Why is NEET So Difficult to Crack?


National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). NEET is a national-level entrance exam to grant admission to medical UG seats to students in India’s top medical colleges. The NEET 2022 will be conducted on 17 July in pen and paper mode. 

Yes, there is no doubt that NEET is a challenging exam. Here we are talking about a single-level medical entrance test in the country, conducted once a year, with lakhs of students taking part in the exam and limited seats offered in the desired college. There is an increase of 14% more students giving exams per year. According to raw data in 2019, about 15 lakh students registered themselves for the NEET exam, and 14 lakh students sat in the exam, and out of them, only 7,97,047 students qualified for NEET 2019 exam.

This article will explore why the NEET exam is challenging, what subjects come in Full NEET test and how you can overcome these difficulties.

7 Reasons: Why NEET exam is so difficult to crack?

Extreme Competition: 

Can you imagine about 14-15 lakhs students per year who give NEET entrance exam, and this number is increasing at a good pace. An increasing number of students creates an extreme competition to crack the exam between students. It isn’t easy for merit students to get a good rank in the NEET exam.

With this level of competition, challenging subjects and people around students will make NEET look like a monster.

Syllabus Mismatch with State Boards:

The NEET Exam Syllabus is different from the state board regarding the various topics under the same syllabus. It might present issues in the NEET test where even a decimal point matters. On the other hand, NEET preparation requires significant time, and commitment, given that the exam is held shortly after the final board exams. It is another setback for the aspirants.

There are 180 multiple-choice questions in total, with 90 questions from Biology (45-45 from zoology and botany), 45 from Physics, and 45 from Chemistry. The total scores for NEET previous year question paper are 720, with an exam duration of 3 hours. Additionally, CBSE students have a plus point because their subject topics correspond to the syllabus. Learn all about there is to know about the NEET Syllabus.

Lengthy Syllabus:

NEET focuses on physics, chemistry, and biology (PCB). Students can reduce exam difficulty based on their ability. The intensity with which they grasp the three disciplines and practice principles.

Most of the questions focus on derivations, chemical equations, numerical problems, and other topics requiring a lot of effort and a long time to understand. Guidance in this area is crucial, but self-study can also make you a winner with the correct materials.

According to most students, physics has the most difficult questions of the three subjects. Chemistry and Biology aren’t easy either. However, One can lower the difficulty of these topics by solving many problems.

  1. Lack of Proper Guidance:

With all of the above points, the most crucial factor is guidance. For example, without a map and route, one would have no idea where to go or how to get to their goal.

Similarly, be aware of the primary purpose of taking the exam, the topic field, and the potential outcomes! Attempt to contact those who have attempted the exam, teachers, and seniors who can assist you.

Students keen to join/get straight entry into Medical, Dental, Ayurveda, or other related disciplines choose the NEET exams.

Most students wind up in the incorrect colleges or fields because they did not carefully research the curriculum, career opportunities, and field.

  1. Unavailability of good quality study materials:

Confusion is understandable while there are so many good books in the market but so many references. A significant proportion of students are uncertain about which books to study as per the NTA pattern. They are also unsure whether to use NCERT, NCERT Solutions prepared by experts, and other resources. It is a huge waste of time and money. Students must seek out books and materials that are standardized. Many free materials are available on the internet, including e-books, YouTube interviews of students who have cleared the exam, practice papers, and more.

  1. Lack of a good preparation strategy:

Our daily lives are full of competition! I’m not exaggerating. It would be best if you solely relied on the subject’s syllabus. Any national test or higher-level entrance exams, such as JEE and NEET, NET, or UPSC CSE, can be strategized and worked in. Any exam can be simple if you concentrate on –

  • Practice your week subjects and master the difficult ones
  • Exam study strategy and sufficient modifications
  • Exam pattern recognition and paper analysis
  • A balanced diet, enough sleep, and time for activities
  • Study breaks are beneficial.
  • Goal-oriented discipline
  • In a brighter sense, studying properly usually does wonders. Physical, mental, and emotional well-being must all be prioritized.

Lack of self-believe:

Self-belief is crucial for success because the higher the exam quality, the more confidence and abilities are required.

Indeed, a candidate should not be discouraged because passing this exam is not tough if one is confident in their approach. It may be impossible to attain without self-confidence and motivation, whether for dropouts or graduate students. So don’t give up.

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The efficacy of your learning process is determined by your mindset. It will not help you learn if you have a terrible attitude and continuously tell yourself that you can’t do it. A defeatist mentality will make things more difficult. When you begin to think positively, your brain will become more creative. You’ll feel less anxious and more open to new ideas if you have the correct mindset.


Is NEET the most difficult exam?

NEET UG is considered one of India’s most challenging exams. About 17 lakh students have registered themselves for Full NEET Test 2022. Considering this number, there are only a few thousand seats for students.

Which subject is most challenging in NEET?

Physics is the most complex subject, followed by Chemistry and Biology. The reason is physics requires numerical problems and a lot of calculations. Tarun Kumar well, renowned and senior physics faculty at Physics Wallah, after analysing NEET previous year question paper “In Physics, equal number of questions come from class 11 and 12 in NEET examination.”

Is NCERT enough for NEET?

Yes. There is no doubt that NCERT should be a go-to for the students as per NEET. About 85%-90% of questions are directed from the NCERT Books. But we recommend taking help from some other reference books along with NCERT.

Is it easy to score more than 600+ marks in NEET?

600+ marks in the NEET exam. As per the exam result analysis, out of lakhs students, only a few hundreds score 600+ marks in the NEET 2021 examination. But the students who have just started their preparation should be motivated because the number is increasing every year.

Which section is most important in NEET?

After analyzing subjects-wise NEET question paper 2022, Biology is the most vital section for the NEET examination. The NEET biology section is a combination of Zoology and Botany. From each section, an equal number of questions were asked. But Physics and Chemistry section also has importance because you need to score 600+ marks to secure admission to the college of your choice.

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