Why Displaying Your Food Hygiene Rating is Necessary



What is a Food Hygiene Rating?

A food hygiene rating is a system that is used to rate the level of hygiene found at food premises. The ratings can be from 0 (worst) to five (best). The rating is usually displayed as a sticker on the window or door of the premises.

The rating takes into account the following: how well food is protected against contamination; how clean and hygienic the building, fixtures and fittings are; how good the management and staff are at keeping food safe.

Food businesses with a rating of four or five are considered ‘safe’.

Businesses with a rating of three are considered ‘adequate’ but require improvement. Businesses with a rating of two or below need to make significant improvements.

If a food business doesn’t have a rating, it is likely that the local authority hasn’t inspected them.


What are the Importances of the Food Hygiene Rating?

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is important to help protect people from food poisoning. The scheme gives information about the hygiene standards of food businesses so that people can make informed choices about where they eat out.

The rating scheme is also important for businesses as it can help them to improve their hygiene standards and maintain a high level of food safety. A high rating can attract new customers and boost business, whereas a low rating could have the opposite effect.

Therefore, it is important for both consumers and businesses to understand the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and what it means. By doing so, everyone can make safer choices about where they eat out and ensure that food businesses maintain high standards of hygiene.

How To Obtain Food Hygiene Rating?

There are a few ways that you can obtain a food hygiene rating. One way is to visit your local authority’s website and search for the “food hygiene ratings” section. Once you have found this, you can input the business name that you would like to view the rating.

Another way to find out a food hygiene rating is to simply call your local council and ask them directly. They will be more than happy to help provide you with the information that you need.

A third way to find out a food hygiene rating is by going into the business itself and asking for a copy of their latest certificate. This is not always possible, as some businesses may not have one on hand, or they may not be willing to give it to you.

What are the Consequences of not Displaying a Food Hygiene Rating?

There are a number of consequences for businesses that do not display their food hygiene rating. The main consequence is that it can give customers the impression that the business does not care about food hygiene and safety. This can lead to customers being less likely to visit the business or, even worse, spread word-of-mouth about their bad experience.

Additionally, businesses may be penalised by local authorities for not displaying their rating. This could include a fine or having to take corrective action. Finally, if a business has a poor food hygiene rating, it could have an impact on its insurance premiums.

So, as you can see, there are a number of reasons why businesses should display their food hygiene rating. First, it not only gives customers peace of mind but it can also help improve the business’s image and avoid any penalties from local authorities.



It has become increasingly important in the digital age to display your food hygiene rating prominently on your website and menu. This is because customers are more likely than ever before to research a business before they visit, and a poor food hygiene rating can quickly turn them away. By displaying your rating prominently, you can reassure customers that you take food safety seriously and give them confidence in your business.



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