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Purpose of box making
Whether you want to make a box is simply for prettily packaging retail items to be placed on a store stand or display stand, or whether the box itself will be delivered to customers via shipping will determine which box to consider.

Box design using colorful colors and fonts

In general. Mail and delivery boxes as strong as possible. So that the boxes themselves, not damage and the products packaged inside can safely deliver. On the other hand, boxes for displaying products will need excellent back design and clear print quality so that consumers can see the package and be immediately drawn to it.

Therefore, rather than simply thinking of ‘the product that goes inside, the box should be manufactured after considering what purpose the boxes are handled the most during use.

Box Making Cost

Have you decided how much you can spend on the boxes? Will the brand covers the cost of the box entirely, or will the consumer be able to purchase the boxes separately? Without answers to these questions, the cost of making a box cannot be calculated.

Also, if it is difficult to calculate the cost of making boxes, please consider how much the product usually sells. Because the boxes are also part of the product. In any case, as it is a special edition package for a special season, if the quantity is small or if you want to show that it is a high-quality product, the box production cost can be much higher, so we recommend that you consider the box production cost first and decide which box to make.

Type of box to check before making a box

Packable Build Box – Packing Box (G-Type Box)

Packable packaging box-G-shaped structure makes it durable and suitable for courier delivery

A G-type boxes with a structure in which the bottom already in form.  the top cover close in the form of a hook. Thanks to the structure that closes strongly.it often use to deliver products. that require cushioning and various products by courier. It’s possible. There are several names for the G-type boxes. To add strength to the box’s structure. It is also called an airplane boxes because the shape with wings resembles an airplane. The G-type boxes are manufactured by SM Custom Packaging. Which combines the printing paper on the corrugated cardboard to ensure both the robustness of the corrugated cardboard and the clarity of the print quality.

Packable Production Box
This is the most commonly used the boxes. Among them, boxes commonly found in packages for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, accessories, and small retail items. Since the product box is made of paper material, it is one of the package types with the best color expression in the package design.

The product box manufactured by SM Custom Packaging has a three-sided adhesive assembly structure, and the box structure is stronger than other product boxes and is easy to fold and store.

Design a product box in SM Custom Packaging


Concave boxes suitable for gift packaging of small products

The half-moon box is a boxes with a design that gives a unique feeling beyond the existing rectangular shape. However, aside from the concave shape of the boxes, the half-moon box is actually one of the most popular types of boxes because it is a very efficient and convenient package in many ways. The concave box gives a luxurious and professional feel compared to the low unit price.

Find out more about the half-moon box

Go to the half-moon boxes design


A Sabari box in which high-quality paper, cloth, leather, or directly printed printing paper wrap.  apply with the outer paper and manila or thick corrugated cardboard as the inner paper. The outer and inner papers make separate.  The range of design expression is wide, and it characterizes being hard and durable. However, the unit price high than other boxes, .it is mainly used for packaging high-end products.
Box development is a drawing of a box spread out on a floor plan.
A box exploded view is essential to see. what side your design will fit into inside the box. How it will fold and face when folded.
Since the lines and faces of the development view represent how the actual box structure will be made. It is best to create a box based on the development diagram. SM Custom Packaging provides a development view of all standard boxes. if you do not have a development plan. please visit SM Custom Packaging!


A wooden frame a kind of wooden frame need to make a package.

A box-shaped frame should be planting a box cut line on the wooden plywood, and the box shape of the desired size comes out when you press the paper with this wooden frame. The wooden mold made for the boxes must be present with a cut line. or a  perforation line. Incision lines and perforation lines of information which we need to be transmitted to the printer individually. you are need to designate a spot color on a separate layer. present it so that you can proceed according to each step during production.
When you use the packable editor, a die that meets the specifications is provided, so you can enjoy an easy production experience by designing a design to fit into the package based on it.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a method of printing on paper using a printing plate and rollers. This has the advantage of being less. However, since the unit price is high, it has the disadvantage that it is difficult to use it unless it is mass-produced.

Digital Printing

Digital printing has the advantage of consistency. It can print even one sheet. the same result can get after taking one sheet. However, there is a slight difference in color. Technology has improved a lot, so you can hardly feel the difference. But there is a disadvantage that the quality is slightly inferior to that of offset printing.

UV Printing

It is a method that adheres to and hardens on the material rather than permeating the printout. The ink dries instantly through the light emitted from the UV UV lamp, so there is no need for post-processing, so the working period is short. It’s a short production time and can be print on a variety of materials. So it is suitable for small-volume, multi-variety production.
Gloss Coating: A finish that gives the packaging a luster by means of an additional coating.

Without box coating: Printed boxes usually require coating. However, if you use textured imported paper, you may abandon the coating treatment to preserve the texture of the boxes themselves.
The final stage of boxes making: post-processing

Another way to upgrade the finished boxes is to add post-processing.

Typical operations include coatings to protect the surface of printed matter from moisture and scratches, prevent discoloration of ink, and add gloss. In addition to coatings, finishing treatments frequently used for design and functional purposes include
Partial coating: A finish that adds a coating only to parts that are the point of a design, such as a logo, name, or icon.
Die-cutting: A cutting process in which a part of the package. cut out to give a display effect such as a show window for the product inside the package.
Foil processing: A finishing treatment that adds effects such as gold and silver foil
Embossing/Debossing: A finishing treatment that creates a 3D effect by adding texture to the package.

Package Design

The highlight of my brand’s boxes production is probably the package design.
Of course, the packaging boxes. which is a package for shipping, is a good way to neatly express. The brand identity through a minimal design, such as adding a logo to a single color boxes. But the boxes for a single product are a package design trend to reveal the launch of new products and the characteristics of each item. We recommend that you take a look at

Package Color

When creating a package for a brand, the most important thing is color.
In today’s era of diverse designs and saturated with visual information, the element that easily attracts people’s attention is color. Also, like Starbucks, white and dark green, Tiffany’s, light mint. McDonald’s, red and yellow, color is the brand identity that quickly settles in consumers’ minds. And it is one of the factors that you have to choose the most.

Have you already decided on your BI and brand color?  Learn more about ‘ Spot Color Printing. Which allows you to print the same brand color on all packages before making the box!


There are ways to increase the sustainability of box making, including reuse, recycling,  and weight reduction. There are ways to use more eco-friendly packaging. Eco-friendly packaging materials include paper and corrugated cardboard, and we also recommend using a paper air cap instead of plastic.

In addition. By reducing the package according to the product size, it is possible to reduce the room for over packaging. To reduce wastage of excessively used packaging materials.

Learn more about our sustainable green packaging

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