Why Are Wooden Hangers Better Than Plastic?


Most of the time many of us do not pay much attention to what type of hangers that we used, this is because of the fact that many of us are not familiar because of the fact that we are not familiar with the types of hangers that exist in the market and the roles that they play and why is it important to take care of the type of hanger that is being used. The concern for the type of hanger that is to be used is usually seen at either the fashion stores, the retail clothing stores, or the businesses. This is because they use the hangers for the clothes on daily basis and they are familiar with the effects that are there as the type of hanger that is being used.

Selecting the best hanger that goes exactly along with the type of clothes that you are using them for is very important because it can be effective on the clothes in different ways. This is the reason that there is a huge variety and types of hangers that are available in the market at the cloth hangers dealers and thus it allows the customers to select the best hanger that goes exactly according to their needs.

Why Do We Not Pay Much Attention To Cloth Hangers?

If we look at the role that these hangers play we often question that despite being so important, why are they still not paid much attention, the main reason that we see is that most of the time, cloth hangers do not get much attention because most of the time there are some cheap and typically hangers that are available in the markets and are an easier option for the people to buy, for instance, a whole pack of twelve cheap plastic hangers can only cost you a buck and it might seem like a great deal to you, but they are not the quality that is worth it, they are just the simple and ordinary cloth hangers.

But you often buy them because they were cheaper in price. Not only that but many of us would also be familiar with those cheap quality wire hangers that we often got from the dry cleaners and we have been keeping them to hang our clothes without realizing how least functional could they be. We do not wonder what quality these cheap hangers might have that they are being distributed for free, and since they are for free so we keep these cheap quality hangers instead of relying on the better type of hangers like that of wood.

Why Plastic Hangers Should Not Be Used As An Option?

When it comes to the plastic hangers, at some point in life we all have to throw away these plastic hangers sat some point, not only because they may be cheap but because there are various other downsides of using the plastic hangers, some of them are;

1.They are quite fragile and compared to the wooden hanger they have a very short lifespan, by the passage of time they become weak and weary thus they would break soon, and they are so weak that one can literally consider them equal to the disposable hangers as they do not last for a very long period of time.

2.Since these plastic hangers are an option that is quite cheaper, it is very difficult to maintain the shape of the clothes while using them, since these types of hangers are cheaper in the terms of quality, they cannot bear the load of the clothes and most of the times end up bending and losing their shape, this causes the clothes to lose their shapes too. Not only does it alter the shape of the clothes but it also shortens the lifespan of clothes as well.

3.When it comes to plastic hangers, they are not preferred because another factor is that these plastic hangers are more prone to the slippage of clothes as they are a smoother surface compared to the wood that is not prone to the slippage because of not being very smooth. Especially when it comes to the specific type of clothing like silks, chiffons, and other types of soft clothing these plastic hangers are not at all suitable because eventually, the clothes would slip however in the case of the wooden hangers, they provide a little grip to such type of clothes thus they do not slip and fall.

4.These plastic hangers are a fragile option that can easily break as well, once they break, there can be sharp cuts and edges present that could damage the clothes by causing wear and tears by being stuck in those sharp edges damaging the clothes permanently. However, this is not the case when one considers using wooden hangers, as wooden hangers are a durable option, they do not easily break leading to the formation of sharp cuts and edges that could damage the clothes.

5.There is also another reason that the use of plastic hangers is not much preferred that is because these plastic hangers come in a variety of types and colors and designs, once placed in the cupboard they create quite a disorganized and an unattractive look, whereas the wooden hangers are available in the same typical wooden color thus one can have them in their cupboards creating a fully organized and a neat wardrobe.

Although these were just a few factors that make these plastic hangers an option that is least preferred there are various benefits of the wooden hangers because people prefer the use of wooden hangers more than plastic hangers, these options include their probability of not bending easily and staying stiff, unlike the plastic hangers. Also, their durability and lifespan that is quite long compared to the plastic hangers, and most importantly their ability to keep the clothes in shape for a very long period, thus they are preferred more than the plastic hangers.


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