Why is Cotton Fabric so comfortable to wear?

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There is no questioning the fact that cotton is the most widely used fabric in the world… That said it is used throughout the world in every kind of clothing type. When it comes to Indian fashion cotton finds extensive uses and is not restricted to a single category but rather features across the board to become a ubiquitous fabric. 

One particular garment where it is found to rank atop the others is salwar suits. This has propelled the need for wholesale cotton dress material and boosted sales which is great news for domestic textile manufacturers.

Salwar suits are a blessing in disguise as although they look like just a regular ethnic garment that are attractive and fit the brief of ethnic wear but are very comfortable and can make it as an all-day outfit for spending prolonged amounts of time in it. One thing about cotton is that it requires very little to be fashionable and will never end up going out of style making it a classic option for all events and occasions.

Properties of cotton fabric:


Cotton possesses many advantages over other fabrics, below are a few properties that cotton is known to have. The main advantages it has are stated below

  1. This is a natural fiber that does not contain any synthetic components.
  2. Loved for its long-lasting quality and the ability for it to be worn for years and years.
  3. Ease of washing without any chance of shrinkage or leaking of dye.
  4. Breathable fabric allows air to circulate and keep the body cool.
  5. Dries fast when washed, making it a suitable fabric for monsoon season.
  6. It is easy to dye in any color that suits your fancy.

Origin of cotton: 

The first signs of cotton being utilized by humans arise in 6000BC in the Indus valley civilization. Growing well in India, Egypt, and Arabic countries, it was then circulated to European and American countries and was a major trade commodity with high value, during the middle ages. These countries then sought out cheaper alternatives that would cover for the expensive imported cotton, this led to the diminished trade concepts for many countries and even financial difficulties for many countries whose economy depended upon this mode of business.

It is only through this globalized move that the worldwide prices of cotton clothing were lowered to make it the most affordable fabric ever created.

Fabric’s feel:


Cotton was the first fabric to be cultivated and used according to man’s requirements. Obtained from the cotton plant, it first must be untangled and treated to become a usable thread. Without this, it is just a mumbled ball that cannot be utilized to its full capabilities. Cotton not only finds use in clothing but also in various other sectors such as medicine and home decor.

The material itself is soft or a slight bit rough depending on the thread count, the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric. On lower thread counts you can feel and sometimes even see the threads and how there are slight spaces between the weave. These tiny spaces allow air to circulate in and out to keep the body refreshed and cool, because we all know even the hottest situations need some plus points, the plus point is cotton.

Cotton in today’s world:

When it comes to ethnic wear the cotton can be pure or a mixture with another to produce hybrid fabrics such as cotton-silk, jacquard, calico, and many other fabrics. These combined materials are produced so that they incorporate all the best features of both fibers without adding any of the disadvantages.

Salwar suits: made from the pure form of cotton are more likely to be comfortable as opposed to any other fabric, this is especially true for the weather in India. They offer a great amount of stretch, as well as the weaving of the cotton fibers, which are not fixed together very rigidly. Another great perk of wearing cotton material is that it soaks up liquid and dries very fast, which means that even if you drop some water on your pants or sweat in your shirt, it will dry up before anybody even sees it, so need to worry about this. 


Sarees: made from cotton are such a popular garment among women, especially in women who believe in wearing a saree every day as a daily wear option. Having a 6-9 yard fabric wrapped around you for the entire day is no joke, and even worse if it is some hot material that is just making you sweat even more. The presence of a cotton polymer will do wonders and help you to last long, with the chance of you getting some more energy out of it. That said you should make sure to keep the material as thin as possible.


Decorative designs for cotton:

The property that makes cotton a favorite for designers and brands is that it can be designed and decorated in several ways that can be attractive and cater to all preferences. Embroidery, tie-dye, beadwork, stonework, or digital print can be seen on these ethnic garments. If you are not into designer garments, you can opt for the plain and simple design as cotton is such a fabric that can look stylish however it is designed.


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