Why do you Need a Web Design Structure?

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Starting up a website is not something difficult. Increasing the visibility and improving the ranking is somewhat a very huge task and it is one of the greatest challenges to every businessman. Websites that require a higher loading time to come up result in a high bouncing rate and here comes the importance of the web design structure and a web designing agency Kerala.

A well-structured website is always a benefit. The website consists of many pages and posts that will help to navigate through the content very easily. A website structure tells how well you can set up a website with all the pages interconnected.

The attention span of any user is very short so the site must be well structured giving a better experience to the users and enable the search engines crawlers to crawl the website for fast indexing. Before deciding upon the site structure, thinking about the target audience is essential.

Any form of an unstructured website would lead to a greater bounce rate and thus lead to less visibility among the users. While a site being well structured would result in higher rankings in the search engines. So, when the user takes time and visits your site the bounce rate lowers and thus improves your ranking.

A poor website structure always increases the loading time and the bounce rate increases, thus decreasing the revenue of the businesses. A 100ms increase in load time would lead to 11% decreased traffic and a 6% reduction in sales. Search engines drive most of the traffic, so if the search engines find it difficult to understand what your site is all about; your website would get low ranks and also less form of traffic.  Fewer traffic results in fewer sales and thus less revenue.

Importance of Website Structures 

The importance of a website structure is something that many website owners never take into consideration. They just want their site on time with the features they have demanded. But for a better business, website structure plays a major role. Keeping this in mind, here comes the certain points that justify our statement.

  • For better SEO performance, site structure plays a major role.  A good site structure comes up with a better user experience. When users take your site to the up level, search engines too consider your site as one of the best.
  • When a site’s homepage is linked to every sub-page, it makes the crawlers crawl up your website. Crawlers can go well through each of the pages better and can view the category and subcategory easily.
  • When users find their required products and needs from your site easily, the chance that they become your best customer increases. A good UI/UX helps in the success of your website.
  • To get site links from Google, a good web structure is essential. It is not the one that you could download from Google webmaster; instead, it is rewarded by Google for the good usability of your site by the users.
  • A well-structured website design could increase your business revenue if you have a well-online audience.
  • Better management of web pages is also possible. This is essential if you are planning for a revamp or redesign.

Structures in Web Design

There are three main categories suggested by the Web Development Company in Kochi while considering the structures in web design. They are:

  • Sequence Structure

When the website is only 4 to 5 pages, this site structure is commonly being used. Also, known by the name linear structure, it is ideal for those designs that bring up a small website. When you are going to hold an event, and you require a website to make use of it, the linear structure plays a major part. The landing page tells about the event, the second page describes the event with content, the third page tells about the prices, and the others with the required information.

  • Hierarchical Structure

It is one of the most important structures among web designs. It follows a structure that resembles a tree. There will be a main branch and sub-branches. It comes up with the homepage and from there it goes to the main sections.  These main sections are called site links. Main sections can be blogs, news, and other events. From here, the users will be exploring the main contents. The main section will be divided into subsections.

  • Matrix Structure

It is not one of the common website structures. The basic concept for search engines is to know how your website is connected with other websites. External website linking structure used to link with other websites. They are also known by the name web structure.

 How to Build up a Good Website Structure?

Designing a website structure is not so simple. For blogs, and small-medium sites developing a site structure is easy. But maintaining a good website structure for large and medium websites is not easy sometimes.  Let’s understand the ways through which you can create a better site structure.

  • Better site planning

Planning the site structure is necessary even if you haven’t started yet. Plan the site structure with your points on the paper. Come up with better logic and link the sub-categories with the main category. Two to seven main categories would be the best till you have to manage the website. Make use of those categories that are closely related to the main category. Otherwise, it would make your site unbalanced. Proper naming of the categories is essential with better keywords.

  • Good URL structure

A good URL with the best site structure is necessary. URLs have a great value in SEO. URL structure must be made simple with better words while avoiding all types of unnecessary symbols and wordings. Including keywords in the URL is also best. Today the mobile version of the website is given more importance. So, the website structure should always be proper even on mobile.

  • Navigation Elements in a website

The concept of web navigation is important in creating a good website structure. It helps in better communication and allows you to go from one page to another easily. The main navigation elements in a website are:

  1. Main Menu: It is one of the important navigation elements and is present in the website header.
  1. Secondary Menu: It is mainly for the subsection or the main section. They are located in the left navigation, often in the sidebar.
  1. Breadcrumbs: They are important but often ignored. They help the user to know where they are located on the particular web page of the website when they land from search engines. So, it is very important to implement in your design.
  1. Inline Links, Related Links, External Links: These links are included within the content area of the website.  More interaction from the users is seen here and makes the browsing experience of the user far better.
  1. Footer Menu: They are seen in the footer of your website. Links in the Main menu are sometimes given within the footer too. The link to the main pages would be obtained even when you scroll down. Footer navigation is used by Web Development Company in Kerala to provide links to privacy, terms, conditions, policy, and site maps.

Final Thought

As said before, for higher rankings and better site structure, a good website is necessary. The readers and search engines could navigate your site easily with the help of a better website. If you feel now that your current website is not with a proper website structure, you could go for a redesign. This will help in boosting your SEO performance too. Don’t ignore this point as site structure is always the base of any website and it leads to better SEO.

To get better sales and revenue, a better website design is necessary. A good impression could be obtained to the user with a better website and they will become your all-time customers thus making your business reach for better growth. Trustful experience to the users could be obtained only through better web designs. It would help your customer to build better relationships with you by making use of your website.

One trusted customer is enough to promote your business to others. This is something that should never be taken so easily. So, choose a web designing agency Ernakulam and let your website design get a good structure with all the features necessary to build a better customer experience. Waiting is not necessary now. As there are different web-based companies available all around, getting your dream website is not a huge time taking process now.

Choose the best company that provides all the basic design features affordably and creatively. Listening to your viewpoints is also important. Choose the company that provides 24-hour customer service thus making your website design concepts a reality at the time you have been requested. Plan well before you reach out to any web designing company in Kerala for your website structure. This is essential for your business to get better success while competing in the web world for better sales, customers, and revenue.


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