Why 2 Carat Ring Cost Is So Expensive?

2 carat ring cost

It is indisputably true that the popularity of diamond rings is greater than their other counterparts. Couples usually demand a diamond engagement or wedding ring since the beauty of diamonds is fascinating. If you are looking for a ring, then you can prefer a 2-carat diamond ring. It will beautifully fit her finger and draw everyone’s attention towards her. Nevertheless, the 2 carat ring cost is higher, and it might wonder you to know that it is greater than 1 carat. The main reason behind it is the rare nature of a 2-carat diamond. Its availability is lower. Thus, the price is high. Though, if you want to know exactly what contributes to the high cost of this diamond, read the post carefully.

Factors that influence the diamond cost

Well, as a layman, you might not focus on the factors which determine the cost of diamonds. In layman’s language, diamond is a precious stone, so it is costly, right? But, in reality, there are several factors that contribute to determining its cost. The normal range for a 1-carat diamond varies from 2000 to 20000 dollars. This cost can vary depending on different conditions. Primarily, the cost depends upon the 4c’s of diamond that is cut, color, clarity, and carat. These factors have a considerable influence on the value of the diamond.

What are these 4c’s referred to as?


The cut of a diamond is what makes it more appealing and beautiful to look with naked eyes. Diamond will reflect the light back to your eyes when you look at this. This will happen due to its cut. It will make the diamond more captivating to the eyes.


Color also represents the quality of the diamond, thus determining its cost. The diamond, which is colorless, is the rarest and will have a huge price. Usually, you can see the diamond with light yellow and brown color. But, if you see a diamond with no colors, it would be expensive.


Clarity refers to the no inclusion internally and no blemishes externally. But, a diamond with no inclusion and blemishes is rare thus costly.


Carat directs to the weight of the diamond that can considerably determine the cost of the gem. In 1 gram of diamond, there are 5 carats. So, 1 carat diamond is usually 1/5th of the 1 gram diamond. So, a 2-carat diamond would be considered heavier than 1 carat.

The average price of a 2-carat diamond ring

After understanding the cost influencing factors, now is the time to know the average cost for a 2-carat diamond. Well, you might wonder to know that its cost ranges from 8000 to 50000 dollars which is surprisingly greater. It was mentioned earlier that the cost of a colorless, perfectly cut, and flawless diamond will be higher. So, when it comes to buying a 2-carat diamond ring, it would cost you higher.

Why 2 carat ring cost is so expensive?

Now, as per the main punch of the post, you would know why the 2-carat diamond cost is higher than 1 carat. As you can see, the carat weight of a diamond has a significant impact on the cost. A diamond becomes rarer when its size and carat weight increases. This is because it is easier to find the cutting material to cut the 1-carat diamond. But, it is far difficult to cut the 2-carat diamond; thus it becomes costlier.

As a customer, you should also understand that price-determining in diamonds is also not perceptive. This means if the price for a 1-carat diamond is 5000, then it would not be 10000 for 2 carats or 15000 for 3. But, the cost of diamonds would increase as it becomes rarer. You can understand in simple terms that if the cost for 1 carat colorless, fine cut, and with clarity diamond ring is 5000. It will be 15000 or more than the 2-carat diamond ring with the same features.

How to get a 2-carat diamond ring without much cost?

Well! The stunning characteristics and features of the 2-carat diamond would probably influence her to get this diamond. For your engagement or any other occasion like an anniversary or birthday, you can surprise her. But, what to do when you do not want to burn your pockets? The best thing that you can do is to buy a ring by choosing under 2 carats. You can even prefer to choose a ring with a 1.90-carat weight.

There is also another way to capture the impression of a 2-carat ring without spending bluntly. You can consider a diamond halo setting for your bae to let her surprise with a beautiful diamond ring. A halo ring would have a center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. It can make a modern style of an engagement ring under a reasonable budget and will also give a stunning impression. Halo diamond rings are also getting popular due to this unique feature and setting. Therefore, if the 2 carat ring cost is higher and out of your reach, then it is good to find an alternative way.

How to find a 2-carat diamond ring?

As mentioned earlier that investing in a diamond ring is significant. So, it is important to get one carefully after doing thorough research. Here are some tips to follow if you want to shop for the best 2-carat ring.


It is always important to focus on the quality of the ring. Some jewelers might not have superior quality diamonds. So, they probably would not show you the class and grace of the jewelry styles you want. Therefore, it is essential to visit professional jewelers who can provide you with proper information about the diamond. The experts would be able to provide you with detailed information about the certification of diamonds.


You would surely want to prefer a ring that suits the style of your loving partner. Diamonds are available in multiple styles and shapes to consider for shopping. So, you should look at your preferences to get the best diamond ring.

The Bottom Line

Hope you have properly understood the reason behind the expensive 2 carat ring cost. If you want it, then you must also know the 4c’s to determine the price of the ring. The cost of the ring will increase as the carat weight increases. So, there is nothing to be confused with the size of the ring. You can visit a jeweler if you are confused about size and carat. It will help you get proper clarity to make an informed buying decision for a 2-carat diamond ring.


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