Where to stay in Ladakh for 5 days and 4 nights


Arrive at Leh, A representative of Wisdom will meet you in Leh, help you, and then take you to your hotel. The remainder of the day is at your leisure to allow you to acclimate to the high altitude.

Experience the breathtaking scenery of the world’s highest motorable road and India’s coldest desert. Their five-day Leh Ladakh trip packages will allow you to see the region’s spectacular landscapes, historic landmarks, and the unique adventure of riding a camel across the white dunes. Get your fill of adrenaline by backpacking some of the world’s most exciting trails.

The first day involves Flights to Bangalore from USA traveling to Leh and spending the day there acclimating to the low temperatures and high altitudes. Explore Leh Palace and Shanti Stupa till late.

The next day, you’ll go to Sham Valley to see the hall of fame, SECMOL, the junction of the Zanskar and Indus rivers, and go rafting on the Zanskar. Pray at Gurudwara Pathar sahib and take in the panoramic vistas from the hill’s magnetic vantage point.

On day three of your vacation, visit Hundar on the way to Nubra Valley. While at Hundar, take a camel ride through the beautiful dunes and then retire to your campground for the night. Visit Dikshit Monastery if you have time, and then call it a night.

On day four, you’ll visit Pangong Lake and have the rest of the day at your own pace before heading back to the campground for the night.

You’ll be taken back to Leh and dropped off at the airport on your last day of travel.

Day 1

Travel to Leh

  • Upon arrival in Leh, a representative will be there to greet you and drive you to the hotel where your 5-day Leh Ladakh tour package is.
  • Come inside the hotel and relax for a while. You may rest up and adjust to the higher altitude, then go out and see what the area offers.
  • Visit Shanti Stupa and Leh Palace to enjoy the stunning scenery and watch the sun go down.
  • On the walk back to the hotel, stop at the local market to shop and have some delicious street cuisines.

Day 2

Taking a look around Sham Valley

  • Following breakfast, you will begin your five-day Leh Ladakh tour package by traveling to Sham Valley.
  • The hall of fame is their first destination, followed by the point where the Zanskar River and the Indus River meet. The point where the cold Zanskar brook meets the warmer Indus is a breathtaking sight.
  • The next stop on your tour will be at SECMOL, and the institution made famous by the hit film 3 Idiots.
  • Stop at Gurudwara Pathar sahib on the route to the magnetic hill.
  • Spend the day rafting on the Zanskar River, the world’s highest river rafting destination, and then retire for the night.

Day 3

Journey via the Khardung La Pass to the Nubra Valley

  • Follow the directions below to reach Nubra Valley through the world’s highest motorable road (Khardung La Pass) after breakfast.
  • On the way, halt at Hundar to ride a camel through the pristine dunes as per the five-day Leh Ladakh trip package you purchased.
  • After arriving at Nubra, it’s time to settle for the night at the campground.
  • You may go to Dikshit Monastery if you aren’t too weary. Proceed back to your accommodation for the night.

Day 4

Taking the Shyok Valley Route to Pangong

  • Have a hearty breakfast before setting off on your journey to Pangong Lake.
  • Pangong Lake, which straddles the border between India and China, is well-known for its stunning location and iridescent waters.
  • Indulge in a day of leisurely lakeside pursuits before returning to your campground for the night.

Day 5

Leaving Pangong for Leh

  • Today, you should get ready to return to Leh after a hearty breakfast.
  • Chang La Pass is one of the landmarks you’ll be passing over on your journey. The monasteries of Thiksey Gompa and Shey Gompa are accessible detour options.
  • At the end of your five days in Leh Ladakh, they will take you to the airport with fond recollections of your trip.

Travel Via Air

Most importantly, know that getting to Leh will need taking a plane. In no world can you turn this into a road trip. The highways from Manali to Leh and Srinagar to Leh would be closed. You will fly to Leh and spend the following five days exploring the area.

Preparing for Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is the second major issue. The best ways to prevent acute mountain sickness (AMS) are a gradual ascent and plenty of rest. But you’ll get the opposite effect from a 5-day trip to Ladakh.

Before anything else, you’ll fly to Leh, which will cause an immediate ascent in elevation. Then, you’ll be hurrying about for most of your vacation to see as much as possible, which might lead to altitude sickness.

Prepare for Permits Ahead of Time

The first day of your trip to Leh town will go more smoothly if you take care of a few details before you even get there. It will include making hotel and transportation reservations and coordinating Inner line permits.

You could contact a few hotels in Leh to determine whether they can secure the necessary licenses for your stay. There are some hotels in Leh that provide this for an additional fee. Assuming the hotel is on board, you may reserve a room by sending a scan of your ID, paying by wire transfer, and confirming your reservation.

If you do not go through that, you may just apply for the permission online and print it off. The DC office in Leh is where you’ll need to go to have it stamped. This regulation was suspended in 2021 due to the COVID outbreak, although it might in subsequent years.

Get Transportation Setup

The second order of business is to call a cab instead of riding a motorbike. If you have altitude sickness, maneuvering your motorbike will be much more challenging.

Prearrange a cab to pick you up at the airport and drop you off at the hotel. You may sleep in and let the AMS symptoms decrease while your permits are taken care of.


Can you see everything in Ladakh in 5 days? You’ll focus just on the world’s most well-known tourist hotspots. Don’t worry; you’ll still have plenty of time to explore Ladakh, learn about its fascinating history and culture, try exciting new activities, and take many breathtaking photographs.

But they can’t go to Changthang valley or Hanle or highways that go to Leh since they are too far from civilization.

The Price of the Vacation

The total price of the trip is the last consideration. Truth be told, unless you obtained an excellent price on plane tickets and are going to a party of five or six, you won’t have many opportunities to make this a low-cost vacation. Time constraints prevent you from relying on public transportation, and the hassle of hiring a motorbike might also be a problem.

If you’re stuck in Ladakh, your best bet is to hire a private cab, but be prepared to pay a hefty price. If you’re not Direct flights to chennai from usa traveling with others and can’t divide the taxi fare, you could have to cut quite a few expenses to afford a five-day trip to Ladakh.


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