Why is Cloud Tower-1 the best choice for investing?

Cloud tower-1

Do you want to live a splendid life with a family in Islamabad? Then what are you waiting for? The Cloud Services introduces their new project Cloud Tower-1, whose groundbreaking will be done very soon. The building we are going to construct is for Ultra luxury permanent residence. Having all the amenities which everyone wants in their home.

Let’s start discussing the features of Cloud Tower-1, then it will help you to investing.

What does everyone want in their home?

Peace is the foremost entity that everyone wants in their home. People need to relax when they come back home after a tiring day. Although the people at home are imperative, the environment around you must be relaxing. Far from any industry and the windows of your home show a scenic view.

 Physically the service balcony with the kitchen, Store room, Wardrobe, and open terraces are required. The main issue that everyone living in the apartments is facing is the centred electricity or gas billing process. Privacy and proper Waste management are further most imperative things that everyone needs.

 Why invest in Cloud Tower-1?

The Cloud Tower-1 is in the heart of Margalla hills and delivers peaceful and stunning scenery from the double-glazed glass wall. In total there are 352 luxury apartments in this building, which include Studio apartments, 1,2 & 3-bed apartments, Duplex apartments, and Penthouses. Total 12 elevators with separated cargo lifts. These cargo lifts have separated cargo lanes from where the trucks came to offload the furniture and other home things.

 Villas Concept:

The Villas concept is introduced in the building having wide passages and wide bedrooms. Normally in apartments, the bedrooms are small in size, and difficult to adjust the furniture there. During Cooking, the service balcony helps to moderate the temperature of the Apartment and on the balcony, you can install the AC and Geyser outlets. Store rooms are available to place unused furniture and things. Wardrobes in the apartment with the Washrooms

 Car Parking:

Parking a car issue is smartly solved by The Cloud Services, by allotting 600 sq. ft to each. The punch card is used for authorization of residence. Only the residential people can park their cars in the 4 Basement car parking and the visitors can park their vehicles in the outside parking.

 Energy Efficient:

Energy crises are increasing day by day. People need an energy-efficient solution to reduce their electricity bills. Luxury apartments for sale in Islamabad are available in the Cloud Tower-1 with energy-efficient solutions. The wide passage with 42 sq. ft glass walls reduces the usage of lights and these glass walls are also present in the bedrooms. The automatic control of the lights, A.C, and fan make the building smart. The most attractive features are the personal bill for electricity, every apartment has its electric meters and pays your bill. Not a centered billing process is there to burden you.

 Community living:

The building is an ideal place to live for all ages. The senior citizen lounge will be there for old age people to sit and spend their time with a cup of tea/coffee. Daycare centers and the kids playing in the Cloud Tower 1 are very helpful for working women. From the window of their home, they can see the children playing in the play area, and on mobile, they can see the footage of their child anywhere in the daycare center. The community hall is also there for mini parties like birthday or engagement parties.

 Gym and walking track:

Healthy people are the Separate gyms for male and female with the washroom to get fresh after exercise and change the exercise dress. Health is very important, many people are lazy and they don’t want to go anywhere for exercise and they think it is very difficult after the tiring exercise to come back home. It is the best place to live in you have a gymnasium in your building. The walking track along the hanging garden helps you to maintain your health.


The safety and security of the residents are the priority. People like to live in the Gated community. B 17 Islamabad is a Gated community and at the entrance of the cloud tower, 1 smart solution is applied on the entrance. Separate entrance for the families and the residents of studio apartments. No door or window of one apartment will be open in front of the other apartment. CCTV cameras will be all around to cover every inch of the building. the maintenance staff will be on duty 24/7 to assist you like a plumber, or electrician.

 Scenic Views:

Cloud Tower-1 is a cloud-touching building of 26 floors. On the roof, top restaurants are there to spend time with your family and friends. The Margalla hills and the hanging garden provide scenic to the residents. All the apartments have separate terraces, where you can enjoy the evening moments with a family or also on the rooftop. Sky Walk is the additional feature that enhances the beauty of Cloud Tower 1. A high-rise residential building in the heart of Margalla hills, the hanging garden below provides an awesome to the observers.


Within a building, Doctors will be available in pharmacies 24/7 to meet any emergency. All the medicines will be available there.


A mosque will be present in the building with a separate ablution area. Where people can ablution and use the washroom to prepare themselves for prayer. almost ….. People can offer prayers at a time and residents’ children will also get an education on the Quran there.

Cloud Tower-1 is the B-17 first tallest building. It is the best place to live a luxurious life, present in Block G of B 17 which is very near to the Airport, Margalla road, and CPEC road. This blog briefs the main key features of the building, now it’s up to you what you think is the best place to invest or not.

The Cloud Services:

Construction has been our core business for past many years, however the evolution of our business has differentiated us beyond just what we do. The Cloud Services is a Property Development Company, aiming to deliver affordable homes and properties for all classes of people living in Pakistan. Our key differentiation is innovation in our projects through the Energy Efficient technologies introduced by the best of the civil Engineers and Unique designs made by spending more man hours on Planning and Designing.

The Cloud Services is fast becoming a specialist in providing western style living options here in Pakistan with the use of premium quality material that is a signature of the services we are providing. We believe in providing quality work to our customers that speaks for itself.

The Cloud Services’ Way:

‘The Cloud Services’ culture is evident in the way we behave, honour our commitments and collaborate with all stakeholders – clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers and work colleagues. Professionalism, competence, integrity and enjoying what we do are the foundations of the culture. We know our business and we believe in ourselves.

Building a successful project is contingent on the company’s management capabilities to perform the work and is always based on client satisfaction. Continuously building quality projects requires a company-wide mindset that unites all team members behind one main purpose ‘Building Excellence’.

 For more information visit www.cloudtower1.com.pk

 If you have any queries feel free to ask.

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