Where To Find Canvas Prints in Canada

canvas prints in Canada

Where To Find Canvas Prints in Canada

Around the globe, Canada’s known for hockey, cold winters, poutine, and maple syrup. When it comes to landmass, Canada’s the largest country in North America and the second-largest country in the world.

Despite its size, Canada has a modest population, with most Canadians residing within a few hundred miles of the U.S. border. Whether you live near the U.S. border or farther north, you may be looking for a place to buy canvas prints. Read on to learn where to find custom canvas prints in Canada, other types of prints you can order, and how you can use custom prints to add a personal touch to any space.

Where can you find custom canvas prints in Canada?

Since the internet’s arrival, it’s transformed the way people conduct business and shop. In the United States, Statista reports that over 209 million Americans shopped online in 2016. As of 2021, over 72 percent of Canadians shopped online. Search engines handle the hard work when consumers search for retailers in any location, making it easy to find reputable retail outlets offering products and services online.

You can find companies selling canvas prints in Canada by searching for canvas print companies near your location. Premier canvas print companies offer professional services and make it easy to upload your photos and order premium-quality canvas prints. When you use the best canvas print services available, the prints are sent to your location when ready.

Consumers can choose between small and large prints, ranging from 8 inches by 8 inches to 56 inches by 90 inches, and choose a matte or low-luster finish. Photos are printed on premium 380 gsm poly-cotton, and you’ll receive free shipping on orders over $149 CND.

What other types of prints can you purchase?

Thrifty shoppers can opt for economical canvas prints instead of premium canvas prints. You can also consider ordering unstretched rolled prints. These prints don’t have a frame and are an ideal option if you plan to customize your frames.

Instead of canvas, you might opt to have your pictures printed on metal or wood. Metal prints are a great option to complement a rustic or industrial design aesthetic. Images are printed on premium-grade metal panels, ensuring superb picture quality. If you opt for brushed metal prints, your images will be printed on textured metal. Brushed metal prints are an excellent option for turning photos into artwork.

Wood prints are an excellent choice for a country home aesthetic or someone who wants to add warm tones to their decor. Wood prints have a low-luster finish, and the panel sizes range from 8 inches by 8 inches to 30 inches by 40 inches. Wood prints have keyhole slots on the back of the maple panel, making it easy to hang them on your walls. You can opt to add a floater frame to any wood prints you order.

You can also order acrylic prints with either a high-definition or high-gloss finish. Choose between matte, satin, poster, and peel-and-stick when ordering photo prints.

How can you use custom prints as decor?

Custom prints are an excellent option for home decor. You can order multiple images in various sizes to create a photo collage for your living room, bedroom, or den. You can also order split canvas prints and spread one image over three panels.

Canvas, wood, acrylic, and metal prints are all excellent options if you’re looking for ways to personalize your business. You can turn your favorite landscapes into featured art in a salon or shop. Since you can add text to your images, you can also create inspirational artwork you can display throughout your home or office.

You can order custom canvas prints in Canada online. Canvas prints come in various sizes and finishes, and consumers can also consider metal or wood prints.


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