What would you prefer? – running on a treadmill or outside workout

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Running is not an ordinary sport, it is a great way to enjoy your life. Running is not limited to an athlete, anyone can do it. 

With the advancement in technologies, for running you do not have to go outside, with a treadmill you can run at home. But some people get confused between outdoor running and treadmill and unable to decide which one is better?

But the approach of both the activities is the same that is running. Outdoor runners feel running on a treadmill is a boring task. On the other hand, indoor runners prefer doing the workout at home as they prefer complete control of their surroundings. 

Luckily, you’ll get the benefits from both. To help you decide which one is suitable for you, we are providing merits and demerits of both types of running. 

Running on a treadmill

A treadmill is workout equipment that comes with a manageable revolving long flexible strip on which you can walk or run. Almost every exercise center has a treadmill, or if you want to do running at home, you can get the best treadmill in India.


The topmost benefit of the treadmill is, it can be accessible at any time. As it is indoor equipment, you can use it as per your preference. For people who live in constantly changing weather, having a home treadmill is the most convenient option. 

The treadmill gives you total control of your activity such as pace, incline, and interval. Due to this, you can enjoy your workout completely. 

The treadmill is highly beneficial for people who are recovering from an affliction. These people can start with the basic walk and with time can increase their activities. 

Additionally, if you are running outside, it can cause several problems like joint pain, ankle pain, and so on. Running outside should be avoided by those who are recovering from an ankle injury. 

Since treadmills come with cushioned belts, they give comfort to your joints while running. On the opposite, outdoor running can’t give you this comfort. 


While outdoor running, you witnessed greenery, fresh air, and your mood gets freshen up. Contrary, indoor treadmill running sounds boring as it does not provide any of this. 

Though several treadmills have screens that can provide you the feel of outdoor running, you can set the atmosphere you desire and enjoy your running. But, some people say, this can’t be matched with outdoor running. 

As confronted with outdoor running, treadmill running lacks muscle groups as it only involves glutes and hamstrings. Because of this, you can only run in a linear motion on the treadmill. 

The treadmill comes with limited parameters so some runners miss the nature and greenery. Due to this reason, many runners avoid running on the treadmill and prefer outdoor running. 

Running on a treadmill requires money, either you use it in a gym or at home. Bringing a treadmill at home can cause you money, but it is a convenient option. If you do not prefer to buy, you may end up investing more money in the gym. So it is better to buy the best treadmill in India in that amount. 

Outdoor running

Outdoor running can be done in a garden, trail, path, or any other space that gives you enough space to run.


Most people found outdoor running interesting as it gives many routes to run. Not only this, you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the scenery, can go with a partner, and so on. When a person gets variation, he enjoys his activities more. 

No doubt, both the runnings give you health benefits, including increase strength, lower blood pressure, improve mood, and lots more. In addition to this, outdoor running connects you with nature which is extremely beneficial for your overall well-being. 

According to a 2016 study, if you spend half an hour in outdoor greenery (such as parks, forests) per week, it can help you to reduce your depression by 7% and also stabilize the blood pressure.

While outdoor running, you may face many difficulties such as unstable roads, hills, and other obstacles that will help you to build your other muscle groups and you’ll learn to keep your balance. The treadmill can’t provide you all these benefits. 

Besides this, by running outside, your bones become stronger as you run on tough surfaces. It involves more gravitational force and pressure on your bones, which are beneficial for bone metabolism.

Lastly, outdoor running does not include any investment rather than shoes and clothes cost. So, outdoor running can be done by anyone and affordable to everyone. 


When the weather is sunny and warm, it feels great to run outdoor. But, in the rain, and cold weather, it is not a good idea to do so and quite dangerous as well. Although, if you use suitable clothes, take proper training, and do proper preparation, you can run in any weather. 

While running on sunny or cold days, make sure that you are drinking the right amount of water, or running in such weather can cause dehydration. If you are willing to run in such situations, you have to wear proper clothing and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

If you are a night person and runs at night, it can cause the uncertainty of danger and you may hurt. 

While running at night use reflective clothing and a headlamp to see the surrounding. For a better and safer experience, find a running partner. 

Running on a treadmill or outside workout – what is better for weight loss?

Whatever workout you enjoy is best for weight loss. It can be anything – outdoor running, treadmill workout, aerobic, or any other workout. 

All these workouts ultimately lead to weight loss and freshen up your mood. According to one research, running few times a week can help you to lose weight. Ironically, some people encountered weight loss while some increased muscle mass. 

There are two types of running through which you can lose weight. 

The first type is low to moderate intensity running, which is also called steady-state running. If you follow this running with the same intensity for a fixed time, you can achieve a great body. 

The second type is opposite to the first one. It is known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In this, you have to maintain the ratio of intense workout and slow workout. It can be like 30 to 90 seconds intense workout and then do some slow running or walking. 

According to the 2017 study, both types of running are useful and helped people to lose weight. See, when we enjoy something, we do that thing more efficiently, and obviously, the results are impressive. If the person is interested to lose weight, he can do his workout seriously and achieve a great result.

So, as per these studies, you can achieve the result in either, or, if you are committed to it.

Luckily, you can do this both running on a treadmill as well as outdoor. Despite this, when you do outdoor running, be alert about the ground surface, it should be even. Even grounds are less likely to cause any injury. 

Running is not only helpful in weight loss but also offers other benefits such as reduced depression, stress, anxiety, cholesterol, blood pressure, and so on.

If you are just thinking of starting the running, first talk with your doctor about whether it’s right for you or not. Start slowly and make progress. 

Safety precautions

When it comes to exercise, you should not take safety for granted. As mentioned earlier, talk with your doctor before starting running. If you are having a chronic condition like heart disease, it can lead to a heart attack. 

Running needs more energy so take adequate calories to avoid faintness and other health problems. 

Hence, you can either run on a treadmill or outdoor, but take essential calories and get sufficient rest to manage the right balance. 


Running is beneficial when you do it continuously. You can opt for the treadmill or outdoor running at your ease. Both give benefits, improves overall health; physical as well as mental health. 

Pick the type of running as per your preferences such as cost, climate conditions, surroundings, and utmost priorities. If you are unable to decide, try both outdoor as well as treadmill running and then make your decision. 

Anyway, running is a good alternative for health. If you haven’t started yet, start it now and experience the numerous health benefits. 


It’s high time, to sum up, this article. You can select any workout as per your choice, both are great for overall health. Running outside or treadmill each have their merits and demerits. If you do it properly, you’ll get tremendous benefits. If you don’t, be equipped to face the outgrowths. Both the workouts improve your mental and physical health. Choose anything, you are the one, who will get all the perks. Most importantly, if you are enjoying running outside, just go for it or vice versa. You must enjoy the workout you are doing to get more benefits. Therefore, pick your workout and enjoy it.


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