Why is the best lingerie so comfortable?


There are no uncomfortable bras, but inappropriate bras or, better said, bras that should stop being used because they do not have the optimal design that each physiognomy needs.

Undoubtedly, the bra is the garment that generates the most doubts at the time of purchase since we normally let ourselves be advised by unqualified personnel, whose objective is to sell without taking into account whether the garment is suitable for us or not. For example, have you ever been asked if the chest contour or band is adequate or if the straps fit is perfect? Women need bras that fulfill the function for which they were created: to support, protect, create beautiful shapes and provide comfort.

For this reason, it is best to define which those bras should never be used according to each physique and in this way, we can directly rule out what does not suit each one of us and direct our attention towards those that we know will meet our expectations.

6 key rules

  1. You should not resort to cheap bras, invest a little more, and think that it is a garment that you will use lingerie for more than 8 hours a day and will last you a minimum of one year.
  1. Avoid those garments whose whalebones or reinforcements fold and dig into the skin and whose fabric causes itching or chafing.
  1. Those bras with narrow straps or materials with little consistency tend to lose their holding capacity. This will cause the back band to slide up, removing all the support your chest needs and also creating a terrible effect on your clothes.
  1. The perfect bra keeps its band firm around the contour of the chest, never moving up, and whose cup covers the breast correctly without compressing it.
  1. You should not use bras whose line of the ring does not surround the contour lines of the chest in the lower part, so you should use the one that is more open or closed, depending on the shape of the chest, but never It sticks in the lateral area of ​​the chest.
  1. Bras whose band is not wide enough to support the weight of our breasts should be avoided. Let’s not forget that there are women whose chests can weigh up to two kilos or more, so it will require different designs.

It is true that today with so much definition in the designs: push-up, minimizers, longline, half or demi cup. Full cup coverage, balconette, plunge, multi-way, bralette, wireless, etc. it is difficult to know which one exactly corresponds to each definition. Which one will be more suitable or not. Although the model to choose will also depend largely on those garments with which we are going to use it.

For small breasts

If you have small breasts, cups A – B, we find a wide variety of models since. It is not necessary to resort to those that provide great support. Opt for those with a triangle shape or light fabrics. Although you can also choose designs that add volume and define the shapes more. What kind of men’s t-shirts to choose from? Styles, collars and cuts

For big breasts

Women who have a C-D cup require more support. So you should use bras that have a slightly wider band and straps. The bridge, which is the central part of the bra, should fit between the breasts, close to the skin. Which will avoid the concentration of the chest in the center and will help create natural shapes

The bigger the size, the more attention

The larger sizes, cups E – F – G, are the ones that require the most attention since all parts. The bra must be reinforced, especially to offer support by the volume and weight of the breast. The straps should have a thickness of one or two centimeters and the band will be a little wider. The cups should cover the entire breast without pressing it. Preventing the meat that is at the angle formed by the arm from spilling out of the cup.

An option that people who wear large cups usually resort to is “minimizing or reducing” bras. Which help to visibly reduce the size of the breast.


Whatever the size, today it is not necessary to give up aesthetics and fortunately. We find models of all shapes and colors that will meet our needs. As long as you use the one that makes you feel more comfortable. Above all fulfills its function. Resorting to specialized lingerie will make wearing a bra a real pleasure. Because the best bra is the one that takes care of you, protects you.


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