WhatsApp GB is busy with netizens, what is it?

whatsapp gb

The appearance of the WhatsApp GB (WA GB) application is a hot topic of conversation on the Twitter social media timeline, netizens consider the Whatsapp GB application to potentially violate the privacy of its users.

In fact, the GB WA application can see the status and chat of other deleted users to change the theme. WA GB itself is known to be not an application developed by WhatsApp.

However, in reality the messaging application was created by a third party developer who used an illegal programming interface to run on WhatsApp’s infrastructure. Because it is considered illegal, the use of this modified WhatsApp has also been banned by the official owner of the application.

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Everyone is talking about Whatsapp GB


“Unsupported applications, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or applications that claim to be able to move your WhatsApp chats between phones, are modified versions of WhatsApp. This unofficial messaging application was developed by a third party and violates our Terms of Service. WhatsApp does not support applications. this third party because we were unable to validate its security practices, “WhatsApp was quoted as saying on its official website, Wednesday (3/2/2021).

In addition, in this case WhatsApp also states that it will block the account temporarily, if it is caught using a version of WhatsApp that is not an official application such as WA GB.

If later the user does not switch to the official application after being temporarily blocked, it is possible that the account will be permanently blocked using WhatsApp.

The WA GB application itself is known to have features that are cooler than the original. However, there are other risks involved behind this modified WhatsApp application that you may need to know about.

It is even believed that the messages that WA GB users might share are not secure and there is no guarantee that no one else will read the message because they have to go through a third-party server, not from WhatsApp directly which uses end-to-end encryption.

While the WA Gb application can also allow devices to be attacked by malware and spyware that can steal users’ personal data. WhatsApp mods like WA GB are illegal, so they are not available on the Google Play Store which has protection to ensure the security of applications installed on the device. (MDS)

Get to know more about GB WhatsApp on your Android

The WhatsApp application is not only from the official WhatsApp, but there are many WhatsApp mods that can be found. But for the type of WhatsApp that is the most widely used and is the GBWhatsApp Pro APK. One of the reasons why this application is in great demand is because the features offered are more complete. The features in it are indeed very interesting to pamper its users. Naturally, many Whatsapp users have started to switch to using GB WhatsApp. The more complete the features offered, the more people will be interested in using it.

What is GB Whatsapp

GBWhatsapp has been successfully developed by Official Plus by using the pseudocode provided by modWhatsapp.This has the aim so that GBWhatsApp can develop even better than before. The developer of the GBWhatsApp has added various types of interesting features for its users to enjoy. Although these features are still general in nature, the presence of additional features is able to provide extra for its users. Especially to meet the needs of chatting through GBWhatsApp. The results of the development of the developer are able to bring professional level features. While the professional level is still rarely found on other WhatsApp mods.

Features that GBWhatsapp has

Talking about features, the developer of GBWhatsApp always makes changes and innovations.
Of course this has the aim so that the number of enthusiasts from GBWhatsapp also increases. What’s more, GBWhatsApp users always want all the conveniences thanks to the features embedded in this modified Whatsapp application.

The following is a list of features that GBWhatsApp has, namely:

  • Equipped with a choice of changing the design on the call screen as many as 6 styles.
  • There are 6 style choices for users to change the design on the main screen.
  • The screen theme section has 13 style options.
  • Equipped with styles, users can change the color of the floating button or the floating button.
  • The main background section comes with several options.
  • The user can assign a name to the part of the action contained in the main view.
  • There is an option for status.
  • Users can hide all media in the gallery.
  • Has a variety of new shapes for doing action bar design.
  • There are many choices of emojis that users can use.
  • The color of the text icon can be changed automatically.
  • Conversations can be closed automatically by moving the left to right.

Menu in GBWhatsapp

Apart from offering a wide selection of interesting features compared to the official Whatsapp, GBWhatsapp also provides several menus.

This menu is only found in this WhatsApp modification application.

The following menu can be enjoyed by GB WhatsApp users:

Multi Language Menu

In the GBWhatsApp application, it does not fully provide support for the choice of Indonesian language.

But users can do other ways so they can use GBWhatsApp in Indonesian.

The trick is to make settings or preferences on the language of the cellphone.

New Description or Home Screen

In the berAnda or main screen on GBWhatsApp, users can feel it when they first open the GBWhatsApp application.

Even though the appearance is standard, when the user hides a group or contact, the hidden group or contact can be re-appeared.

The method is enough to press the WhatsApp writing section.

GBWhatsApp Mainstay Menu

There are several mainstay menus that can be felt from this GBWhatsApp, including:

  • DND Mode: to turn off the internet connection part of the GBWhatsApp application.
  • Search icon: to search for certain sentences or contacts in the chat.
  • Main menu: to create all the paths contained in the GBWhatsApp application.
  • Contact icon: the user can display a list of contacts on WhatsApp in alphabetical order.
  • Camera column: for users who want to quickly take pictures and want to share with friends who are in GBWhatsApp contacts immediately.
  • Chat column: to create a whole chat list, including chats in the group.
  • Status column: to be able to see a list of the status of all friends who are in GBWhatsApp contacts.
  • Floating Button: to quickly bring up some of the shortcuts in GBWhatsApp through certain menus contained in this application.

The advantages of GB WhatsApp Pro APK

In a modified WhatsApp application like GB WhatsApp, it is equipped with various advantages.

Through this convenience, it is able to provide a lot of convenience for the community to run this application properly. The following is a list of the advantages of the GB WhatsApp Pro application, namely:

Can Hide Online Status

The first advantage that GBWhatsApp users can feel is that they can hide their online status.

This is perfect for users who are lazy to reply to Whatsapp messages from someone.

Through this feature, GBWhatsApp users maintain their privacy as best as possible. Especially when he is lazy to reply to chat.

Hide Typing Status

When the user replies to the message, of course, there will be writing typing.

If the user doesn’t want this, you can go through GB WhatsApp. User can hide status while typing.

This is an advantage of GB WhatsApp, because other WhatsApp is not equipped with this one feature.

Can Uncheck Two

The WhatsApp application in general will check two blue ones when the message has been read.

If the user doesn’t want, you can use GB WhatsApp. Through the GBWhatsApp application, the two blue tick marks can be removed.

Through this feature, users will feel more comfortable and calm when they get messages.

Other users who send messages will assume that the chat that has been sent has not been read by the recipient.

Can Read Deleted Messages

Another advantage of the GB WhatsApp application compared to other whatsapp applications, namely being able to read deleted messages.

Some people really feel curious when the message sent to him should be deleted. Maybe because there was a writing error or for other reasons.

By using GBWhatsApp, users can see the deleted messages directly.

Of course this is an advantage of the GB WhatsApp application. So that it makes users always want to use the GB WhatsApp application compared to the official WhatsApp.

Can Change Themes Easily

The theme in the GBWhatsApp can be changed according to the needs and tastes of its users. Apart from the theme section, users can also make changes to the wallpaper.

With this, GBWhatsApp users do not feel bored and bored with its appearance. WhatsApp has provided a wide selection of themes that are very varied.

Through several features and advantages possessed by the GB WhatsApp Pro APK as explained above, it is natural that many people are interested.

Especially for official WhatsApp users who switch to using GB WhatsApp. Because considering that GB WhatsApp is considered to spoil its users more than official Whatsapp.


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