Why is Prestashop Marketplace better than an eCommerce store?

Prestashop Marketplace by knowband

Do you have an eCommerce store? Are you happy with its performance? Well, have you ever thought of transforming your single-vendor store into a marketplace? Well, that’s why this blog is here for you. We will certainly talk about the perks of having a Prestashop marketplace that is way better than an eCommerce store. Moreover, you will understand that having a marketplace will be in your plans for the future.

Let us go forth and check out the perks below. Moreover, we will also look at the stunning features of the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module by Knowband.

How is the Prestashop marketplace more beneficial than a single-vendor store?

There are so many ways in which having a marketplace is always more beneficial than an online store. In fact, the Prestashop Marketplace Addon is a beneficial choice for your eCommerce business. Let us look forth at why having Marketplace Module is a wise decision.

All-devices responsive design

The responsive design continually provides a better user experience and user interface for buyers and sellers. Multi Vendor Marketplace is a responsive design that adjusts to any device’s width. Prestashop Marketplace’s responsive feature elevates it to a new level of finest, superior, and most flexible module.

The Administration is under the direction of the Commission

The admin may easily create a worldwide commission rate for the sellers using the Multi vendor Marketplace addon. He or she can also change the commission for different product categories and create separate commissions for different merchants.

For the marketplace, add-ons are a lifesaver

The Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module supports a slew of extra add-ons. Furthermore, the ones that make it more powerful and customizable in terms of eCommerce features. The compatibility of these add-ons is leveraged to improve an eCommerce store’s functionality.

The more the sellers, the better the revenues

While at a single-vendor store, you have to do everything. Moreover, you handle, sell, monitor, and track everything – solely. However, when you have a marketplace, you encourage the sellers to sell their goods. In fact, you can decide whether you want to sell or just manage everything else. You can decide how many sellers sell on the platform and also what kind of products should be there. Therefore, the more the number of sellers, the better the revenues.

Features of the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin

The Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace module allows for easy seller administration and monitoring.

With the Prestashop Marketplace Plugin, the admin may quickly track the full process of selling transactions.

Vendor registration is simple with the Prestashop module.

The Marketplace allows store administrators to control product feedback and ratings from the backend.

With the Prestashop Module, the store admin may easily establish a worldwide commission for the vendors.

The Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module allows sellers to handle payment requests.

When sellers add items from their end, the admin may simply oversee the approval of categories and products from the backend.

When needed, more than 30 pre-existing bespoke email templates are customizable.

Customers may access the Prestashop Marketplace with the Prestashop Mobile App Builder for Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin.

Custom fields have been added to the vendor profile page.

The shop administrator can use membership plans to launch a subscription-based business.


Therefore, now you know why you should plan to have a Prestashop marketplace. Take your time, research well, and decide whether it suits your business needs or not. In case you have any questions, let us know at [email protected].


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