Why Chefs and Cooks will be in higher demand in Canada in 2022?

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Being a multicultural country with people of varying backgrounds, the nation, and its citizens are open to various tastes, foods, flavors, and travel, which has grown the demand for skillful chefs & cooks from different countries with skills in multiple cuisines. YES, we are talking about CANADA and the job in the hospitality industry in the country.

In Canada, trained chefs and cooks have ample space to develop and enhance their skills in their field. Moreover, qualified chefs and cooks are immensely required across the hospitality industry at the moment to fulfill their labour shortage. In addition, restaurant chains and food cafés also welcome experienced cooks & chefs to maintain a smooth environment and meet customers’ expectations by providing delicious food and service, thus contributing to the country’s economy.

As a result, organizations looking for cooks and chefs employment in Canada with work permits seek the best and the most qualified applicants. In addition, many candidates choose a work visa for cooks in Canada because of the growing demand for Asian and Indian food cuisine in the country.

Why Chefs and Cooks will be in higher demand in Canada in 2022?

In the hospitality industry, having a job with a work permit appears to be vital to success and the possibility of establishing a bright future in Canada. WHY?

This is because the citizens and residents from various backgrounds love to explore meals and food delicacies from multiple places in the country. Therefore, chefs with experience are in high demand in the hospitality industry to serve individuals from various backgrounds, traditions, lifestyles, and cultures.

There is a high demand for chefs and cooks specializing in specific cuisines and food items. Likewise, talented bakeries with experienced bakers are well-received and placed in high-ranking positions. Chefs and cooks have plenty of opportunities in Canada, particularly in theme-based restaurants and food chains with locations in every major city and province.

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Job Titles for Chefs & Cooks in Canada

  • Apprentice Cook
  • Journeyman/woman Cook
  • Executive Chef
  • Junior Chef
  • Deputy Chef
  • Head Chef
  • Station Chef
  • Corporate Chef
  • Dietary Cook
  • Pastry Chef
  • Specialist Chef
  • Master Chef

What Qualities Are Canadian Employers Looking for In Candidates Seeking Chef, Cook Work Permit Visas?

Pay close attention to the details- Throughout the whole cooking process, great attention to detail is essential. Failure to follow the kilograms, cooking temperatures, and other guidelines can lose control over the final dish. Therefore, the serving stage requires a high level of perfection.

A dedication to excellence- The chef’s most crucial responsibility is food quality. Everything needs commitment to excellence, from choosing the best ingredients to using them in the dish. Consequently, the chef’s responsibility is to serve the best quality to their customer, even if budget constraints prevent them.

Creativity- Chefs must follow all standards regarding presentation, taste, menu, and creativity on the plate. They’ll also need to think outside the box when designing the kitchen layout. In addition, sometimes customers come to a restaurant because of the chef’s inventive reputation and the creativity in his/her work.

Teamwork– People from many areas of life come together over a shared passion for food. So, excellent teamwork skills must help bind the team together with great enthusiasm. Like, it’s a plus if you can work and get along with your coworkers.

Leadership Qualities– Experienced chefs should lead their teams and get the most out of them. Thus they must be able to make orders and have them carried out promptly. Simultaneously, they must maintain a positive mood in the kitchen.

Organization- Working in a kitchen may be a highly hectic atmosphere; therefore, you must be able to keep maintain all times. In addition, during service, they may be required to mentor and coach junior staff members while ensuring that everything goes well.

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Benefits of having a Work Permit for cooks and chefs in Canada

Canada has 4,575 cooks employed across many provinces, including Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and more.

  • According to recent news sources, career opportunities for chefs and cooks are predicted to expand by 2025, and both Cooks & Chefs will be in high demand, with around 52,000 to 55,000 job vacancies.
  • It indicates that the hospitality and related sectors are experiencing increased demand for experienced chefs and cooks, particularly Indians.
  • In Canada, chefs and cooks receive various benefits, bonuses, and incentives. Therefore, getting a job in the hospitality industry is a plus as you will gain many other benefits.
  • The hospitality industry in Canada determines jobs based on relevant work experience, job titles, grades, education, and skill training.
  • Many fast food establishments and quick-service eateries provide flexible working hours.
  • Chefs and cooks specializing in specific cuisines and food items, such as Continental, Italian, Mexican, Pastries, and Baked goods, are also in high demand.
  • The number of theme restaurants and food chains in Canada is increasing, particularly in major cities and regions. Chefs and cooks are required to run a successful restaurant or food establishment.

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Canadian employers who hire qualified foreign workers through immigration programs also wish to hire them temporarily while IRCC processes their permanent residence application. As a result, employers can now apply for a dual-purpose Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which comes with a processing cost. These dual-purpose LMIAs can support a foreign national’s application for a Permanent Resident Visa and a Temporary Work Permit with IRCC.

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What are the requirements for COOKS & CHEFS to work in Canada?

Many candidates and immigration aspirants will be encouraged to apply for chef jobs in Canada with Work Permits in 2022. In addition, eligible individuals can use various immigration options for chefs and cooks.

Furthermore, associating with a reputable immigration consultant, such as AMK Global Group, is the first step toward obtaining a chef or cook Work Permit in Canada. The skilled team of immigration consultants assists candidates in determining the best immigration path for them based on their academic credentials, skills, training, and experience to acquire a Canadian Work Permit for chefs and cooks and work and stay in the Canadian province of their choice.

Suppose interested individuals meet all eligibility criteria for cook and chef employment in Canada with Work Permits. In that case, they may be able to migrate to Canada as a chef or cook with a Work Permit.

Eligibility requirements that you need to follow to get a job in the hospitality industry:

  • Education – 12th grade (minimum).
  • Must have a Police clearance certificate.
  • Must have a job offer letter from any Canadian employer.
  • A Canadian employer should provide a copy of LMIA.
  • Minimum a year of working experience in the respective occupation.
  • Minimum English language score of 5 bands in IELTS (language proficiency exams).
  • Adequate funds.

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