Why Gojek Clone is Biggest Brand in The Market For Multi Solutions

Gojek Clone App
Gojek Clone App

The powerfully built Gojek Clone app is the home of 82+ on-demand services that have been ruling the world ever since the pandemic hit! This on-demand service app empowers the users to book instant full-body massages, hire a chauffeured luxurious car, and so much more.

The Gojek-like app is the biggest name in the on-demand industry because it has found inspiration from the original Indonesian app – Gojek. Capacitated with the world’s best features, this application allows the customers to transact online, modify the checkout page, and even track the provider! Let’s take a look at other reasons why this on-demand multi-service app will be the best choice for your business.

Why Gojek Clone Is Famous in Today’s Era?

This is a pre-built app that is made to be fully functional, highly optimized, and pre-integrated with the highly desired features and services.  Here are a few things that make this application worth investing in:

  1. 82+ on-demand services

The first reason is its ability to offer more than 82 services on a single platform. All the 82+ services are distinguished into 7 major components. Here is a list containing the service components:

  • Online video consultation
  • Online taxi booking
  • Service bidding with the professionals
  • On-demand service providers
  • On-demand delivery services
  • Delivery genie and delivery runner
  • Parcel delivery service
  1. It integrates impeccable features

The Gojek Clone app doesn’t only offer multiple services but also a list of features that make the overall user experience more interesting, smooth, and engaging! To name few of the features that the modern-age generation loves are:

  • Payment with credit card or wallet-to-wallet transfer
  • Real-time tracking on the map
  • OTP verification to begin the task
  • Smart login method
  • Register with phone number/email
  • Refer and earn program
  • COVID-19 related features
  1. Made with the most robust technology

This magical mobile app is made with the best technology in town. Here is the technology stack used by the white-labeling experts to create the on-demand multi-service app.

  • Web: HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Server technologies: PHP, Node.Js, Socket Cluster
  • Native iOS: Object-C, Swift
  • Native Android: Java, NDK, Kotlin
  • Database: MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB
  • Cloud: Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS

The technology stack of this mobile application provides the best quality product. Moreover, the app is tested over a thousand times which makes it bug-free!

What Else Makes This Multi-service App Fabulous Brand?

The Gojek Clone app is famous as a brand for multi-service apps because of its fascinating after-sales service. The after-sales services included with this application are:

  • Free upgrade for 2 years

The white-labeling experts provide 2-year upgrades for free depending on the package you have chosen. With every new and upgraded version that the firm launches, they will zip and send it to you so that your in-house app developers can implement it!

  • App rejection support

App rejection support is provided by the firm in case the submitted apps are rejected by the iOS or Android App Store because of a technical issue! Until and unless the apps are launched on the app stores, the firm will remain by your side!

  • 365 days of support for bugs

Your Gojek Clone app will be free of bugs. However, if bugs pop in the source code, then the white-labeling firm will provide 100% support!


Can’t wait to launch your own on-demand multi-service app? Then don’t wait any longer because the right time is now to connect with the sales representatives of the Gojek Clone App.

Get the clone app script and begin with the app development process!


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