WHY does a business need a podcast?


Watch: how Podknows Podcasting can help you get better results using our podcasting platform!

So, you want a branded podcast?…

No doubt you’ve checked all this stuff above, and you’ve decided you want a branded podcast for your own business.

Sadly, literally hundreds of thousands of other brands have also had the same idea.

And many of them will be in your target niche.

So you need the help of a highly experienced professional podcast consultant who can help you get above the noise, and have your brand’s messaging heard by the right people.

Podknows Podcasting is the UK’s leading podcast agency.

This isn’t based on opinion.

This is verifiable and based on results.

As founder I’ve been in the podcasting industry since before it had its name and therefore I know what works – and what doesn’t.

As an expert in the space, Podknows Podcasting and I will create, produce, distribute, and promote your podcast so that it reaches the right audience at the right time.


Unlike other agencies out there who just create content, Podknows Podcasting helps with marketing as well, so that you’ll be ultimately generating leads from listeners using our unique strategy.

With over 10 years of experience in this industry, you can trust that Podknows Podcasting to help you get results for your business, using podcasts as part of a well-structured content marketing plan.

And with extensive support through media partners Libsyn, Podknows is applying skills that have been learned while working with some big names and brands including Microsoft, Coca Cola and  Tim Ferris.

All of whom are now reaping the benefits of having a successful podcast campaign behind them.

Let Podknows Podcasting show you how effective this medium can be for your brand too!

You can count on Podknows Podcasting to deliver whatever results you’re looking for.

Own your brand’s messaging

Hundreds of new podcasts launch every day.

And although most of them aren’t very good, some of them are being set up by your competitors.

Every single day that you’re not podcasting is another day that your competition have an opportunity to leave you behind and work with customers who should be working with you!

Click here right now to check out Podknows Podcasting’s packages.

Or if you’re looking for a podcast consultant, your first initial chat is free!


After all, any old content marketing agency can offer you podcasting services!

Yes, and if your end goal is to ‘put out content’ and ‘hope for the best’, then that’s great.

Have at them!

But if you want real, measurable results from your podcast, you’re going to need someone who can offer a bit more.

Podknows Podcasting offers a range of high-end podcasting services for any ambitious forward thinking brands and organisation who want real results from their podcast.

It may seem like a bold claim.

After all, nobody can easily guarantee you an audience.

Many of the agencies and professionals offering podcasting services will stop short of promising to build you an audience.

But Podknows is all about accountability and results.

We don’t just help you create podcast content you can be proud of.

We help you find your ideal listeners.

In time, we’ll help you turn them into ideal customers.

Many professional podcast companies attract new clients with the boast that they offer “the best podcast editing service in the UK”.

Podknows Podcasting doesn’t just offer podcast editing.

That’s because Podknows Podcasting is more interested in offering the best podcast services in the UK, full stop.

If you’re just looing for the cheapest possible editor to chop up your branded podcast, you’re in the wrong place.

As much as I’d love to take your money for a service that frankly any semi-competent audio editor can do, I’d probably rather you were left feeling like you got a bargain, after paying someone on Fiverr a few quid to take care of your basic editing needs.

(Note – please do ask said editor to provide examples of their ability first.)

If you’re actually more interested in working with a highly experienced professional podcaster who can confidently claim to offer the best possible guidance and production value for your branded podcast (and get results from them!!) then congratulations!

Want to learn the origin story? Read on!

It started with listening to Kenny Everett.

Those soundscapes.

The silly noises and voices.

Everything cuddly Ken was creating on his Capital Radio show triggered the imagination of a young eight year old Neal Veglio, Podknows‘ founder.

What started out with just one silly radio disc jockey’s zany radio show turned into an obsession with all things radio and audio.

Listening to the American radio shows pouring in over the AM waveband late at night was a must.

Under the covers.

In the midst of darkness.

And then there was the music creation.

Music production

Neal began using home computers with samplers to pick bits of old vinyl records and put them in to the computer to then change and manipulate them.

This led to a love of the keyboard synthesizer, and creating dance music records.

Aside from one music magazine featuring a Veglio composed track on its cover CD, the music career wasn’t to be.

Aside from a limited number of ghost compositions through freelance gigs, the number one hit failed to materialise.

To this day, Podknows utilises a lot of this musical experience and skill.

All of the intros you will hear on the podcasts on the Podknows Podcasting Network were all composed and produced by Neal Veglio.

These are included as standard for all network podcasts.

The first podcaster?

A lot of people cite Adam Curry as the podfather – the first person to ever podcast.

These people are basing this on the fact that he was the first person to post audio to the internet inside an RSS feed.

However, if you’re going from a wider metric (as many do, including YouTube and even social media posts) Podknows founder Neal Veglio was the first person to ever post audio online for people to download.

In March of 2001, an mp3 version of his radio show was uploaded to the website of pioneering digital radio station Stormlive.

It crashed.

Neal was the popular afternoon presenter and had listeners in the US as well as across Europe.

This was the start of a deep and serious love affair between Neal and podcasting.

In 2001, Neal’s fascination with what would later become known as podcasting, began.


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