Why astrology is getting so popular these days?

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Why astrology is getting so popular these days?

Astrology has a long history and has been used since ancient times. The previous generations are petty sure of what astrology predicts. Many of them trust and believe in astrology, especially Chinese and Indians. However, at first, the recent generations didn’t seem very interested in the subject. They had no faith or trust over the predictions, and influence of astrology.

However, with the appearance of astrology on social media, teens, youngsters, and youth are obsessed with horoscopes and learning about them. Astrology is indeed an interesting thing! In addition to this, there are few other reasons for this sudden popularity. Let’s go through them in detail in this article. 

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  • Popularity on social media 

Before astrology appear on social media, the youth had no idea about what astrology is. Astrology is a deep topic with a long history. So, anyone would feel it is a broad topic to study quickly. As a result that many people tend to ignore that. But now, everything is near you. Astrology has appeared on social media. For instance, on Snapchat, you can create your astrology profile. On Instagram and Facebook, you can find a lot of pages with astrological information. Pinterest suggests beautiful astrological quotes and sometimes memes too! 

When the youth get to see astrology-related posts on a daily basis, they are curious about what it is. I think that is one of the reasons for the sudden popularity of astrology these days.  

  • Going through a pandemic 

One of the main reasons for the sudden popularity of astrology is that the Covid-19 pandemic. Countries like China, India, and Sri Lanka are believers in astrology. Hence, during this pandemic, the people of those countries seek relief from astrology as well. Things are not easy for everyone. So, they get relief according to the astrology predictions.

For instance, some Indian astrologers predict that the Covid-19 pandemic will be over by the end of 2021. Though such statements are not scientifically proven, the astrology believers are relieved to hear that news! 

True it or not, aren’t we all want this pandemic to end? Hence, I think astrology has become popular suddenly because of the predictions related to the pandemic. 

  • Problem-solving 

2020 and 2021 are the worst years for many people out there. Some of them lost their close ones, lost jobs, lost their own self. Many people are going through mental health issues during this difficult time. The lack of financial stability, lack of privilege, depression have become the major reasons for people to feel down.

So, as a result of those, people tend to learn and check their astrology charts to know about their lives. Horoscopes, birth charts help them to know about what will happen in the future. Since people have lost businesses, jobs, they read their horoscopes before moving into the next step of their life.

Even though horoscopes cannot solve the problems magically, they can predict what will happen in the future. Hence, the astrology believers can decide their next life step. 

Therefore, astrology has become popular these days.

Final thoughts 

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