What Your Perfume For Men Say About You

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Simply just like your favourite music playlist, or your clothes, the best perfume for men you choose speaks volumes about the kind of man you happen to be. Why? Let us tell you quickly. Because your sense of smell tends to guide you straight to that very part of the brain that caters to your set of emotions you undergo. And, this, my dear friends, completely bypasses rationale. In other words, you may want to say that your choice of male fragrances leaves you stripped of sentiments – all naked. 

However, it is because of this association that it has become almost next to impossible for a man to choose a cologne without bringing along with him a whole lifetime of confusion and baggage to the table. Yes, you heard us right. What we wish to say is that any man will put on the best perfume for men that is not only comfortable for him or soothes his mood, but also, serves as a complete reflection of his life’s experiences and his personality. In the same direction, it will be extremely rare for a man to opt for a salty, refreshing marine cologne if he does not even remotely enjoy swimming in the sea. We can confidently claim this because men tend to get drawn to male perfumes that they recognise the aroma of and to things that bring forth some familiarity.

And, this very much accounts to being a valid reason as to why perfumers often keep in consideration a scent profile for the type of man they’re blending the fragrances for and why online perfume brands like Adiveda Natural chose different kinds of celebrities as the faces of their distinctive advertising campaigns. The core mission was to make sure that a certain set of fragrance notes matches with the type of man who wears them. Further, this helped the brand to derive perfumes for men that would perfectly reflect their personalities and spirits

Men Perfumes And Personality Types.

After all being said about how male perfumes reflect the personalities of men who wear them, there is another surprise in store for you. A lot of men use a particular fragrance to superficially project a persona they may not have in reality. We have suspected for a long time that males often pick a scent to compensate for some evaluated or misunderstood deficiency in their character. For instance, they may like choosing a woody and spicy scent if they suspect their masculinity. On the other hand, there are others who feel shy of disclosing their real selves by picking up something outrightly unusual such that they get to masquerade behind an ‘approved’, typically employed male perfume, which doesn’t let out too many secrets.

All being said, even by performing such an activity, you’re still in to reveal something or the other about your personality, your character. Do not flicker. It is simple – When it comes to scents, you truly are a reflection of what you wear. To sum it up with ease, similar to a mighty handshake, or a flawless signature, male perfumes are an extension of a man’s soul.

Perfume For Men Speak Volumes About Their Character

Not only does the best perfume for men speak a lot about who you are, but according to research, how much of a fragragrance you put on, showcases a lot too. For instance, men who come across overconfident will wear a bucket loaded with fragrance. However, on the other hand, the quietly confident ones choose and wear just the right amount so that you need to get close to them – To appreciate it. Indeed an intelligent move in our book. Like they say, less is more.

Other than that, being true to yourself when picking the best perfume for men makes a lot of difference. It is more than often claimed that one should never adorn a hat with more personality than one. And, according to us, the same applies to male perfumes. Always buy one that does not overpower your personality.

Here is a list of our notes on what a perfume for men tells about you:


Citrus-based fragrances like Adiveda Natural Bonjour EDP happen to be mainstream perfume for men and encourage many male fragrance rotations. They hold the ability to evoke clean, sharp, crisp and energetic freshness. Based on our experience, the sporty men are ones who opt for citrus fragrances. They’re always in competition. You will find them dressed as runners, cyclists, squash players, and men who are not scared of fluorescent trainers.

If you are a man with several talents, you may get subconsciously drawn to citrus male perfumes for the therapeutic benefits they carry. Citrus scented notes tend to really wake you up. However, they also help you strike an even balance between attaining refreshment and calm. This statement has been backed by university research.


Perfumes for men that take their cue from eatables and comprise fragrance notes such as vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, juniper and coffee have continued to scale their popularity in recent years. Also, men who pick gourmand colognes tend to possess qualities like being sensual, sexually adventurous, or hedonistic types with questioning inquisitiveness. Particularly celebrated men’s perfumes feature fragrances like vanilla. 


There is a reason why woody fragrances like Bonjour Eau De Parfum for men are so popular with males. They enable a man to feel solid, reliable and easy-going at all hours. They seem to enhance some kind of masculinity. Woody perfume for men is often preferred by married men followed by their wives. Moreover, they also get favored by a man’s male friends solely because they have gained immense popularity with other men and partly because they re-enforce their general acceptability.

However, when you pick a woody cologne over all the others, there could be something classic, something even a bit more ancient – at work too. Woody scents like 10PM EDP for men transport us right back to the blissful era where our forefathers sprayed the best perfumes for men on themselves at the temples of the old gods. 


Similar to clean, crisp, refreshingly aquatic or what we also term as marine fragrances possess a certain type of faint aroma of the ocean and the shore’s salty scent about them. If you are all about these aquatic fragrances, you may be a minimalist or a simplistic soul at heart. In other words, you may be someone who celebrates simplicity and bottle design that happen to be both elegant and uncomplicated.

Modern-day marine perfumes for men are super minimal, embracing and fresh scents. They bring about a distinctive perspective, a little different from the 1990s. They’re still as popular as the classic male perfumes, but suggest a minimalist characteristic and even aspire to be pure and unadulterated.


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