Why is Hotel Narain Niwas the Best Choice for Destination Wedding Venues?

Destination Weddings Venues
Destination Weddings Venues

As in a lifetime marriage happens only once so it’s every couple’s dream is to make it a memorable event of their lives. Destination weddings nowadays are the latest trend going on and every couple wants to be a part of such an event.

These lavish events are the main popular section of destination weddings. Indians are actually very fond of attending and enjoying marriage functions. It seems like an adventure for them to be enjoyed with all their relatives and friends!

A destination wedding can bring all the things like food and music local flair under the same roof. It’s a part of pleasure being experienced by everybody present with you.

Indian people want to explore more out of their hometown and want to get married outside to celebrate the wedding functions. They do have many options.

India is very popular in having such exotic locations for every kind of celebration like marriages, festivals, anniversaries etc. This is one of the main reasons that India is also popular around the world for its rich color.

Rajasthan is a place with a lot of choices one can have and for everyone, it is like a dream comes true. Jaipur is one of the best cities in Rajasthan which has innumerable locations to roam around.

Because of its attractive places to see, it is a perfect place to celebrate marriage functions traditionally and idealistically. The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is an all-time favorite place for a destination wedding and to celebrate every function out there.

The following are a few reasons that Rajasthan is being the first choice for destination weddings:

No Chaos, only enjoyment

 Jaipur is a well-known tourist heritage venue due to its culture and heritage due to which people get attracted to come here. Rajasthani culture includes folk music, attire, food, building, dresses, and many more, all these are quite enough to fascinate anybody.

Besides all such beautiful things here this is a peaceful place in order to get away from the daily burdened life people prefer to celebrate their wedding destination in Jaipur.

An Royalty Feel:

The land of Rajasthan is such that it gives out a feeling of Maharajas and Rajput’s who have reigned once over the land. Getting a wedding destination in Jaipur is a kind of a grand event, glitz, featuring pomp and grandeur which can be compared with the royal personalities.

The thought of getting married at such a place fills you with happiness and when you think that you are in between pomp and amusement to carry out a genuine byzantine affair! So, none other than weddings Rajasthan is having the trinket that can fill you with royalty and regal charm.


Jaipur city offers many reasons why it is preferred to be in all cities as the best destination wedding venue. A weddings destination in Jaipur is an easily accessible place to manage any function as it connects many cities conveniently.

Due to the connectivity to the other cities, it still retains its original culture and makes it different from others. Due to easy accessibility, it connects many flights to reach the destination comfortably.

National and international flights and connectivity of buses, cars, and taxis make it more convenient in terms of access. The people who are planning to pick heritage venues in Jaipur Rajasthan the biggest accessibility is offered to them in terms of vendors, caterers, decorators, etc.

Due to easy accessibility, Jaipur has remained a destination wedding venue for a few years for many celebrities too.

Cuisine Variety

Although people who love to have non-vegetarian food are served according to their taste and preference as the people of Rajasthan are very traditional and follow their culture so due to this, the first choice of resorts out there is to provide vegetarian food.

There is no fuss to serve any kind of food. But Rajasthani cuisine has its own place among many. The local cuisine of Rajasthan is so delicious that no one can forget its taste after having it for years and years.

This is also a big reason for the outsiders to land here. One thing more to explain is that the coming of shopping addicted guests’ can’t stop themselves from freaking out and purchasing bandhej dresses, home décor items,

Rajasthani Mojri and many more. One should have endurance with deep pockets to roam around as it is irresistible to stop oneself from purchasing.

Budget Costing

Of course, a weddings destination in Jaipur can only be enjoyed when all the events come under the planning of budget. Budget is an important factor which can either make an event more joyous or few dreams can be broken too in shortage of this.

Weddings are also such a function for which cost matters. But it is not an international location to host the destination wedding but still can be arranged within 20 lacs for about 100 to 150 people.

Wedding at Narain Niwas

To collect the Memorable memories of the wedding hotel Narain Niwas is a perfect heritage venue in Jaipur Rajasthan to take you out of any confusion about the wedding destination venue in Jaipur. It is an essence of an architectural masterpiece that has a legendary past and flashes the gallantry, lavishness, and courage of the brave Rajput rulers. 

The spacious lawn is made here to welcome the guests with the royal treatment in the hotel. The hotel is decorated elegantly and is a well-lit palace. The presence of the whole culture of Rajasthan includes camels, elephants, horse possessions, local folk dance performances, musicians, puppet show and dhol wala enhance the charm of any marriage. 

The Royal Invasion of the wedding band makes it peppy and is no less than a fairy tale experience of a wedding. The décor and theme of a royal wedding can be well crafted at this perfect destination.

From music to cruise at an inherited cultured destination makes every moment awestruck for the couples and guests. The list has endless reasons to invite you to Jaipur, Rajasthan, the best destination wedding venue ever.

Hotel Narain Niwas Palace is one of the princely state of Rajasthan’s greatest heritage hotels, displaying a good illustration of past colliding with modern times. The palace was built in 1928 by General Amar Singh Ji, the then Thakur of Kanota, in the heart of Jaipur, India’s Pink City.

The palace, which functioned as the country getaway for the Kanota royalty and was designed in the popular Anglo-Indian style of the Victorian era, is today one of the top heritage hotels in the world.

Rajasthan, the land of kings and palaces, echoes tales of India’s magnificent past, the ruling dynasties, and their exploits on the battlefields. Royal heritage hotels bring these historical legends back to life. Hotel Narain Niwas Palace, whose crest says “Brave deeds live, though bodies die,” stands majestic in modern-day Jaipur. Traditionally, ‘Niwas’ refers to a royal residence.

When you witness the magnificently decorated walls and ceilings that are totally covered with frescoes and paintings during your stay at this heritage hotel in Jaipur, you will find the secret of the Rajput royalty’s splendor. The historic furnishings throughout the hotel is more than just a visual treat.

All 52 well-appointed rooms and suites at Narain Niwas Palace are fully air-conditioned and feature modern conveniences such as attached washrooms, telephones, televisions, safety lockers, laundry, and private vehicle parking. This antique hotel is a wonderful spot to experience traditional Rajput hospitality.


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