What Will You Get To Learn In certificate 3 in Childcare Perth?

certificate 3 in Childcare Perth

Have you always aspired to work with children to ensure their comprehensive development and well-being? If yes, then, gaining the proper knowledge and skills for that is necessary. Aspiring childcare workers like you can apply for certificate 3 in Childcare Perth in this regard. This course teaches you about the essential tools, skills, and knowledge you need to ensure the holistic development and well-being for the children.

Things to learn

Certificate III in childcare course has eighteen units in total. While studying each of these units back to back, you will learn about the most essential skills and knowledge. The course units have been furthermore divided into two individual segments i.e. core and elective. The things you are expected to learn while studying this particular course include the following:


  • Support the behavior of young people and kids
  • Learn to work with a diverse range of people
  • Work collaboratively with families of the children to provide them adequate care and education.
  • Core
  • Learn that how to provide an emergency response of first-aid within a setup of education and care
  • Address and respond to kids and young people who are at risk
  • Optimize the available data about children to improve the relevant practices
  • Support the play and learning amongst children through the relevant experiences you have gained
  • Ensure the comprehensive development of children within an early childhood education and care setting
  • Guide effective practices by optimizing an approved learning model
  • Develop respectful and optimistic relationship amongst children
  • Learn to provide proper care to toddlers and babies
  • Promoting and subsequently providing nutritious food items and beverages to children
  • Ascertain sound health and safety for children
  • Develop competency related to culture amongst children
  • Promote Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal for kids
  • As a learner, you will also be able to implement workplace-related safety and health practices and
  • You will be able to work ethically and legally for the children within an early childhood setting

The list of things which you are going to learn from the certificate III in childcare course is not exhaustive. This is because there are a lot of things more which you will learn while studying this course. In short, the chief objective of this course is to prepare you as an adept childcare worker. So, quite naturally, you will have to attain the right education first which this particular course provides you.

Attainment of important childcare skills

So, you still have a lot to learn while studying certificate III in childcare courses Perth. Following are the essential skills that you will attain while studying this particular childcare course.

  • The ways following which the comprehensive development of a child can be ensured
  • You will become adept at providing care to toddlers, babies, and young children alike
  • After you complete this childcare course, you will become knowledgeable about giving emergency first-aid provision to kids within an education and care setup.
  • This course also makes you proficient at working lawfully and ethically while working with people belonging to various backgrounds
  • Most importantly, you will attain a sound understanding of the ways of adhering to safe work practices within an early childhood education and care setting.

So, if you wish to thrive in the childcare industry of Australia with all the necessary skills and knowledge, then, the certificate III course is designed for you. That’s why enrolling for this course only from the top college or university in Perth.

Work placement Training

Aside from gaining the essential skills and knowledge given above, you also need to attain adequate hands-on experience in the field of childcare. This is the reason the certificate III in childcare course is regarded as one of the most in-demand Child care courses in Perth, Australia. It offers its pertinent learners a comprehensive work placement training program which includes hands-on learning through a structured program. Through this training program, you will attain the necessary real-time work experience from experienced mentors. As a result, you will be able to work in any childcare setting of Australia with absolute confidence.

Work placement duration

So, if you wish to complete the work placement training from Australia successfully, you need to dedicate a certain amount of time. According to this criterion, you will have to invest one sixty hours in total to complete the said work placement training program of the certificate III in childcare course successfully. As soon you complete this training program, you will learn about all the important skills and knowledge pertaining to the Australian childcare sector. In response to it, you will also get connected to a network of potential employers in Australia.

Prospective Employment Opportunities

As already said that the cert 3 childcare will make you adept at completing the various crucial childcare tasks in an effective manner. Just the way this course equips you with the essential theoretical skills and knowledge, it imparts you adequate hands-on experience too. By optimizing these skills and knowledge you will be able to preside over a wide range of job roles successfully. These include the following:

  • Nanny or Educator
  • Family Day Care Educators
  • Childcare Worker
  • Play Group Supervisor and
  • Early Childhood Educator etc.

After you complete certificate III in childcare course, you can expect to preside over any of the job roles given above. Some of the places in Australia where you can expect to work include After and Before School cares, Pre-schools and childcare centres etc.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

To apply for this course you should meet the following requirements:

  • You should have a sound understanding of applying literacy, numeracy, and premium language skills and
  • You should at least be eighteen years old
  • Once you meet these two requirements back to back, you will be able to enroll for Certificate III in the childcare course successfully.

Course Duration

The total duration of this course is six months in total which is delivered both via classroom and online study sessions.

Apply for the Certificate III in Childcare Course in Perth

So, apply for the certificate III in childcare course today and take your childcare career to new heights. Rest assured that it is one of the best childcare courses Perth that will allow you to become a successful childcare worker in Australia.

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