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It’s hard to discern how genuine they are. When I chose to try Cirkul, I knew I wanted to give an unbiased review that would help people decide if it was actually worth it. This post covers all you need to know about the product, including my personal experience with it.

What is Cirkul?

Cirkul is an innovative water bottle system that employs flavour cartridges (called Sips) to provide variety to plain water. The Sip design provides the option of flavour intensities ranging from 0 (water) to 10. (unbearably full flavored).

More than 40 of their varieties are calorie-free, and they use “natural flavours” plus Stevia or sucralose (Splenda) for sweetness, or they’re unsweetened.

  1. There are now six types of Sips, each with its own set of characteristics.
  2. Vitamin B-Fortified Life Sips
  3. Electrolyte-enhanced Fit Sips
  4. Caffeine-fortified Gossips
  5. Sugar-free Puresis.
  6. Teacup’s: Tea flavored with caffeine
  7. Brew Sips: Coffee sweetened with caffeine

According to the official website.

Each Sip can be used for up to six refills of a standard bottle’s worth of water before it needs to be replaced. Sip beverages retain their flavour for up to 10 days after opening, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavours without worrying about waste.

Given that the Sips have no calories, the system was promoted as a way to boost water consumption and decrease intake of sugary beverages.

Placing an Order and Receiving the Goods

I placed my order directly on the Cirkul website and had a quick and secure ordering process. I chose 22 oz. squeeze bottle and six different Sips.

Both glass and plastic bottles are available, as well as a variety of sizes. The website sells complementary items, such as a storage box for open Sips, a variety of coloured lids, and a chill sleeve.

In total, it took 11 days to get to my house after.

I placed my order, six of which were spent in transit. That’s not exactly lightning-fast delivery, but I’d heard lots of people were waiting a long time for their packages, so I wasn’t expecting mine until much later. Unpacking and Sample Testing

My order was fulfilled successfully, and the delivery came undamaged. I couldn’t wait to find out for myself what all the fuss was about, so I dove straight in.

The Best in Both Quality and Style.

The 22-ounce squeeze bottle is manufactured from BPA-free plastic and can be cleaned in the dishwasher’s top rack.

The Sip cartridge fits into a huge hole (a “cirkul”) in the top of the container, and the handle doubles as a way to keep the top of the container in place while the Sip cartridge is in use. If you already have a wide-mouth water bottle that you enjoy, you can use this lid with it, which is quite nice.

A separate spout and taste control knob are provided for each drink. The dial worked perfectly in all six of my Sips, allowing me to adjust the flavor intensity from zero (water) to maximum.

What I enjoyed about the Sips was how simple it was to swap different flavors throughout the week.

Water bubbles up at the mouth and occasionally runs over the edge of the bottle because the sipping nozzle releases air between drinks. If this happens, the company recommends that you maintain drinking from the bottle until the water in the Sip cartridge is gone.

As recommended on their website.

Water didn’t stay cold for long in my squeeze bottle, so I suggest investing in a chill sleeve for plastic bottles or going all out on an insulated stainless steel one.

For me, a flavor intensity of 4 or 5 on the Sip scale lasted for around five refills of a 22-ounce bottle. Each Sip cartridge costs roughly $4, so at that rate, each refill will cost about $0.80. If you often spend more on beverages like coffee or soda, then that’s actually a pretty good deal.

At last, the answer to the question everyone has been pondering… What do you think of the taste?

I’ve tasted a lot of different flavors, and here are my impressions of each:

Flavored Fit Sip (with Electrolytes) in a tropical blast flavor

I thought this was one of the best tastes available. Pineapple was the primary flavour, with orange and coconut providing supporting roles. The higher flavour settings were excessively sugary, which is not my preference, so I kept the dial around 4 or 5.

Although the sucralose utilised in this Sip wasn’t overpoweringly tasteful, it did leave a slightly unpleasant film on the back of my throat after a few sips. It could have been the sugar substitute, or maybe it was the other ingredients. In any case, I enjoyed the taste and finished up this Sip.

Flavored Pure Sip (Unsweetened) with a Peach Aftertaste.

  • Surprisingly, the flavor of this Sip reminded me of peach-flavored water. After turning the dial past the midpoint, the peach flavor faded and was replaced by a bitter aftertaste.
  • If you’re not a fan of strong tastes, Puresis is a good alternative to the sweetened flavors.
  • Plus, they don’t contain any artificial sweeteners, which is a big selling point for me.
  • Savour the Rich Mocha Flavour of Iced Coffee with a Splash of Cream and Sugar.
  • I disliked it the worst of all of them.
  • I was hoping to enjoy it because coffee and mocha are two of my favourite things.
  • I was ultimately disappointed.
  • Incredibly, the coffee flavour was nearly undetectable.
  • A lot like Nesquik, it had a great chocolate flavour, but the artificial sweetener was overpowering.
  • The end result was something that was just too sweet to enjoy.
  • I won’t be able to drink this entire Sip.
  • Among the tastes I sampled, this was my favorite by far.
  • It tastes very similar to orange Gatorade, which is to say, very good.
  • The artificial sweetener was barely detectable. 

Because of how much.

I like the Fit Sips with added electrolytes throughout my workouts, it is probably the variety I will stock up on next time. I don’t plan on using the Cirkul system often because I try to restrict my intake of artificial sweeteners and chemical flavorings.

The flavors in Cirkul are decent if you don’t mind the use of artificial sweeteners, and the drink itself seems to be of decent quality. If you’re looking to drink more water or cut back on sugary drinks, I think Cirkul is a good option at a reasonable price.

Those who don’t mind drinking plain water and make sure to drink enough of it should definitely avoid this product. General Opinion of Circulate
For what it’s worth, I think this product lives up to its promise of encouraging users to use more water. In the end, I drank more water than usual, and I found myself reaching for refills more frequently. They have a wide variety of flavors and sweeteners, so there’s bound to be something that appeals to everyone. This Sip used sucralose, an artificial sweetener that wasn’t very discernible in the taste but left an unpleasant coating in the back of my throat after a few sips. It could have been the sugar substitute, or maybe it was the other ingredients. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the taste and drank this Sip to the last drop.

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