Why Do Some Companies Monitor Their Employees During Remote Work?

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Monitoring remote employees have been widely discussed in recent years.  However, the problem of who is monitoring remote employees and why this can be seen differently by both employers and employees.  For some people, it seems to be a normal thing – if you are working from home then your boss knows everything about you: what programs you use and how much time do you spend on this.  However, for others, it is an invasion of privacy.

If you are one of those people who is against the monitoring of remote employees, then you should definitely read the article below because it gives a detailed explanation to why some companies monitor their remote employees and why monitoring software wfh can be beneficial for both employees and employers.

What is wfh monitoring software?

It is software that can monitor your remote work. You install the wfh monitoring software on your computer and it automatically collects data about your online activity (eg, which websites you visit) without interrupting your daily tasks and shows them to the employer/boss.  So wfh monitoring software can be used in order to monitor employees on behalf of the employer.  They will have access to your computer and you won’t even notice it.

Remote employees wfh monitoring has been introduced many years ago because there is a lack of technology resources that could help employers see if their remote employees are actually working from home. It is important for employers to see which program their remote employees are using, what websites they surf and how much time do they spend on each task – because wfh monitoring software can show exactly that information. The question why remote wfh monitoring is beneficial for both employers and employees has been answered by wfh monitoring software developers.

How Remote Employees Monitoring Software Work?

This software works differently from the monitoring software that you can download on your smartphone because it cannot monitor what websites do remote employees visit.  However, wfh monitoring software tracks activities related to a computer – keystrokes typed and mouse movements made by an individual during work hours.

In other words, this software records everything that is going on with your computer and sends this information to the employer/boss. Wfh monitoring software is installed directly on your computer and it can monitor:

  • What programs you use during work time;
  • How long did you spend on each of these tasks;
  • Which websites do remote employees visit (and how often);

Since there are new websites and programs that can be used for work, there is a possibility of adding them on the remote employees monitoring software so it will automatically track their use.

Benefits of Monitoring Remote Employees

✔️ Track Working Hours: wfh monitoring software makes it easier for the employer to track the working time of remote employees. They can see how much time the employees spend on each task and what they do when they are working from home. If your boss suspects that you work less than reported, or if he wants to know whether you simply surf the Web instead of doing actual work, a wfh monitoring software will tell him exactly what is happening at the moment. So you’ll no longer be under suspicion and your boss will trust you more on a long-term basis.

✔️ Performance Analysis: the main benefit of remote wfh monitoring software is that it can access all the data and see how you are working. It enables a manager to compare his remote employees with each other and find out who works more effectively during the day – because this person’s performance will be better than that of others.  Also, if there is a change in the productivity of one employee, then wfh monitoring software will provide detailed information about why this happened.  Remote employees are often more productive due to a flexible schedule that gives them an opportunity to deal with personal issues without being punished.

✔️ Enhanced Communication: the main purpose of monitoring remote employees is to make communication more effective.  Employers and employers need to be able to talk quickly and efficiently with the employee’s manager – so there are no misunderstandings in the workplace.  Managerial staff should have access to all data about remote employees; this will help them create individual performance plans, which can be adjusted on a daily basis.

✔️ Avoiding Distractions: employers can detect distractions of remote employees and solve them before it’s too late. It is important for managers to see what programs are most often used by their staff, because they may distract the employee from work. For example, web browsers or social networking programs will distract employees who surf the Internet all day.  Remote wfh monitoring software can detect all these activities automatically without human interference. Your employees would not even know that they were monitored because it happens in the background.

✔️ Improved Security: wfh monitoring software can not only monitor employees but also protect them from data breaches and theft.  Workers often forget to log off or close the program and this may result in a security breach. If you want to protect your data from leakage, then use wfh monitoring software that will record all of these activities and provide them for analysis by the employer/boss. It also provides secure data storage and guarantees that no one else will ever be able to access it.

✔️ Improved Work Ethics: wfh monitoring software can help employees improve their work ethics by constantly tracking the performance of remote workers. When they know that such a thing as wfh monitoring software exists, they will probably want to work more efficiently and not lose their jobs. Work ethics will improve tremendously because employees will have to do what they are supposed to do.

✔️ Manage Employees from Anywhere: managers can monitor remote employees from anywhere and create work schedules for them.  They can find the most suitable time to communicate with their staff, which will increase the productivity of employers overall.  In this case, it is important to have access wfh monitoring software at any time during the day; that’s why it should be installed on a computer and not just installed on a mobile phone.

✔️ Flexibility: in order to ensure that employees are more productive, they need to be flexible.  Most employers have the attitude of “you can work from home, but you have to stay here and do your job”.  This kind of approach does not encourage remote working – and can even discourage employees from working from home.  But if employers find a balance and give their staff the freedom to choose when to do a certain task, then it will be easier for remote employees to manage their time effectively.

How Much I have to Pay to Monitor My Remote Team?

Pricing is where most organizations start when looking for a remote wfh monitoring software.   They want to know how much it will cost them and whether the return on investment (ROI) is worth making this purchase.

Today there are many different types of wfh monitoring tools available, so your choice can be overwhelming.   You should consider not only the price of the software but also additional costs that may occur during implementation.

You need to know that some companies offer free wfh monitoring tools with limited functionality; others charge a monthly fee for their services and provide more useful features than similar programs. If you want top-quality remote wfh monitoring software, then it is better to pay a one-time fee for the full version.

This information provides an overview of remote wfh monitoring software and tells you how you can benefit from using it in your company.

How to Choose the Best WFH Employee Monitoring Software?

The number of options available out there is enough to make you go crazy.  If you want to choose the best wfh monitoring software, then there are a few things that should be taken into account:

✔️ The cost is always important when choosing remote working monitoring software; however, it may not be the most important factor in your choice. A good solution can reduce your costs in the long run.

✔️ Check all features available to see what is included with your remote wfh monitoring software; make sure that it has everything you need, but does not contain too many unnecessary options and settings. The more features there are, the more time it will take for an employee to learn their job – which will increase the number of mistakes made.

✔️ Finally, you need to check how easy it is to use remote wfh monitoring software; most likely your employees will be more willing to learn something new if they see that this feature has a simple interface and intuitive design.

These are just a few factors to consider when choosing a wfh monitoring software. Don’t forget that there are many options available on the market, so you have enough time to choose what will work best for your company.

Bottom Line

Here ends your guide on knowing the benefits of monitoring remote employees.  We hope this knowledge will help you decide whether to monitor your own employees from home or not.  You know what kind of information employers can get by installing a wfh monitoring software on their remote computers, and how they can benefit from using it – so if you are an employer and you decide to monitor remote employees, then do it right.


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