WhatsApp Dark Mode Announcement – How to Enable It?

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Light-on-dark color scheme, also called dark mode, dark theme or night mode, is a color scheme that uses light-colored text and icons on a dark background. The light-on-dark color scheme requires less energy consumption thus positively impacts the battery life. It has also become popular as light text on a dark background is easier to read on the screen and it causes less eyestrain. Dark mode if applied to any of the application results in a great soothing effect to our eyes. It is particularly very useful for the users who intend to use their smartphones or PC’s at night. Taking in view the positive impacts of dark mode WhatsApp, one of the most useful apps used for communication now days launched dark mode feature for its android users worldwide.

If you are one of the android users using the beta version then there is nothing to worry about it is much easier for you to update to the dark mode. But if you don’t have the right version the steps of getting the dark mode on your smartphone would be more elaborate. If you currently have a version number 2.20.13 or higher than that it will be an easy go to get dark mode on your phone.

WhatsApp has introduced dark mode feature for its android beta version. This feature of WhatsApp was first spotted by a blog named as WABetaInfo which tracks WhatsApp development. It is great news for the WhatsApp users as from now on it will be more fun to use their favorite app. If you want the feature on you android smartphones it will take only a few steps to accomplish your task. By following the steps below you will be able to get the dark mode on your WhatsApp right away.

As you know that currently facebook is testing dark mode for its WhatsApp which clearly define that there will be no toggle for it in the app’s regular settings. The first thing you need is to have a beta version of WhatsApp to make it work. The 2.20.13 Android beta update is needed because WhatsApp always enable features in latest updates. If you do not have the beta version than there is nothing to worry about because there is another way to install the update. You will only need to download APK for 2.20.13 and install it manually.

How to Enable The Dark Theme?

To apply dark theme in WhatsApp, first you will go to WhatsApp settings > chats. In chats you will choose the option of theme, which includes three options ‘Light’, ‘Dark’ and ‘System default’. You will choose the desired option that is the dark to change your WhatsApp into dark mode. You will see light text on the dark theme in dark mode feature contrary to the conventional dark text on the lighter background. Remember that the dark mode is only available for beta version for now.

Debate on Light and Dark Mode

There are various point of views regarding the use of light and dark mode. According to a research by a dissertation writing service, some people feel comfortable using the dark mode as they become less tired and work with more concentration for long period of time. Others may find it distracting as the light text on dark screen become flashier. Science also regards the dark mode as a better mode to human eye as it says that human eye is more used to light on dark (positive polarity). Science proves that when our eyes saw something that is on the darker themes it will take them less effort and they will easily comprehend that text. On the other hand when we see text on the light theme it creates difficulty for the eyes.

As it is a fact that we can see things more clearly and easily in dark mode but it differs from one individual to other. Some might work comfortably in dark mode while the other face problems and it is easy for them to catch up to the conventional forms. Whatever the reasons people may have for using the dark mode the WhatsApp version of dark mode is being appreciated by the users all over the world. It has brought joy among the users and they are on edge to get it in their smartphones. If you are also using WhatsApp as a tool of communication then you may find the dark mode feature and enjoy your time while communicating with other members around the globe.


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