Why Netgear Wifi Not Showing Up: How to Fix?

Netgear Wifi Not Showing up

Netgear routers don’t need much introduction. They are the best brand of their kind. We are proud to be able to recognize your decision. Although it might not appear so right now, it is one of the most reliable routes available. In the tech world, we cannot expect everything to work perfectly. Unfortunately, this is not a good way that these things to work. We write guides for all brands, no matter how high-end. We believe that Netgear routers are the most common problem users face is Netgear Wifi Not Showing up. Let’s get to work and see what else we can do!

How it’s Works

Wi-Fi uses radio frequencies to communicate. Most devices with Wi-Fi adapters can send and receive radio frequency signals. A Hz (Hertz), is the unit that measures frequency.

This is why Wi-Fi frequencies are 5GHz. Although there are some differences, most routers can support both. There’s also an emerging 6-GHz frequency that works differently.

How to fix Netgear Wifi Not Showing —2.4GHz and 5GHz?

You will need to access the router’s settings page to fix the problem. Log in to the settings page using the default username, and password, and then select the Advanced tab. Next, go to the Wi-Fi settings.

There might be two sections: one for the 2.4GHz band and one for 5GHz. In both sections, you will see a checkbox that says Enable Wireless Router Radio. Both must be checked before the signal should work.

After you have completed the setup, it is important to perform a power cycle. After applying the settings, the router will automatically do a power cycle. You can log in using the Netgear Nighthawk login page if you are having trouble.

Learn how to fix Netgear Nighthawk Wifi Not showing Up Issue

On/OFF Netgear Wi-FI Button

A push of a button can solve the problem with your Netgear Nighthawk’s Wi-Fi not being broadcast. The top of Netgear Nighthawk’s router has a Wi–Fi On/Off button. To toggle the wireless radio on or off, press and hold the button for two seconds.

The WPS and WiFi LEDs turn off. After they turn off, press the button again to turn on the wireless radio. Your router should broadcast the signal immediately, so there shouldn’t be any issues. It is similar to a Wi-Fi restart. Instead of restarting the router as a whole, reboot only the Wi-Fi adapter.

Factory Reset Netgear Router

Is your Netgear wifi not showing up? Perhaps you have forgotten your password or failed to log into your Nighthawk router. These types of questions you need to ask. A factory reset Netgear router is required. Important points to keep in mind before you begin the reset process, remember that the factory reset of your router will erase all personal data such as username and password. If you ever need your data again, you will need to create a backup account. After performing a hard reset, log out from your Netgear account. Nighthawk router factory reset.

Soft reset method:

Now Follow the steps.

Verify that the router’s LED lights are working properly.
Log in to the Nighthawk router by using www.routerlogin.net.
Navigate to router settings and click on the Reset button. To start the factory reset, click the Reset button. Now you have to confirm the selection. Finally, confirm your selection and reboot the router.

Factory Reset by Nighthawk APP

Nighthawk app Nighthawk router factory setting nighthawk app for Android and iOS.
Open the app to access your Netgear account. Navigate to the Nighthawk router’s settings and look for the “Reset” option.
Select it and then click the reset button to complete the reset process. Use the reset button to reset.
Check that your Nighthawk router has the correct electric supply.
Reset through the reset button

Next, locate the reset button. Use the needle or any sharp object to press the button.

After 20-30 seconds, release the button. Your router will reboot itself once the reset is complete.

This is for the Nighthawk router’s factory reset. Once you’ve completed the factory reset successfully, all settings such as setup and login will need to be done.


You now know why your Netgear Wifi is Not Showing, and how to fix it. You can push a button to fix it, but you have the option of going deeper and trying different channels.

If you have tried everything and all frequencies are working, the channels work, and the frequency settings are correct, then it may be worth contacting customer service. You might find a more effective solution. For more post like this visit here

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