Why is corrugated cardboard so vital when it comes to shipping goods?

corrugated boxes wholesale

How are packages ship around the world and in America most often? Usually, they package in corrugated cardboard. About 90 to 95 percent of all products will ship in corrugated cardboard. Due to the critical nature of corrugated boxes wholesale in our supply chain, packaging manufacturers have maintained operation during the COVID shutdowns.

The liner consists of three layers. An outer layer, an inner layer, and a fluted layer between them. This design provides excellent durability for corrugated cardboard. This cardboard makes up of three layers that glue together. Corrugated fiberboard, commonly known as corrugated cardboard, is an efficient shipping option compared to other materials.

Why corrugated cartons are better for shipping

Whether protecting goods in transit or simply keeping them safe, corrugated cardboard boxes are a perfect choice. From the warehouse to the recipient, shipping cartons endure quite a bit. We design corrugated packaging to withstand rain, snow, sand, or rough handling-all while keeping the contents safe and intact. Corrugated boxes wholesale may not always be 100% indestructible, but their materials and composition typically provide greater protection during transit.

A product arriving in good condition is more likely to make a customer happy. Customer dissatisfaction is likely to result from a damaged or broken item. Customer satisfaction is critical for repeat sales, and unhappy customers will likely leave a negative review. Despite being very sturdy and lightweight, corrugated cardboard packaging is also very durable. The lower cost of shipping can greatly impact this. You can shape corrugated boxes wholesale in a variety of designs, allowing you to customize the kind of unboxing experience you would like for your consumers. The ability to customize an unboxing experience is crucial for retailers who ship goods to consumers.

Lastly, corrugated cardboard boxes is make from materials sourced from renewable resources. This type of packaging can easily recycle because it is make of trees, a resource that is renewable. Paper products will make from recycle corrugated cardboard packaging, and even new boxes can be made from the product. Corrugated cardboard is also great because it has a variety of uses. Corrugated boxes are durable enough to be reused many times before they hit the recycling bin. This material’s affordability is partly attributed to its sustainability.

What you need to know about corrugated cardboard boxes

Many of the products you ship in industrial packaging are irregular in shape or brittle. There are a variety of shipping needs and challenges that corrugated packaging can meet, and that’s what makes it great. Your product’s attributes, as well as how you will ship it, will determine the corrugated cardboard packaging design. Cardboard corrugated packaging is beneficial for a variety of industries due to its versatility.

A corrugated cardboard container can be used for packaging fresh produce, auto parts, and medical supplies. The need for corrugated cardboard is almost inevitable in every industry that ships products. Corrugated cardboard can be designed with a number of different features.

Select the appropriate flute profile

Corrugated board middle layers feature flutes of various shapes, and usually, these flutes are rated as A, B, C, E, or F. It is ideal for shipping products that need extra padding since flutes have the thickest profile. Stacking cartons are additionally strengthened because flutes have the thickest profile. For high-speed, automatic packing lines, this type of flute is the preferred choice. This flute is best suited to packing canned goods. In general, the C flute size is the most commonly used for packaging furniture, glass, and other fragile and heavy items. C flute profiles, however, are typically thicker than B flute profiles. Flute E provides a surface that allows printing, so they are suitable for retail use, even though they are less durable than F flutes.

Select the type of board you want

Corrugated packaging is typically made from one of four types of board. Corrugated boards with only one face are single-face boards. This type is available to roll up for extra cushioning, as well as wrap around to help protect products.

The standard option is one wall. Two sheets of corrugated medium sandwich a single layer of the paper liner. Consumer goods and goods usually arrive in single-wall cardboard boxes. Adding extra layers of corrugated medium and liners will make a box more durable. Corrugated medium sheets are generally used for double wallboards, with three-liner sheets.  Three layers of the corrugated layer are surrounded by four sheets of liner in a triple-wall board, which is one of the most durable options. Most industrial parts and heavy consumer goods ship on this type of board.

Decide the appropriate grade for the board

On the basis of this conclusion of corrugated cardboard specifications and qualities, you can now select the board that best suits your needs and fulfill your business demands to the fullest. A corrugated cardboard box made from ECT will stand up to stacking pressure. A box’s ability to withstand stacking pressure before collapsing will determine by the Edge Crush Test. You can change the flute profile of your material to affect its ECT measurement. A single wall has an ECT of 23 while a triple wall has an ECT of 120.

Your corrugated package is more resistant to breakage with a higher ECT value. Stacking boxes on this kind of board is better in places like warehouses and on pallets, for example. The Mullen board is recommending if the contents of your box are likely to puncture the box or the environment will puncture the box. Mullen’s value of a board is related to its ability to withstand pressure.

How to choose the right shape and Size

Boxes made of corrugated cardboard are available in different shapes, dimensions, and sizes. There is a variety of styles to choose from, such as the square-shaped slots or the telescoped designs for fragile items. One-piece folders (OPFs) are also available in one-piece styles. For graphics, this is particularly useful because the print area is unbroken.

Considering making a decision but needing expert advice?

Are you unsure what requirements you should use for corrugated cardboard? Are you deciding what shape to use for your corrugated container? If you’re not sure which corrugated packaging option to choose for your product line, there are so many options available. Consult a corrugated packaging expert to make sure that your packaging choice fits your product and shipping requirements.

Choosing corrugated cardboard packaging that delivers excellent delivery results requires expert advice from packaging engineers. Our team of engineers at Custom Cardboard Packaging (CCP) provides all the facilities you need for an effective box shape, size, color and theme, and graphics. We are available 24/7 365 days of the year. You can find all the experts you need under one roof, whether you need a proper box size or graphic knowledge to make your box look extra special. So don’t waste time and get a free quote from us. We will take great care of your product.


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