Which ways come in front to rectify urinary incontinence problem?

urine leakage treatment

Define urinary incontinence.

The issue of urinary incontinence happens accidentally when due to internal problems, you may develop the case of urine leakage. It is not a big deal if you will experience this condition once or twice. If you often experience this condition, opt for the urine leakage treatment in Ludhiana. Any person can experience this condition, whether a teenager or an adult, but it is commonly found in masses who are in their 60s. Some individuals call it an overactive bladder. Women are more likely to affect by this condition due to their little control of the bladder.

The best gastro doctor in Ludhiana suggests that if you are determined that your urine starts leaking frequently, you must visit your nearest doctor and share your whole problem. For how long time it has been happening to you? Does it occur when you eat something strange? After these questions, your doctor will send you for required tests to know about the actual root cause of this problem. They can also send you the following identifications:

  • Postvoid residual measurement:

Here, you have to produce your urine in a specific container so that your urinary tract expert will investigate the leftover urine in the bladder under the ultrasound test by putting a catheter (glass tube) into your bladder. If your doctor found a heavy amount of urine left in your bladder, it means there is an issue in your urinary tract or bladder nerves.

  • Urinalysis:

You are asked to give a urine sample for the identification of traces of blood, any infection, and other abnormalities that cause this leakage.

  • Bladder diary:

Under this test, the ability of urine production will identify. For this, you must consume sufficient water, and then your doctor investigates the actual amount of urine as per your drunk water. It will also identify the need to urinate and other incontinence episodes.

How to treat urine leakage?

Non-surgical treatment:

The cure for this condition relies on its actual root cause and the kind of incontinence. Thus, it may require more than one cure option because our urine pipe is lined with many organs such as kidneys, bladder, etcetera. To commence any treatment, your urinary tract expert first performs the required tests to explore the actual root cause behind your urine leakage. You may have to go for surgical treatment if your problem is not correct with oral injections and medications. Such as Anticholinergics (tolterodine (Detrol), solifenacin (Vesicare), darifenacin (Enablex), and fesoterodine (Toviaz), and Mirabegron (Myrbetriq) etcetera.

Surgical treatment:

When all the non-surgical methods fail to overcome or stop your urine leakage, your doctor will send you for a surgical procedure. As our urinary tract system is a little complicated, it may need more than one surgery to correct your issue of urine leakage. You may send for the following surgeries:

  • Vaginal mesh surgery (tape surgery)

  • Sling surgery

  • Artificial urinary sphincter

  • colposuspension

  • Urethral bulking agents


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