Why Is Your Website Not Appearing On Google?

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Are you looking for your services or products but do not see your site appearing in Google results? Digital Marketing Agency Mohali we explain why you do not appear and how to have more visibility on Google!

How to check that your site appears on Google?

So yes, before decreeing that your website does not appear on Google , you must first proceed step by step!

For a site to appear in Google’s results, it must first be part of its index.

This is where a somewhat technical explanation is in order!

  • How does the indexing of web pages on Google work?

Indexing is the process during which Google crawls a web page to analyze its content and add this information to its database, called “index” .

The indexing process is as follows:

Google sends its robots (the Googlebots) on an exploration mission with the aim of detecting new web pages and analyzing their content.

The robots then crawl (that is to say “scan”) the various web pages to extract all their information. This information is then add to the Google index in which it will be classified by subject and keywords.

  • When do Google robots crawl your site?

Whenever they want !

Google ‘s crawlers work 24/7 so there is no specific time when they will crawl your site.

Note that Google robots often go back to websites to detect new pages or update content.

And if you’re wondering how fast Google bots crawl your site, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the answer is “it depends!” “.

Indeed, there is no precise rhythm in the exploration of your site.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali a site that is update regularly will be crawl much more often than a site whose content has been the same for years.

Check that your pages are index with the Google Search Console

Okay now that you know a little more about indexing, let’s get back to business!

The question was whether the pages on your site were index by Google.

The best way to find out is to use the Google Search Console , this free tool allows you to know the indexing status of the pages of your site!

  • Adding your site to the Google Search Console

In order to be able to collect data on the indexing status of your pages, you must first add your website to the Search Console.

For this, Google needs to know that you are the legitimate owner or manager of the website and will ask for validation.

If you already use Google Analytics as a statistical monitoring tool then the validation will be done in seconds! The Google Search Console will detect the Analytics code and see that your Google account is the one who manages it.

Otherwise other validation methods are possible (html file, domain name provider, Google tag manager code)

To learn more about getting start with the Google Search Console, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you can consult our detail guide .

  • Indexing status analysis

When you have just add your site to the tool, you must wait a few days before seeing the performance data of your site.

After a few days (or weeks) you will be able to study the “coverage” report which indicates the indexing status of the different URLs discovere on your site.

This is where you will find the answer to your question “are my pages index by Google”

 The URLs are then classified into 4 categories:

  • Error
  • Valid with problems
  • Valid
  • Excluded

The URLs in the Valid tab are those that are in Google’s index. 🙂

Exclude URLs are those that are not currently index. This is where you can identify pages that have not yet been crawl or that have been deliberately set aside by Google.

  • URL analysis

If you want to check the indexing of a particular page you can use the Search Console search bar.

All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the page concern and wait for Google’s response! IF you see the message “This URL is on Google” Bingo!

If you see “This URL has not been index by Google”

You are then given information on the coverage status, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the exploration date and the type of robot.

Check that your pages are index with the “site:” function

If for some reason you can’t use the Google Search Console , there’s a very simple (but not necessarily very accurate) way to identify which URLs on your site are index by Google.

To do this, you must go to Google and type this in the search engine “site: yoursite.fr”

For example, if we want to do this search for our site , the query would be the following : “site:point-web.fr”

And bam! Google lists you in its results “all” the URLs of your site that appear in its index.

Although this method is very simple, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is not very precise and can sometimes present inconsistencies.

For example, during our search, Google announces 328 results , we go to the last page and this figure is now different and this time tells us “only” 128 results.

So be careful with this method and keep in mind that the results will certainly not be exhaustive.

How to know if your site appears on the first page of Google

Well, we suspect that when you ask the question “why my site does not appear on Google” you were mainly talking about your presence on the first page!

So now that you’re reassure that Google isn’t snubbing your site, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali let’s see if your site really isn’t “showing up” on the first page of Google.

Make sure your site is on the first page

  • With the Google Search Console: the free solution!

Yes, we’re still talking about the Google Search Console , but it’s a real mine of information! Especially when it comes to knowing how your site is performing on the search network!

Just like indexing, the performance report will only be available after several days . The time that Google collects the necessary data.

And it’s HERE that you’ll be able to see the queries that generate clicks on your site and cause it to appear in search results.

To identify the keywords on which your site appears on the first page , you must view the queries for which your position is less than 10.

For that you need :

  1. Check the “average position” box above the chart.
  2. Click on the “three small lines” in the shape of a triangle at the top right of the table
  3. Check “position”
  4. And select the filter “less than” and write “10” then click on “finish”

And bam! Here are the queries for which your site appear on the first page of Google.

Well, this solution is not the most accurate and only depends on the searches that have been formulate in the search engine.

If you have just add your site to the search console, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you will need several weeks before obtaining truly usable positioning results!

That’s why we offer you another solution!

  • With a positioning tracking tool: the paid solution!

A positioning tracking tool works as follows: you establish a list of keywords and you obtain the positioning of your internal site t on each query listed.

The advantage of these tools is that they are very precise and that you can obtain the positioning of your site for local searches.

The only condition for using this type of tool is to have established a list of relevant keywords in relation to your activity.

If your keywords are too broad then there is a good chance that you will not appear on the first page and that would be normal.

Base yourself on the keywords and long tail that you targeted when writing the content of your site.

How to improve the visibility of your site on Google?

  • Optimize your natural referencing (SEO)

There are no secrets! To improve your visibility on Google you have to work on your natural referencing!

And for that, here are 4 main points to work on:

– The contents

Content is king on Google, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali remember when we told you about indexing! Google’s role is to provide the most relevant results to its users.

There are billions of sites on the web and google’s index is growing more and more every day. So if your content is not interesting and relevant you will have little chance of seeing your site appear in Google results.

To do this, think about your targets and how your site can meet their needs. The more your site meets a specific need of your targets, the more relevant you will be in the eyes of Google.

– Technical Performance

Google wants to offer the best solution to its users , and that requires a site that loads very quickly and that displays perfectly on mobile ! Yes, the majority of web traffic now comes from smartphones and Google has understood this!

So to analyze the performance of your site , we advise you to use one of these 5 free tools!

If following your analysis , you realize that your performance is not up to par , then there are surely several optimizations to be plan and perhaps even an overhaul!

– Backlinks

Backlinks are the links on other websites that point to your site!

Google must sort between many sites that deal with the same subjects and to choose the most relevant sites it will use this notoriety criterion.

Google thinks that if important sites link to your site then you must be legitimate.

This is why it is very important that you work on your netlinking strategy!

– Traffic

A site that receives a lot of visitors is a relevance indicator for Google. The higher the volume of traffic, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the more relevant your site will appear to Google.

This is why it is very important to activate a maximum  of traffic acquisition lever: post on social networks, emailing…


Your site is probably not completely ABSENT from Google , however it is essential to know the indexing status of your pages as well as their positioning on your most relevant keywords! If your site is not position on the keywords they target then it is necessary to carry out all the optimization work to improve its referencing!


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