Why Law Firms Should Invest in a Legal Chatbot


The highest cost of doing business in today’s world is that you must embrace the newest technologies if you want to remain in the competition. If you don’t do it, you will most likely be out of the business.

Blockchain, AI, 5G, and IoT have already made their way into many industries. AI is not limited to highly complex jobs, but it has started to creep its way into waiting rooms, office administration, and picking up more routine tasks.

One industry that can highly benefit from AI-led chatbots is service and consultancy firms such as legal companies. It’s no secret that legal processes are tedious, time-consuming, and requires a lot of paperwork. With legal bots, you can lower your administrative burden and focus on high-value tasks to make sure that justice can be served to the masses.

What is a Chatbot?

It is a mechanism involving software applications that allow a business to conduct an online chat with human users with the intention of providing the desired responses to their concerns. The typical placement of a chatbot is on the lower right-hand corner of the screen when a user visits a website. Eventually, a dialogue box opens with a friendly name accompanied by an image to create a user-friendly experience.

Exceptionally, a chatbot on law websites performs legal tasks as well or answers general legal queries of people that are catered to solve customers’ queries. Chatbots on legal websites are 24/7 available to assist clients seeking legal services in Dubai. From simple to complex, all types of chatbots help the client find the best information on a website while also adhering to their additional questions.

Benefits of a Chatbot on a Legal Website

In fact, chatbots are here to stay. Here are six reasons why your legal consultancy agency in the UAE needs one:

1. Round-the-Clock Assistance

Bots don’t need a break like a hum human agent, and they can handle hundreds of queries at the same time without getting tired. They ensure your availability 24/7 and provide the customers with legal assistance whenever needed. A chatbot can do the following:

  • It can provide scripted answers to FAQs like what a divorce attorney does or what a senior lawyer’s fee is.
  • It can recommend your service for your need.
  • It can guide you about specific legal practice areas.

2. Bots Speed up the Work

The time you take to respond to customer queries is essential to the number of clients a law firm can get. Taking a couple of days to reply to a client’s question indicates that you’re either not professional, not concerned about the client, or don’t have the adequate staff to facilitate clients.

Conversational chatbots can quickly answer a host of legal questions in simple plain English because everything is stored in their memory. They serve as a legal consultant and provide important guidelines, counseling, and recommendations for your need. Plus, responding quickly to a client’s concern pushes them one step closer to the decision-making phase.

3. They have Changed the face of Market Research

Just like any other multinational organization, law firms also need data to gain customer insights and make important decisions about their work or marketing strategy. With chatbots, getting customer data becomes so much easier. You don’t have to send boring surveys to customers, which most customers usually don’t fill properly.

Intelligent chatbots have the ability to record important information clients share during conversation. This means you don’t have to send a form to a client that requires them to fill out their personal information and what they are looking for. When a law firm knows the common queries of clients, their expectations, and what motivates them, the professionals will be able to improve their commercial practices.

4. Helps with Profitable Lead Generation

Chatbots interact with users in a human-like manner that leads to conversion. A lot of people prefer a conversational approach over texting instead of going through the hassle of calling a firm and filling out long application forms. Usually, a person types a question and then leaves their contact details and legal problem.

5. Improved Customer Service at a Low Cost

While a chatbot can help you with client intake, appointment scheduling, and gaining insights about the client base. The ultimate goal should be to please your clients and visitors. All of the benefits discussed above directly contribute to superior customer experience. This also increases your chances of being selected by a client as their attorney.

The Final Words

Chatbots also help to cut your customer service support cost by up to 30%. So, you don’t need to hire a team of support agents who will do mundane tasks daily. Hence, if your legal website doesn’t have a chatbot integrated, now is the time to do so and take incredible benefits from it.


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