What You Need to Know About Opioid Brain Damage?

Opioid use

An opioid is probably the worst source of pleasure in this world. You have to suffer the discomfort after a small period of pleasure activated by the brain after the opioid intake. This case worsens when your brain extends its power to tolerate the opioid. Then, you have to take large doses for the same euphoria. Like if you have to fill a spoon before, now a half, the glass will be needed to enjoy the same feeling.

This thing doesn’t stop with euphoria, the brain of an opioid addict will not let the person control his or her life. As a result, the family and work lives will turn upside down.

Opioid damages the brain in these ways. If you are worried about the cost of addiction treatment, let me put it out there most insurance providers in the US cover partial or entire treatment. The coverage may depend on your insurance provider, the state you live in, your dependency level, and the number of days you need to spend in an alcohol and drug rehab. 

That said, you must not indulge in Opioids. Keep scrolling and you will get to know what key disadvantages opioids cause to your brain.

You will Become Unaware of your Surroundings 

We all know that lack of oxygen not only leaves us breathless but can also lead us to death. Your brain needs oxygen the most to function accurately. And obviously what are we with a malfunctioning brain? However, you may not know that those opioids stop the way of oxygen to the brain meaning that you become a patient of hypoxia. Then, you start forgetting what’s happening around you, where you are, and what you are doing. Your eyesight also gets affected and everything starts appearing blurred and unclear.

Moreover, opioids cause a deficiency of hearing power, making you unable to enjoy a podcast or the voices of your loved ones. Now you can imagine that these situations will lead you towards a mental situation where you become a victim of depression, anxiety, and tension. You lose control over your actions and an attack of confusion hits and forces you towards a dark abyss. Experts have also found that opioids are especially bad for writers and avid readers! However, why? Because the low oxygen levels in the brain do not allow a person to focus his attention on the precise work of crafting a written piece or forming an image in the brain while reading a novel.

Your Talent will Go to Waste

NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke) suggest we should not take opioids because it damages and destroys the front lobe of the brain aka the most precious part of our body. The front lobe is not a normal part of the brain. It helps us in important tasks like making a plan.

Life is miserable without plans, whether we talk about business plans or any other plan for the development and prosperity of our society. The next step is the execution of that plan, the front lobe comes forth in this area too. It enables you to finish a task efficiently. But what if this lobe is under the control of opioids? You won’t be able to do anything for yourself and your dear ones. Think about it and save your talent. You can’t ignore your health because an affected frontal lobe can take multiple years to recover even if you quit the abuse of opioids today. Therefore, search for a dual diagnosis treatment center near you that treats co-occurring disorders so they can help you to gain long-term sobriety. Most rehabs also offer an outpatient form of treatment if you cannot commit to a residential form of treatment. 

Pain will Become your Companion

How would you feel after being hit by an object? You feel pain and want to get rid of it ASAP. The pain is doubled if you take doses of opioids, as the brain sends intense signals to your body. Even if you get a bruise from a small knife on your finger, the brain will make you feel like your whole hand is filled with open bruises. The higher levels of pain are not easy to tolerate. Because we humans are so insensitive that we feel discomfort just by a thought of pain. This problem can be double trouble for patients who have a habit of using opioids to cure chronic pain. They should opt for physiotherapies, medication assisted treatment like Subutex treatment and other alternative methods to relieve the pain. The opioids should be used for the cure of acute pain, that too for 3 days only.

Cravings and Temptations will Control You

An addiction specialist concludes that your brain circuits don’t work in a loop under the control of opioids. You only want to do things according to your own will, regardless of the timing and situation. You may lose control over your sleep while at your workplace or want to steal from people around you. Too many opioids in the system mean that all your desires and energy levels will be affected. Opioids can have a great negative impact on your mind and body and they will alter the way you think and perceive reality. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose control over cravings and temptations, try to avoid opioids. 

Opioids will Become your Only Source of Delight

You will find it difficult to seek pleasure in your life. The neurotransmitters of your brain only detect happiness when you take opioids. And you cannot find pleasure in anything else. The other meanings of joy and fun are removed from your life dictionary. There is not a single moment of satisfaction in the life of an opiate addict. According to research, diseases like Alzheimer’s can steal your memories as a result of protein building in the brain. Additionally, when your immune system deteriorates, you are unable to fight off illnesses the way a healthy person would. You won’t be able to sleep peacefully. Imagine that opioids are the sole cause of all these problems.

Your Health is Under the Radar of Severe Situations

An opioid addict cannot have a single sigh of satisfaction in his life. Research has shown that protein buildup in the brain can snatch your memories in the form of a disease like Alzheimer’s. Moreover, your immune system becomes weak and you cannot fight the diseases like a normal human. You will not be able to get a sound sleep. Imagine, all these things happening just because of opioids. Do you still want to use it?

Say Goodbye to Opioids

I want to advise opioid addicts that they must say goodbye to opioids. Otherwise, your social circle and career opportunities will say goodbye to you. In addition, we can understand how hurting this statement is! Get treatment as soon as possible. The worst form of pleasure in the world is definitely consuming opioids. After the brain activates a brief period of pleasure following the consumption of opioids, you must endure the discomfort. When your brain exerts more effort to accept the opioid, the situation gets worse. Then, to achieve the same euphoria, you must take higher amounts. I’ll cover six opiate misuse adverse effects that can completely upend your life in this piece.



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