Why Are Dog Sitters So Busy Right Now?


You may have noticed your local pet sitters and dog walking companies raising their prices and having limited availability. The question is “why?” What has changed over the past few years that we’re experiencing such a high demand for dog sitters and dog walkers? These professionals are gearing up for the busy season, so don’t wait to schedule yours if you have an upcoming trip planned!

Pet Adoption Has Risen Dramatically

During the coronavirus pandemic we’ve seen a massive rise in pet adoptions. The companionship between humans and animals carries a bond which provides mutual health benefits to both parties. The social distancing measures taken during covid as well as frequent quarantining left many feeling isolated leading them to fill the void through pets. With many full time workers retreating to positions worked from home, it’s no wonder pet ownership has become much more manageable throughout the pandemic. Americans have adopted millions of dogs during the last few years and the rise in dog ownership has contributed to high demand for dog sitters.

Dogs Aren’t Used to Being Alone.

During the rise of pet adoption, there were many dogs and even young puppies that came into a household with owners that were working from home, had more freetime due to layoffs and increasing stimulus checks so they became acclimated to this home environment where someone was seemingly always home. Many new dog owners have been able to spend the majority of their time in the company of their dogs, offering frequent bathroom breaks and meal times. This lively environment has been great for dog owners and dogs alike, but has sadly resulted in many pets who were never crate trained, lacked proper socialization and have failed to learn what the expectation is when their owner is away. Since they’ve never had to be without their people, these dogs aren’t used to being alone and can often suffer from extreme separation anxiety. Some breeds such as the Cockapoo may be more prone to this than others, so be aware of this before going on the web looking for Cockapoo puppies for sale. With covid restrictions lessening, the anxiety these pets now face can cause major issues as their owners return to work. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety may bark relentlessly, chew through furniture and other items, frantically trying to escape from puppy proofed areas. The noise can disturb neighbors and the resulting mess of an anxious dog can be a lot to clean up after on a daily basis.

Combat these major issues

To combat these major issues, many dog owners have hired dog walkers and pet sitters to take a leading role in their pet’s care while they’re away. Having someone to exercise, potty and feed your dog during the typically 8 hour work day can make a world of difference in the destructive behaviors and anxiety your dog may face while adjusting to this new “normal.” But, since so many are in need of these services at this time there’s very little availability for new clients with experienced dog walkers and pet sitters.

Travel is Becoming Common Again

With covid restrictions lifting more and more as time goes on, we’re seeing a steady rise in travel. Airports are fully booked, as many feel the itch for a good vacation, states are filling up with tourists, and many are planning holidays with family and friends. Many have booked plane rides and hotels that won’t be able to accommodate their newly adopted dogs so they’re forced to find an alternative option. Usually hiring a pet sitter, boarding their dog at a doggy daycare facility, or hiring someone to come to their home on a regular basis to care for their pets during the duration of their trip is the most convenient solution. But with pet sitters becoming busier and busier as summer begins, there’s no guarantee you’ll find anyone on short notice!

So if you’re planning on returning to work soon, or perhaps you’ve already returned to work and feel your pet needs some extra support during the day, don’t wait to book with your local pet sitter!


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