Where can I get vegan food in the UK?

vegetarian food

No matter your financial situation, vegetarian food has never been simpler. Eating vegan means no animal was harmed in the production of your food. You can find delectable animal-friendly options practically anyplace you buy, from vegan protein and plant-based milk to sweets and prepared dinners.

vegetarian food

We’ve compiled a list of tips for locating vegan cuisine at some of the best supermarkets in the UK. These shops all offer a wide selection of vegan-friendly plant-based foods that include fruit, vegetables, beans, rice and other grains, pasta sauces, cereals, and much more. So you can order food online because there are so many food shops in London. Vegan food in London is very popular.




Aldi’s Plant Menu vegan line offers a variety of vegan curries, yogurts, meats, and ready meals at a great price. If you’re unsure of where to begin, we suggest the Meat-Free Hot Dogs and No Chicken Masala, both of which have won PETA Vegan Food Awards! Or why not prepare a vegan version of a beloved family dish like lasagna or cottage pie using vegan mince from Plant Menu and some fresh vegetables?




Vegans now have a wide selection of meals to choose. From, starting at a remarkably low price of only £1, thanks to the debut of ASDA’s cheap Plant Based line. Try the meatless tiny eggs, vegetarian burgers, meatless sausage buns. And it’s roasted veg and hummus pizza for summer barbecues and picnics. The chicken-style burgers, vegetarian fingers, and meatless chicken nuggets are ideal for kids. While the spaghetti bolognese and its Sweet Potato Katsu Curry make quick, filling evenings.


Violife dairy-free cheese slices, Chicago Town vegan pizzas, Sacla vegan sauces, vegan goods from Quorn, Squeaky Bean, and Meatless Farm, as well as an incredible variety of animal-free snacks, are just a few of the fantastic brands that ASDA carries.




Vegans have long considered the packs of jam and custard doughnuts in the bakery section of Co-op to be cult favorites. The supermarket’s all-vegan GRO line, winner of the PETA Vegan Food Award, provides solutions that are practical, affordable, and delectable. Try the Slow Roasted Tomato & Veg Pasta Salad or the Falafel and Hummus Wrap for a filling lunch, and for supper, choose the mushroom and spinach Wellington, spicy bean burgers, or the Meatball Marinara Linguine. Don’t miss GRO’s dark chocolate chunk cookies or chocolate orange rocky road for some incredibly chocolatey goodies.

order food



The PETA Vegan Food Award winner Oumph!, any vitamins or supplements you might need, as well as a choice of dairy-free chocolates, whole grains, nuts, and meat substitutes and ready meals are all available at Holland & Barrett, which isn’t a supermarket.


Look for THIS bacon rashers and Fry’s soy and quinoa wellington for some savory treats. Try the LoveRaw peanut butter cups (they are palm oil-free!) and the own-brand dairy-free ice creams if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat.




With products that are adaptable, affordable, and devoid of animal cruelty, Iceland boasts one of the largest vegan frozen choices in the UK. Check out the No Bull, No Chick, No Duck, and No Porkies items from the No Meat Company. These products won a PETA Vegan Food Award for being both delicious and kind to animals. For those of our fellow Greggs fans. Iceland is now the only place to purchase boxes of the bakery chain’s frozen vegan steak bakes and vegan sausage rolls!


Also there are so many online food shops where you can order any kind of food.




We adore Lidl’s Too Good To Waste program. Which allows customers to purchase a 5 kg package of fruit and vegetables. It would otherwise be thrown away for just £1.50.

Pick up a Lidl vegetable box and some vegan meats from the retailer’s Vemondo line for a healthy and economical lunch. Little ones will adore Lidl’s Vemondo vegan fish fingers and nuggets. While for time-pressed adults, we suggest ready meals like its Vegan Medaglioni, gnocchi, or pizza.

Benefits of Shopping for Groceries Online

  • Convenience combined with time savings
  • Apps for shopping on the go, whether at work or on the bus
  • Reordering frequently purchased items is simple.
  • You can find a lot of foreign countries’ traditional foods online by shopping online

What about the last one, in the UK there are so many people who came from another country for living and sometimes they need their hometown food. For instance, Armenian food shops in London are online. You can order Armenian food online and feel at home. Besides Armenian food in London, there is so many other countries’ food like Arabian, Indian, Russian, etc.

If you want to browse the aisles slowly in search of something to spark your culinary imagination, online grocery shopping may not be for you.

If the notion of herding your children through inconveniently situated candy displays while attempting to guide a determinedly errant shopping trolley fills you with dread.
Online grocery shopping is definitely the best option.

Not to mention that you’ll save an hour or two of your valuable time.

You can have your groceries selected and delivered to your house at a time that is convenient for you by just utilizing your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The shopping procedure is made incredibly simple, owing to the fact that you can search as broadly or as narrowly as you like.
All of these services have iOS and Android applications.
So you can shop at work, on the bus, or while binge-watching a Netflix box set on your couch.

The running total assists you in keeping track of costs as you add goods. Almost every service includes a ‘favorites’ list, which you can create manually or automatically by picking goods you buy frequently. Even better, companies often let you immediately load your basket with previous purchases, making editing and reordering a breeze.

vegetarian food

Which online supermarket is the most reliable?

The best option for you may be determined by where you reside. The availability of delivery slots will vary, and in extremely crowded locations.
You may still be unable to acquire a slot for a few weeks.

Deliveries are normally scheduled in two-hour increments. So you won’t have to wait all day wondering when your roast chicken will come.

The cost of these slots varies, with more popular ones costing more, but you could expect to pay roughly £4-5 on average.

Most supermarkets have a program where you pay a monthly or annual subscription and then enjoy unlimited deliveries.

In some situations, you can also use a click-and-collect service, which allows you to schedule a two-hour visit to a branch to pick up your purchases. As a result of the pandemic, several companies, like Tesco, have expanded their collection choices to warehouses that aren’t ordinarily exposed to the public.


  • There is no minimum spend (but there is a £4 minimum basket charge).
  • A good selection
  • Clubcard holders receive discounts.

Tesco isn’t the cheapest online grocery store, but it is one of the most versatile. There is no minimum order value, but orders under £25 are subject to a £4 basket charge.

As expected, Asda’s internet prices are as low as they are in-store. So, if you’re searching for a good deal as well as convenience, Asda might be the place to go.

The selection is excellent, and the app is simple to use, with special offers and recipes.

Although there is no minimum spend, orders under £40 will


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