Why Has MERN Stack Become Recommended Platform for Startup Applications?

MERN Stack

The MERN stack (Mongo, Express, React, and Node.js) is the best starting point for any company to build their MVP with minimum development time.

MERN or MEAN Stack is a full-stack JavaScript solution that has grown in popularity among the developer crowds. If you are a startup looking to build your application, MERN can be a great option as it provides you with all that you need from the backend to the frontend.

Let’s shed some light on the points that we will discuss today:


Many startups are now choosing MERN stack over other frameworks like MEAN or LAMP due to its simplicity and speed of development. The most crucial benefit of using MERN is that your developers can focus on building the product rather than spending valuable time in setting up the infrastructure.

We believe that the MERN stack is the most effective and fastest way to develop web-base app for startups.

What is the MERN stack?

MERN stack is a full-stack JavaScript solution that uses MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js (MEAN Stack) to help you build scalable web apps. MERN comes in handy when you make fast and scalable client-side applications using modern technologies like React JS or Angular.

As the name suggests, the MERN Stack uses four key components, viz. MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and NodeJS/NPM for developing an application. It is a full-stack JavaScript development framework that allows you to create applications using only JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Facebook created it as a framework for quickly and effectively building production-ready apps, so if you want to develop an app with the same look and feel like their apps (they use MERN), this is the way to do it!

What is MERN Stack Development?

MERN stack development is a very popular approach used in creating an application. MERN stands for Mongo, Express, React, and Node.js. It is a full-stack JavaScript development framework that allows you to develop applications using only JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

MERN stack has become the most favorite one among developers because of its simplicity and efficiency in creating applications. As Facebook developers designed this framework for building efficient web applications, it is rapidly gaining attention worldwide.

MERN Stack Development has a number of advantages that make it a preferred choice for developers.

As a full-stack JavaScript framework, MERN offers a complete package to build the backend and frontend of an application at once. 

It also allows performing the static files from the browser cache. This makes it faster and faster to serve your site or app.

In addition, Node JS allows you to serve your static files from the browser cache, making it much faster and faster for users to access any website or app.

Why do we use MERN Stack?

There are numerous benefits of using the MERN stack, and we’re going to explain why we use it at our software development company.

For starters, the MERN stack is a full-stack JavaScript framework that allows developers to build web apps and APIs with ReactJS as the frontend framework, Express as the server framework, and NodeJS as the back end. The ReactJS library allows for building user interfaces in an intuitive manner (just like you would if you were writing HTML). It also has many ready-made components that make it easy to create entire website pages without much coding.

The express API is like a gateway to your database that allows you to create, serve, and monitor API endpoints. It also provides for authentication and authorization, which can be essential when building API endpoints for your mobile or web application.

The Node.js server framework is what keeps your app up and running on the back-end. It runs on the back-end to handle business logic, data management, persistence, performance tuning, server security, monitoring & alerting, etc. Also, the NodeJS framework allows you to write code in JavaScript, which makes it easy for developers to understand since most of the code is written in JavaScript.

The MERN stack comes with a built-in package manager, NPM. NPM is an abbreviation for Node Package Manager, a utility that allows you to install and manage packages on your MERN stack app. It has a practical dependency management functionality and allows you to do so in an effortless manner.

Benefits of Using a MEAN Stack Application for Startups:

MERN stack provides an efficient way to develop scalable web apps without compromising the look and feel of your app.

It is a fast, elegant, and efficient way to build any application because many components are already built-in. The MERN stack has excellent support for scalability and can run on cheap hardware.

MERN stack is the best choice for developing an application for startups. It allows you to create faster applications quicker than other frameworks like MEAN or LAMP because of its simplicity and speed of development.

The main advantages of  MERN-Full stack development are list below:

Easy to Start

Many modern web applications are built using a single-page app framework. These apps have a JavaScript back end, a single HTML page frontend, and a database that powers the whole thing. MERN is one such framework that allows you to build such an application by combining MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS.

Developers can get started with the MERN stack in no time, thanks to its simple structure and ease of use. Everything is separated into individual libraries and functions that make everything easy to access and use. This way, you don’t need to learn multiple frameworks before writing code for your application or website.

The MERN stack is an excellent choice for a variety of applications, from a simple blog to a complex news website. It’s not going to be the best solution for every single project out there, but it will be an excellent way to start if you’re in doubt about what technology is suitable.

Easy To Maintain

As your web application grows, so does the amount of code in your backend and frontend. This can quickly become an issue when you want to keep track of everything that happens in your application. With MERN, you can quickly check what’s happening in one place via NodeJS server monitoring or search all the database content using MongoDB explorer.

You can easily set up an API to get information from your database, which means you can use this API in multiple places. This way, you can access and modify your data anywhere in your application. MERN also makes it easy to deploy new code without any problems, and it allows you to do so with just a couple of commands.

Saves Time

Using the MERN stack is one of the most efficient ways to build a web app. Since you’ll be using the same language on both the backend and frontend, there is no need to learn or review new languages or frameworks before getting started with development.

Save Money

MERN stack is targeted at frontend development, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for backend development as well. For example, if you decide to run your NodeJS server on the back end of your application, other developers will need to know how to set up their own website or mobile application using this stack. This way, you can save time and money by only dealing with one framework, making it efficient and cheap.

MERN Stack is the perfect tool for building both web and mobile applications. It lets you use the same set of technologies on all levels and layers of your app—backend, frontend, and database layer. This way, you can work with a single language and avoid rewriting everything in a new language every time you encounter a new problem.

MERN Stack has no significant flaws other than it can be used to build any type of apps, not only desktop or mobile apps like other frameworks do. For example, if you want to develop a RESTful API for your React.js website or if you want to build a frontend website with Node.js server architecture — all these ideas are possible with MERN Stack.

Why Should Startups Hire a MERN Full-Stack Development Company like Groovy?

Startups may need to hire a full-stack development company like Groovy Web if they are not using an in-house team of developers. The startup may not have the resources to hire individual developers working on separate components of the project.

A full-stack developer consists of developers knowing all layers of the architecture, how they work with each other, and what problems can emerge during development. Full-stack developers also have a strong understanding of different methods available for everyday tasks during system development.

The initial cost of hiring a full-stack development company is higher than if you hired individual developers. But the cost can be justified if you look at how much time and money will go into building the application.

Due to their expertise, they can handle all the difficulties arising during the development and achieve faster growth in the initial months of the application.

Full-stack developers can also suggest changes in your product to ensure that it caters to all the user types and fulfills their needs without much difficulty or pain point.


Choosing the right platform & right MERN stack app development company to create your apps is crucial for getting the best results. With the MERN stack, you will build scalable applications using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. If you want to share your app requirements with us, do not hesitate to contact us today. 


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