova City Peshawar No objection certificate:

In the era of competition among real estate business, no objection certificate is most essential. Furthermore, to give a secured future investment, the developers have already attained the NOC. The legalization of a society plays a vital role in its development. This can also be called as the first step towards the progress. Hence, Nova City Peshawar is trending real estate project equipped with NOC.

Where is Nova City Peshawar located?

It is present along the Charsadda interchange. Moreover, Nova City Peshawar is located adjacent to M1 which leads to different cities. This reachable and festive location attracts the interested investors and also overseas Pakistanis.

Why Nova City Peshawar is trending real estate project?

Nova City Peshawar is a leading and trending real estate opportunity in Peshawar. Firstly, this project has increased the popularity of Peshawar. Secondly, it is an affordable investment for investors belonging to various socio-logical backgrounds.  Furthermore, it is welcomed by the hospitable crowd of Peshawar. In addition to it, as discussed below are the prime reasons to make it the trendiest real estate project of Pakistan.

  1. Safe and Secure Investment:

Nova city is an absolute safe and secure investment.  It’s a long-term investment opportunity. Additionally, the efforts of the developers and owners makes it a secured investment. Nova city Peshawar is a promising and Profitable investment in Pakistan with maximum returns. It also gives multiple opportunities for commercial and residential plots.

  1. Easy Payment plan:

Nova City Peshawar provides its stockholders with very easy payment plans. In such a way, one can pay the total amount in either 12 or 36 very easy installments. Furthermore, this helps the investors from various backgrounds. This also helps them in acquiring their dream investment in very easy monthly installments.

  1. Reasonable Installment plan:

Nova City Peshawar has a very reasonable installment plan. Furthermore, Nova City Peshawar offer its investors with futuristic chance in affordable rates. Also, it is present at a very leading location with the state-of-the-art infrastructure. Nevertheless, the installments very practicable as compared to other societies. This payment plan is going to rise a bit due to high demand. This is the best time to invest in trending Nova City Peshawar at the most affordable payment plan.

  1. State of the Art Set-up:

The set-up of Nova City Peshawar is advanced by Nova developers. Additionally, its infrastructure reliable with the international standards. Hence, its aim of is to offer with the best roads and infrastructure.

  1. Advanced Technology:

Nova City is a very maintainable society with the goal of conserving the landscape. Also, Nova City Peshawar is equipped with all the advanced technologies of the world. Besides, Nova developers completed that all the valuable and beneficial practical developments are present at Nova City Peshawar. They include gated community, vast roads, street lightening system, safe drinking water and ultra vires for security.

  1. Modern Facilities and Services:

Nova City Peshawar’s object is to introduce world class facilities and amenities. this is also a very immense reason of attraction to the investors. Nova City is a protected society with utmost luxuries and present-day facilities.

  1. Fastest development a growth rate:

One of the most significant focuses of Nova City Peshawar is maintainable development. The developer’s thirst to provide people with a world class green environment. Besides, Sustainability and taking care of the environment are the main factors for its steady growth rate.

  1. Water and power supply:

Water and electricity stay one of the basic necessities. Moreover, it is very vital that continuous water, gas and electricity are provided to people. Nova City Peshawar potentials its owner and residents that they will get these necessities. In the present world of energy deficiencies all the successful societies have installed their own power production like Bahira Town.

  1. Hospital and health facilities:

Nova City Peshawar promises that its residents will receive the best health care services. Moreover, Nova City Peshawar is present only 15 minutes away from DHQ hospital. In case of any adequacy and emergency, the clinics within the society will ensure relief. Hence, for a society effectivity and credibility can be traced back to the concerns it shows towards its inhabitants. This very reason is enabling the Nova City Peshawar as most trending real estate project.

  1. Distinct Commercial area:

One of the best features of Nova city Peshawar is the distinct commercial area. Likewise, every sector will be fused with a special commercial area. This area will include all the marketplaces with all the brands. Also, these will include all the national and international products available at ease

  1. Mosques

Nova City has faith in that people should have an easy access to Mosques. Furthermore, people can practice their religion and that is why there are multiple mosques present in the society.

  1. Recreational activities

Nova City Peshawar has a lot of recreational activities. These include Parks, Zoos and Play grounds. Additionally, Nova City wants to provide people with healthy lifestyle. To achieve this purpose this society is designed with multiple recreational activities.

  1. Fortification of artistic heritage:

Nova city Peshawar is culturally rich with a vibrant multiseriate environment. Furthermore, it integrates ethnic and cultural diversity in the architecture of smart city. we will be observing a center for the community with different social and cultural needs. Peshawar is a historical city therefore this all can contemporize to state of art.

  1. Resourceful management:

It can be called as most eco-friendly growth project in the region due to following reasons.

  1. Firstly, it supports the combined solid waste association and responsible use of resources.
  2. secondly, providing suitable and reliable water supply.
  1. Salient features of Nova City Peshawar:

  1. Creating smart investment opportunities
  2. An icon of harmonious living
  3. Centre for information, art and culture
  • Public living with safe and secure locality.
  1. Accessibility Points:

the accessibility places for Nova City Peshawar allows it be a trending real estate project. Also, these made the contact of other cities from Nova City Peshawar much easier:

  • Located adjacent to the M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
  • Located along with famous Charsadda interchange
  • Almost 19 min drive to Peshawar City
  • Almost 12 min drive to Charsadda City
  • Almost 23 min drive to Mardan City
  • Almost 25 min drive to Risalpur City
  • Almost 36 min drive to Nowshera City
  • Almost 7 min drive to Mardan Road
  • Almost 19 min drive to N-5/G. T Road
  • Almost 13 min drive to Charsadda Road
  • Almost 5 min drive to DHQ Hospital Road
  • Almost 23 min drive to Peshawar Ring Road
  • Almost 15 min drive to Bacha Khan University
  • Almost 19 min drive to Peshawar Northern Bypass
  • Almost 51 min drive to Bacha Khan International Airport
  1. Education:

Nova City Peshawar make certain that all the residents will have admission to high quality educational institutes. An educated society is what makes it a trending real estate project.

  1. Gated Community:

Nova City Peshawar is a gated and safe community with scrutiny system. Also, Security is one of the main accents of Nova City Peshawar.


The above explained features are Key Reasons why Nova city Peshawar is trending real estate project in Pakistan. Likewise, alluring location of Nova Peshawar is at an attractive location. This project is going to have a huge success. Similarly, a major part of the project is evacuated for greenery. The roads are planned to comprise of main boulevard, and streets. The backgrounds of Nova City Peshawar have all the amenities and facilities. Hence, the renowned educational institutions, hospitals and everyday grocery facilities are accessible. Also, this project delivers openings to the job holders and people with low income.



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