What’s the Procedure to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202?

QuickBooks Error Code H202

QuickBooks error code H202 belongs to the H-series error codes that take place when working in multi-user mode. Multi-user mode enables multiple users to work on the shared company file on the server to make the workflow more efficient. However, when working in multi-user mode, you need to ensure that it is configured properly. If not, you are prone to receiving errors. Besides, server issues can also bring forth problems when switching to the multi-user mode. So, what to do in such a daunting situation? Read this post to get your answers.

What is QuickBooks Error code H202?

In multi-user mode, the file is stored on a server computer to be accessed by other computers connected to the network. The other computers that don’t host the company file are known as the workstations. QuickBooks error code H202 can take place when a user tries to access the QuickBooks company file from a workstation. When it arrives, it throws an error message on your screen that reads –

This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.

In addition to this error message, QuickBooks also prompts you to troubleshoot this error in the below-given manner-

Here’s how to fix this problem:

On the computer where the company file is located, open the start menu, then open QuickBooks Database Server Manager. The Database Server Manager will scan your files and restore the connection.

However, to eliminate this problem completely, you need to have its common reasons at your fingertips. Check in the next section.

Possible Reasons behind QuickBooks Error Message H202

Error H202 in QuickBooks occurs when a Desktop tries to establish a connection with the QuickBooks company file located on the server. Inability to communicate with the data file can cause error code H202 in QuickBooks to take place. Below are the main reasons behind this error: 

  • When hosting is not configured properly in QuickBooks. 

  • The server computer Firewall is blocking incoming and outgoing communication for QuickBooks due to security reasons. 

  • A conflicted DNS server can also evoke the error. 

  • QuickBooks can’t get the IP address of the server hosting the company file. 

  • Some crucial QuickBooks services, such as QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor, aren’t running on the server computer.

  • Damaged network data (.ND) file that hosts the company file to the network. 

These are some of the most common reasons why you see the QuickBooks error H202 on your screen. Eradicating these causes can fix the error.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Error H202

When error H202 occurs in QuickBooks, it shows some signs as stated in the below-given list: 

  • Lethargic QuickBooks program that freezes or stops working occasionally. 

  • You may not be able to work in multi-user mode. 

  • An error message appears on your screen along with the error code H202

  • The system becomes sluggish towards the mouse clicks or keystrokes. 

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop Error H202? 

After learning the important aspects of error, you can proceed further to perform the error resolution procedures that are explained below: 

Solution 1: Make Sure That Network Connectivity Is Intact 

First of all, you need to check your network connectivity, which is the main reason behind the problem. Perform these steps: 

  • On the erroneous computer, open the ‘Run’ window (Windows + R) in the first place.

  • Thereafter, type CMD in the box and hit the OK button. 

  • Next, ping your server from your computer.

  • To do so, type ping_server name and click the Enter key to finish.

If the response is sluggish or there is a loss of the packet, it shows that there is a persistent issue with the network that needs to get resolved to eliminate the error. 

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks File Doctor tool is a very effective tool in QuickBooks Tool Hub that can resolve the common issues related to the QuickBooks company file. For instance, if the file is damaged, this tool can determine and resolve the problem. To run this tool: 

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub from Intuit’s official website and save the downloaded file to a suitable location. 

  • Now go to the download location and open the QuickBooksTool Hub.exe file to set up the tool. 

  • Follow the on-screen instructions and agree to the terms and conditions to install the tool hub on your system.

  • Now, from within the QuickBooks Tool Hub, select Company File Issues, and it will run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. 

  • The tool will scan and resolve the common data file issues. The time can vary based on the size of the data file. 

Once done, try to check if the error is resolved by accessing the file located on the server computer. If the error continues, try the next method to fix QuickBooks error code H202

Solution 3: Resolve QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager helps in hosting the QuickBooks company file on the server computer. When not properly configured, error code H202 can take place. To fix: 

  • Go to Intuit’s official website and download QuickBooks Tool Hub. 

  • Double-click the downloaded QuickBooksTool Hub.exe file to initiate the installation. 

  • Thereafter, open the tool and select the Network Issues button. 

  • Next, choose QuickBooks Database Server Manager. You may also need to install it if required. 

  • Moving ahead, hit the Start Scan and look for the company file using the Browse button. 

  • Again, click the Start Scan and wait until the scan is completed. 

  • After that, click Close and launch QuickBooks. 

  • Finally, switch to the multi-user mode to check if the error is resolved or not. 

Ending Words! 

These are some tried and tested solutions based on the possible reasons behind error code H202. However, there are varied reasons behind the error, and it is possible that the problem persists even after following the above-given troubleshooting solutions. Reaching out to experts not only saves your time and efforts in error resolution but also prevents you from annoying data disruptions. Reach our experts and get detailed solutions on QuickBooks error H202.


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