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No matter how many necklaces you have, no matter how interesting souls they have, you will find that the name necklace is always the most irreplaceable one in the jewelry box. Fashion accessories that are popular every year are constantly changing, but name necklaces are always in trend. Wholesale name necklaces in the jewelry world are just like white short-sleeves and jeans in the fashion industry, it is an eternal classic. When you have a name necklace with a distinctive personality, you will become the most fashionable and unique existence in the crowd after wearing it.

If you are interested, please read on and learn more about the world of personalized name necklaces!

  1. Classic Name Necklaces Legend

    Name necklaces decorated with letters have a long history in Western countries. In the 16th century, when the alphabet necklace was first worn, in the classic portrait of Anne Boleyn, the mother of Queen Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, she wore a delicately crafted letter “B” pendant necklace, which looked Especially gentle and noble.

    The rise of early name necklaces mainly came from the private customization of nobles. Customers can make unique necklaces for themselves by customizing their names or the abbreviations of their favorite letters. Anne Boleyn’s alphabet necklace was inspired by her initial “B”. Later, with the development of time, in addition to decorative necklaces, other jewelry accessories will often use letter elements.

  2. Name Necklaces Become Popular

    When you talk about name necklaces, you may still think of a person. This is the British Princess Diana (Diana Spencer), she is the global weather vane in the 1980s and 1990s, and is also the fashion leader that has stood out so far. Therefore, people in the fashion industry often copy “Diana style” clothing. When we see her picture, we will find that she has a “letter D” pendant gold necklace. It is more fashionable to wear a gold necklace instead of the name gold necklace. She brought the name necklace into the fashion circle. She is a fashion icon that everyone can learn from!

    The so-called reincarnation of fashion is constantly changing. In recent years, the name necklace is no longer exclusive to the nobles but has become very popular, and basically, every woman has it. All-diamond name necklaces worn by rap and hip-hop singers and various stacked name necklaces are worn by fashion bloggers on the INS platform. They all brought the “letter” element into the public eye.

  3. Advantages of Name Necklaces

    The name necklace is fashionable and goes well with any clothes. No matter what kind of looks, as long as they are embellished with fashionable name necklaces, they will appear more advanced. At the same time, the name necklace also has a unique style. As a must-have name necklace, it can further differentiate from other necklace details to reflect your unique temperament, highlight your personality and taste.

    Finally, like a jewel to accompany you for a long time, it should be classic and durable no matter how many years have passed, and will never be outdated. The name necklace achieves these advantages, and I believe it is definitely a piece of jewelry that you will love more and more. Wearing a name necklace, you will be the most individual and exquisite woman in the crowd.

  4. Letter Pendant Name Necklaces

    The name necklace consisting of a single letter pendant is the most classic style. It looks smaller and simpler, so there are no restrictions on the matching of clothes, you can match it with many clothes as you like. In addition to being worn on daily occasions, it can also be worn in workplaces, travel and other occasions. Wearing a necklace with your own letters will increase your confidence a lot!

    If you feel that just a small letter name necklace is not enough to express your personality, you can also wear two necklaces with different letters on top of each other. Such a combination will not look too exaggerated, but also wear a sense of layering. You can also wear an exaggerated large letter pendant name necklace. The oversized letter pendant can make you full of French romance and fashion.

  5. Phrase Letter Name Necklaces

    Compared with single-letter pendants, word and phrase-style name necklaces are more selective and have a stronger decorative effect. Even if you wear simple style clothes, they can play a good role in embellishment. Moreover, the chain of the phrase name necklace is usually longer. If it happens to be a separate and stacked letter pendant design, it is very suitable for matching with an off-shoulder top to show your beautiful and slender neck line.

    Another kind of name necklace with a compact stacking design of letter pendants appeared earlier and more classic than the necklace with a separate stacking design of letter pendants. Many big-name stars and models have worn this type of necklace. Whether you want to wear an evening dress to attend a banquet or wear a V-neck top to go shopping, as long as you wear them as a collocation, you can make your outfit more advanced.

  6. Unique Coin Name Necklaces

    What is one of the most popular styles of all fashion jewelry in recent years? It must be a name necklace with a coin pendant. The coin pendant has a strong retro atmosphere, which is very suitable for women who love beauty to create a casual and fashionable temperament. The coin pendant has also become the best match for the necklace stacking style. It will look very design sense to match a simple chain with a coin.

    If you don’t like the more complicated style of stacking coin name necklaces, you can also choose a single exquisite and compact coin necklace. This style of necklace is more suitable for women who like a low-key style. When matching, you can wear a black sling top, and then wear a gold or silver coin name necklace that suits you according to your skin color. This combination will give people have a very casual and comfortable feeling.

  7. Name Necklace Selection Tips

    The name necklace can be made into several styles of different lengths. For example, it can be made into Choker or a pendant necklace, or it can be made into a Y-shaped long necklace. Comparing these styles, the pendant necklace is the most practical style among them, and it is also the most chosen one. In terms of length, necklaces from 17 inches to 21 inches are the most suitable for matching. Whether it is worn alone or stacked, it can add the finishing touch to your appearance.

    Finally, from the perspective of color, light golden yellow is the best choice. The name necklace with the thick chain is a bit cooler, and the name necklace with the thin chain is more delicate and sexy. But the point is still to choose according to your hobbies.

In many cases, please do not underestimate the importance of a necklace. A small necklace usually hides a lot of fashion knowledge. Only after you understand this knowledge can you better carry out exquisite appearance matching. If you do not have a name necklace of your own or want more wholesale name necklaces. You can always visit our OOK JEWELRY online store to browse. I hope you can find your favorite necklace here!

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