What’s Involved in a Suicide Cleanup?

suicide cleanup

What’s Involved in a Suicide Cleanup?

One of the saddest and most sensitive things we can experience in life is the suicide of a loved one. People who suffer mental health conditions like severe depression or substance abuse may see suicide as their only remedy, and when the time comes, families are left with broken hearts and a distressing scene that needs to be restored to its original state. This is where suicide cleanup companies like Valor Technical Cleaning come into the picture.

Valor Technical Cleaning helps families go through this grieving process by cleaning up the suicide scene. They use compassionate techniques to restore the structure or room from the deceased’s remains with specialized equipment, processes, and chemicals. They clean biohazardous materials for grieving families so they can proceed with their healing processes and other arrangements.

Here are some of the more specific things that go into the suicide cleanup process.

Safety Zone

One of the first things the suicide cleanup team does after they arrive at the scene is to establish a safety zone. This safety zone will ensure the cleaning team has the appropriate amount of space to clean the hazardous material and serve as a border for others not involved in the process. During a suicide cleanup, the team may have to clean blood spills, human remains, and other biohazardous materials that are harmful to others as they may contain toxins and viruses like HIV.

Family Consultations

Another thing that suicide cleanup companies will involve is family consultations. These tragic processes are hard on everyone, and so it’s of utmost importance that these companies are equipped with counselors in case the family members are present during the cleaning process and require advice to process the situation.

The suicide cleanup professionals will ensure to use compassion and tact during the aftermath of the situation. They will be available to listen to the families’ concerns or questions regarding the process, their loved ones’ remains, and the status of the cleanup. The company will be sure to address each of their concerns in a way that doesn’t make matters worse through empathy and kindness.

Discarding Irreparably Damaged Materials

This process’s central purpose is to clean the suicide scene by discarding irreparably damaged materials. These materials can be things like clothes, bedding, carpeting, wallpaper, floorboards, and upholstery that have been contaminated with bodily fluids or the victims’ remains. These contaminated items will be handled and disposed of with a predetermined process and by following strict regulations.

Cleaning Salvageable Structures

Likewise, if biohazardous material has penetrated a structure’s floors and walls, the cleanup service technicians will have to seal the structure and properly clean and sanitize it prior to allowing anyone else to roam over or around the affected areas. This is to prevent anyone from becoming contaminated with any biohazardous material and to ensure the absolute sanitation of the said area.


Lastly, a suicide cleanup company like Valor Technical Cleaning will ensure their services are completed with the utmost professionalism. Their technicians are GBAC-certified to follow the highest cleaning standards. They will ensure your environment is restored to its safe and biohazard-free state with the right equipment, materials, and chemicals. They use personal protective equipment, or PPE, to remain safe as they proceed to keep you and your loved ones safe. They are available 24/7 every single day of the week to handle any suicide cleanup situation so you and your family can begin your healing process.

These are the most important things you’ll find in a suicide cleanup company such as Valor Technical Cleaning, and what you should expect if you’re ever in this heartbreaking situation.


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