What you should NOT do as a beginner Blogger

What you should NOT do as a blog beginner

Do NOT Take it as a Hobby

If you do not take your blog and audience seriously, you’ll be treated as a joke. Would you take your actual job at a company as a “hobby” and then be shocked if you got demoted or fired? No. It’s the same thing here. 
It is important to try and make regular content that solves your readers’ issues, it is important to try ad respond to your readers’ comments or doubts,  it is important to treat your viewers as both your boss and your client, after all, they’re the one you’re doing the work or and they’re the ones you’ll be earning from.
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Do NOT Expect Success Overnight

You cannot write 5 posts before bed and expect the blog to blow up the next morning like you’ve seen in the movies. 
This will be a gradual growth process. You’ll need hundreds of posts, multiple contacts multiple platforms for promotion, regularity in your reader base, good SEO, and hard work to reach those big numbers.

Do NOT Expect Google AdSense to Make Millions For You

Google Adsense cannot buy your daily bread, especially as a small new blog, not even as a three-year-old blog will it be able to generate tens of thousands of dollars unless you’re extremely lucky and hardworking, so yes it’s possible but hard to achieve for most.
It can generate larger revenues over time but again, it cannot generate millions for you. Be sensible about it this will require you to do further research on the topic to get a better understanding of what you’re in for.
To compensate the small earning possibilities in AdSense, you can use affiliate marketing, you can sell a subscription or a product, you can get sponsorships, you can actually do a lot and the sky is the limit.
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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and highest-revenue-generating methods for a content creator.

Do NOT Expect One Blog to Be Your Complete Income Source

Don’t quit your job just because your blog is getting popular now, the possibility of it being able to support your living expenses is very low.
In that case, you’ll need multiple well-developed blogs with SEO and affiliates, you’ll probably need at least a side job too which would either be your regular job or as a freelancer website builder, etc. It is very important to remain sensible and insightful.

Do NOT Take Credit for Someone Else’s Work.

What if you just copied all of my content and pasted it on your blog? Not only would that make a writer like me feel bad, but it will also have major consequences, 
You can try to copy my, or anyone else’s credit thinking that as a small blogger, it wouldn’t have any consequences, but I can assure you that it will always make you regret your decision.

Do NOT Assume that Your Reader Audience Can Also be Your Buyers

Imagine yourself as the viewer. How much trust would you need to put into your favorite blogger to actually invest into their products? The answer is – a lot.
Most people are only going to view you as a blogger for a very long time until your audience has really skyrocketed. Until then, normal viewers are just going to buy a product from a trust-worthy company rather than from an individual blogger who probably can’t completely solve their issues.
Even after your blog skyrockets in metrics, only the most loyal portion of your reader base is likely to buy from you, the rest would still buy a similar product from a company or someone more reliable and experienced.

Do NOT Skip Design and Presentability

The phrase, “diamond in the mud” is beautiful but can’t be appreciated by just, anyone. You can write brilliant content with the best SEO and a lot of backlinks to your blog, but if your web design looks like mud, then no one will be trusting you an sticking around for too long.
Your web design needs to be clean, professional, will two-three main colors max. It needs to have the basic navigation tools, optimization for different screen resolutions, good ad placement with just the right number of ads, and an easy way to access all your content.
If your blog annoys people just by looking at it, then is there really something here to discuss? No, just try to fix it.

Do NOT Ignore Your Bounce Rate Statistics

Bounce rate shows the percentage of visits of people when they just open a single page and don’t continue reading or browsing any other pages. So, if the bounce rate is high, then that means that people don’t stay on your site for long and like a ball, they open the site/blog barely stay on it and don’t continue, and leave almost immediately.

If your bounce rate is high, then that means that it is important to try and lower it down. The ways you can attempt to do this are
  • Providing your viewers a way to subscribe to your feed
  • Providing a mail subscription.
  • Asking to turn on browser site notifications
  • Writing original content with captivating content.
  • Using good quality images and easily consumable yet very important info.
Do NOT Use a Wide Range of Niches on a Single Blog
You can write about cooking, or you can write about gaming, or you can write about online marketing, or you can write about fashion, or you can write about health, but a single person cannot write about all the topics and expect blog growth.
I was very young when I started blogging, and me being an indecisive yet competent child, made a blog regarding all of my interests. I guess you can assume how that turned out. So I know this better than anyone how it is impossible to create such diverse content alone.
Pick up 1-3 very similar and inter-related niches for a single blog and fully go for it. It should be something that interests you, otherwise, you will lose your motivation, and it should also have market value. For example, you can write about – cooking, health, and fitness as a single blog.


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