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Establishing an ecommerce business involves quite a few planning, and designing of strategies, to ensure that the products and services you promote reach the widest target market. The ecommerce platform you use for your internet site needs to be designed in such a manner that run fast, appear clean to user friendly, has a robust foundation and offers true performance and scalability. While those factors are sorted at the start, the platform turns into an achievement and you find yourself in a position where – when your customers visit your website they’re greeted by way of an effective manner of purchasing merchandise from your site.

Table of Content

  • Powerful CMS
  • Superior SEO
  • Significance of eCommerce SEO
  • Built-in Magento Extensions and Plugins
  • Robust Security
  • Hosting Multiple Websites
  • Language And Currency Conversion
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Third Party Extensions Integrations
  • Hosting Options
  • Magento Built-in Store Loads Faster
  • Unlimited Scalability and Customization Option
  1. Powerful Content Management System

When in comparison to different systems, magento is superb for ecommerce. The platform has a profound and adaptable Content Management System (CMS). It really works properly for each shop, whether or not they plan to pitch 10 items or 10 million gadgets. No matter the size and sort of e-commerce website you have got, constructing your ecommerce website requires partnering with a renowned magento development company in Dubai that uses contemporary web development and design trends that Magento platform offers.

Magento built in Website

  1. Superior Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every ecommerce business owner wants their online business to rank better on the search engine for gaining maximum number of visitors. It involves incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) as a primary tool in the overall marketing strategy to make sure that the eCommerce website is visible on search outcomes.

For this reason, magento advanced feature for search engine optimization that allows proprietors of online businesses to enhance visibility to the target audience and increase conversions. The functions of the platform enable you to optimize website, set rich snippets, develop a sitemap, cannibalize tags, optimize key phrases, add Alt tags for the product’s images, and so forth.

3. Significance of eCommerce SEO

If you are not as bigger as you competitors may be, you could still lure in some traffic to your ecommerce store with SEO.  SEMrush studies reveal, 37.5% of ecommerce traffic comes from searches. Which means, you can do claim your part of pie in the overall search volume by carefully incorporating on an off page SEO techniques to the digital marketing strategy.

you might be quite familiar with the case and studies about the search process. More than 60% of visitors only click on the top three websites that appear on the search engine results page ( SERP).

What SEO does for an eCommerce website is quite phenomenal in many ways, such as

  • Improve the website authority
  • Increase website’s traffic
  • Increase the website’s visibility against money keywords
  • Cast-Effective marketing tool
  • Directing organic traffic to the eCommerce website
  • Making your brand’s voice heard
  • Increase conversions
  • Business scalability

4. Magento Extensions and Plugins

Magento has the largest selection of tremendous extensions in the magento marketplace. These extensions or plugins are developed either by Magento or 3rd party developers to enrich the functionality of the website. These extensions offer the potential to extend the features the ecommerce website built in Magento platform. You can sign up for any extension whenever you need it. For example, if your website is in early phases, you might not need to install the Chat Extension, however you can install it later on as your visitor keep growing with time. The Magento marketplace has extensions for serving various purposes, like for advertising and marketing, bills, customer service, accounting, income, analytics, shipping, in addition plugins for the ecommerce website optimization.

Popular Magento Extensions that are most frequently used

  • Free Shipping Bar
  • Product Reviews Import Export
  • Order Import Export
  • Bundle Deals
  • Form Builder
  • Language and Currency Switcher
  • Request for Quote Extension
  • Magento 2 Events Manger
  • Customer Review and Testimonials
  • Layaway Split Payments
  • Products Image Zoom Plugin
  • Advance SEO Friendly Blog
  • Custom Checkout Fields

5. Robust Security Feature 

In contrast to a few different ecommerce solutions that are to be had on the market, magento is compliant with PA-DSS. This shows that magento follows no longer simply the globally well-known protection requirements, in addition they comply with the 14 important protection standards as properly.

FME Extensions eCommerce Web development company

Typically, large businesses that sell products to clients online are extra concerned about the protection of the payments and transactions they carry out online; and they discover that magento meets their desires flawlessly. It is a superb desire for those corporations who wish to provide their customers with secure payments options and website security from unethical breeches.

Mostly, eCommerce web development company that you come to partner with takes great precautions and ensures that all security features are duly embedded to your website to make sure the full protection your data as well customers data.

6. Hosting Multiple Websites

Magento platform enable you to host as many websites as you like and control them from a single admin access point. This is one of the many features that make magento more viable for ecommerce industry. This precise feature has made magento the most preferred ecommerce CMS platform for enterprise owners who want to run multiple online businesses simultaneously.

7.  Language And Currency Conversion 

Apart from Magento ecommerce platform, many other platforms either don’t have, or only limited option for language and currencies conversion. However, Magento is fully equipped with such functionalities and support many international currencies and languages. It enables the eCommerce owner to run their business all over the world. This particular  platform also enables people and customers to consume content in their own languages anywhere in the world.

8. Mobile Friendly Design 

With growing use of smart gadgets like smartphones and tablets, a large chunk of people these days carry out their shopping on mobile phones. Magento is best for appealing to such devices and enables your eCommerce store website appears seamlessly and responsive across different screens to provide a good user experience and increase the rate of traffic coming from the search via smart devices.

9. Third Party Extensions Integrations 

By allowing integration from 3rd party plugins developers and vendors, Magento enables you with more options to customize your online store to the fullest capacity. This is an unique advantage that  Magento platform has to offer.

Magento enables stores of all sizes to be customized. Typically, some 3rd plugins installation includes web applications and payments gateways.

 10. Hosting Options 

When it comes to hosting your eCommerce website, Magento does not tie your hand to make you only stick to the magento hosting services. But rather you can choose another hosting partner as per your website requirements. This freedom allows the business owners to freely choose any hosting company they like and to have ownership of the files and data.

11. Magento Built-in Store Loads Faster 

Magento is known for creating fastest loading eCommerce websites around the world. Google and other search engines places a great emphasis on the loading speed and considers it as one of the major ranking factor. Some recent studies at Google revels that approximately 50% of visitors bounce back and abandon that website that does not load up fast enough. Thus with advanced features that magento offers significantly reduces loading time and receives a high volumes of web traffic.

12. Unlimited Scalability and Customization Option 

Magento platform is well kept and get going by following the latest design trends, up to date needs and requirements that industry demands. The platform is supper flexible and can handle a lot of quires at a time.

Magento technology make online shopping quicker, bigger, fully customizable and flawlessly secure.

With plugin like store locator, customers can easily find your store. Other plugins like SEO friendly blog that you can install enables you to publish blogs on your company website that drives in relevant traffic.

Customers feedback and testimonial extension installed to your site enables you to gather valuable insights on your products and services. It helps makes your site as a credible and reliable.

For remarketing, you use magneto extensions to reach out again to people who have abandon the cart for whatever reason and get your sales growing by offering discounts on products.

With free shipping bar, your store can automatically generates shipping bar that are tracible. There are lots of other such plugins that must have installed on your website for enriching your store’s functionality.


Bottom Line

Magento is an extremely powerful platform that allows entrepreneurs to create and design ecommerce web sites of all sizes and complexity.

Magento technology has a huge range of search engine optimization capabilities, and built in extensions that make the user experience more convenient and secure.

One of its kind platform, Magento enables people to host multiple businesses from a single admin access is making the platform more alluring for every ecommerce owner who intend to promote their services or products online.

With 3rd party plugins, you can easily customize your eCommerce store website to attain its full protentional and provide a pleasant experience to people who might land on your website and make a purchase decision.





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