Where to Invest in Dubai Properties: Best Lucrative Dubai Areas

Where to Invest in Dubai Properties-Best Lucrative Dubai Areas

Where to Invest in Dubai Properties: Dubai has come far from being a barren desert and its sky rise buildings, elitist infrastructures and luxurious communities are a stark proof of Dubai’s efforts in making itself one of the best cities of the world to live in. Each area in this exotic emirate has its own unique characteristics which define its individual investment capacity, nature and returns along with other beneficial elements.

Therefore today, Binayah will bring up its thoughtfully curated list on the best areas in Dubai for property investment. As investing in Dubai properties is always a good choice, the question is where to invest in this regard? So, let us dive in to the list of some most promising areas of Dubai which poise great yields and huge return on investments, and are of course, favorite of the investment connoisseurs.

Best Areas in Dubai for property investment

1. Palm Jumeirah

This astounding man-made development in Dubai is naturally the first and perfect choice for investment in Dubai’s property because it comes with the promise of successful and huge returns. Secondly, The Palm’s eclectic projects and premium location makes it one of the most sought-out destinations in Dubai. Therefore, Palm Jumeirah is a powerful first entrant in the list of best areas in Dubai for property investment. This real estate haven offers exquisite villas and apartments for sale which come in unmatched taste regarding style, design and built.

Visit our website to know more about the prices and other details of the beautiful properties for sale in Palm Jumeirah.

2. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is also investment-rich in this regard and therefore, the strong second entrant in the list of best areas in Dubai for property investment. It offers a splendid experience of beachfront living, with its exquisite apartments and pavilion villas.

Furthermore, the numerous and high-end options for retail, dining and entertainment provides more value to the properties for sale in Dubai Marina. The area is ripe with opportunities and is the best for long-term investments. To know more about the apartments and villas for sale in Dubai Marina, visit our website.

3. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the home to world’s tallest building and some of the hottest properties in Dubai. With that said, Downtown Dubai is termed as the “Centre of Now” and is therefore, another great pick in terms of best areas in Dubai for property investment. It also houses the Dubai Mall and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

It also hosts a ton of luxury amenities and its sky rise buildings provide the best apartment units in the main hub of Downtown. Naturally, the value for the apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai has gained a lot of value and demand over time and that is why, they are a constant favorite of investors. Downtown Dubai provides a lifestyle with a hint of exclusivity and class.

4. Arabian Ranches Dubai

Think about a quintessential villa community in Dubai? Arabian Ranches is that coveted villa and townhouse community in Dubai which provides the perfect yet idyllic setup for a complete family-centric life. The longevity of the off-plan projects and secondary property market’s resurgence in this area has shown an increased interest in its properties over time.

The villas and townhouses come in 1-5 bedroom units and offer a ton of modern urban amenities. The community also enjoys premium yet strategic location which keeps it connected with the main hubs of the city. Due to these strong factors, Arabian Ranches has made it to the list of best areas in Dubai for property investment. To know more about the villas and townhouses for sale in Arabian Ranches, visit our website.

apartments for sale in dubai

Dubai’s Real Estate Market’s shift towards the Seller’s Market

The recent scenario of Dubai’s real estate market showcases growth and a dynamic transition to the seller’s market largely because of the exceeding of buyer enquiries than the existing and new supply. Property Pundits state that this ratio have been disturbed by the buyer enquiries outnumbering the new supply despite the pandemic-enforced slowdown.

Property Consultancy company, Allsopp and Allsopp states in this regard, “Ready properties of high quality finishes that are kept well are in high demand and with so much competition form buyers at the moment, we are seeing undersupply issues leading to property price increases.”

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Dubai stands in the midst of seller’s market in accordance with the, Allsopp and Allsopp’s current ratio of buyer enquiries to new properties which stand at 8:1.

An analyst from Allsopp and Allsopp said, “Buyers don’t have a lot of options in the market and urgency is being shown as prices are on the increase and have been doing so for the last few months. They are signing on the dotted line a lot quicker than they previously would have through fear of missing out on the properties they like.”

The CEO of Allsopp and Allsopp elaborated in this regard, “If you go back a year and a half we were trying to convince buyers to look at properties as Dubai was in a buyers’ market. They were not keen to view as there was so much supply and with the supply comes less urgency. If the property they liked was sold, they would find another similar property. However, we are not seeing multiple buyers for one property as there is little supply, therefore creating urgency, and at times, driving the pace upwards by means of outbidding each other.”

The company revealed that it has a waiting list of buyers for some particular properties in Dubai. This shows that these properties have a high demand and are selling prior to their listing on property portals like houza.com.

In this case, the real estate brokerage reported a record-shattering revenue generation for the month of January 2021. This stands the highest than any other month in the company’s 13-year long history. The buyers of today are seeking help of e-loans which enables them to take one step forward on the property ladder.

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Allsopp and Allsopp also reported that the buyers are willing to pay more today for the property they like with only few of them waiting on the right properties to become available that fall in their budget. The report concluded on the note of Dubai property’s market dynamic shift towards the seller’s market.

How Binayah Real Estate Dubai can help in this regard?

It is a full-service real estate agency which was established in 2007 and has a brag worthy portfolio of working with Dubai’s most prominent developers like EMAAR, DAMAC and Nakheel. The team at Binayah Real Estate Dubai has in-depth knowledge of everything pertaining to Dubai properties.

Furthermore, it has offices in Muscat and London as well where its multilingual and expert property consultants are dispensing their services in this regard. The company offers a variety of services like asset and property management, sales and real estate brokerage services. In addition to property management services Dubai, the company also aids in marketing, tenant management, finance management, maintenance and dispute solutions.

Binayah Real Estate Company Dubai is adept in proving the best of tenant management services in Dubai and also provides complete information about the individual rules set by the Dubai’s top neighborhoods in this regard.

To know more about the properties for rent in Dubai in general and the luxury apartments for rent along with luxury villas for rent please visit our website or call us at 0800-BINAYAH. There is also detailed info on properties that fall in the list of buying real estate with cryptocurrency or Dubai property for sale with bitcoin.

To get a full account on these areas and their current properties for sale, please visit our website where you can get in touch with one of our consultants, or call us at 0800-BINAYAH.




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