Why 2D animation company is a popular choice for marketing

2d animation company

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “2D animation company” is vintage Disney flicks. Since animation is a renowned type of entertainment, it’s commonly utilised to make animated films and comics.

However, in the realm of marketing, animation is becoming increasingly popular. Many organisations are considering employing 2D video animation in their marketing initiatives as video content becomes more popular. This is because animated videos are fun to watch and may have a big influence on viewers. They may also be rather cute. It’s no surprise that utilising animated marketing films in ads and landing pages may boost conversion rates by at least 20%.


2D animation literal definition-  2D animation is a type of conventional animation that dates back to the late 1800s. Each item within two-dimensional space only has two dimensions: height and length. One second has roughly 24 periods, and depending on the style, one second of 2D animated video might include as many as 24 distinct drawings or as little as 2.

All pictures were previously created by hand on paper, transparent acetate sheets known as “cels,” and every other plain, two-dimensional surface, making the creation process very tedious. However, these conventional methods have been supplanted by digital approaches that are much easier, quicker, and more expensive.2D graphics tools such as Adobe Animate, Adobe Photoshop, and After Effects are used to produce 2D animations. Computer applications can colour a 2D picture stored in the system that serves as a virtual “cel.” Afterwards, animators construct digital backdrops before layering “cels” over them to generate individual frames.

Let’s have a look at how a 2D animation company makes these videos- Pre-production, production, and post-production are the three primary steps of the process.

The animation team crafts an interesting tale and develops a script which will lead the visual actions throughout the pre-production stage. Designing the characters, developing a storyboard that graphically illustrates the series of movements and occurrences, picking colour palettes, preparing the backdrops, and  voice-over recording are all part of the initial phase. The animation crew combines all of the produced materials and creates the scenes throughout the production process. This technique includes a lot of phases, including backdrop painting and acting out character actions to create genuine scenes that constitute the animation video. Following the creation of a preliminary animation, it is tidied up (traced) and extra drawings are added in the middle of two frames to make it seem fluid.

After that, the sketches are coloured and painted using computer software. The animators then use several animation software tools to create backdrops, frames, and noises, as well as other essential effects, in the compositing phase. The scenario is finally rendered as a sequence of images or a video.

The ultimate editing is done at the post-production stage. Additional sound effects have been added to the animations to boost their sentimental effect on the viewers.


Popular 2D Animation Video Types-  Animation videos made by any reputed 2D animation company have become the standard in video creation these days, and we’re seeing it in movies, advertisements, and on digital media on a daily basis. By its very nature, 2D animation is a fantastic fit for a wide range of businesses and applications. The following are some of the most typical 2D animation scenarios:

  • Feature films and television programmes
  • Videos that provide information are known as infotainment videos.
  • Advertisements and videos for brands
  • Explainer videos in 2D
  • Demonstrations of products
  • Videos for training and education
  • Videos of whiteboard animation

Many firms have found that 2D animation is an effective way to raise brand recognition and promote new services or products.To educate, engage, excite, and convince the audience, the finest animation videos made by a 2D animation company employ vivid colours, dynamic character movement, and memorable content. 2D animation explainer films are the most common choice, since they assist to clarify complicated topics, goods, or services.

Many companies use 2D animation in their marketing strategies. Businesses may communicate difficult concepts to a larger range of people by animating information and utilising narrative approaches. Because the majority of the people are able to process visual information faster, animation is an excellent alternative for conveying highly technical knowledge.

You may demonstrate the worth of your goods and their advantages to specific users in real life, selling more than just the product itself, but also the enjoyment and convenience it provides to a customer’s life.

2D animated videos also are more value for money than 3D animation and real time videos since they are simpler to create. 2D animation is adaptable and can assist you express nearly any sort of message, making it a valuable resource for your business. Videos may help you connect with your target audience whether you’re utilising B2C or C2B marketing. A 2D animation company must always be included in your internet marketing strategy since it is both cost-effective and entertaining. 2D explainer animation films are a great method to simultaneously engage and enlighten your audience. They convey a powerful message and assist in converting people to consumers on your website, so contact our experts to get a video made for your business too!

Infographics are definitely something you’ve heard of. Infographic fatigue is a larger trend than infographics. Static infographics have become popular among content makers as a means to display data by converting boring statistics into a visual feast. However, in recent years, infographics have grown increasingly text-heavy, and hence aesthetically crowded. Allowing a reader to see a static infographic unattended will cause them to rush through it and overlook a lot of the information. This is worsened if the infographic is too crowded, such as with too much text or data.

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