What Unexpected Lessons Do You Learn As a PRINCE2 Project Manager?

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What Unexpected Lessons Do You Learn As a PRINCE2 Project Manager?

Working as a project manager on PRINCE2 projects is a fantastic way of learning new skills in a hugely enjoyable role. Yet, you might be surprised at exactly what you pick up by carrying out this job on a day to day basis.

In fact, there are a number of highly valuable but unexpected lessons that you can hope to learn over time. Which of the following are going to be the biggest issues that you can benefit from in the project manager role?

The Importance of Teamwork

You may come into this job thinking that your success will come down solely to the work that you carry out. However, before too long you will come to realise that this simply isn’t the case. You need a strong team of business analysts to back you up and help you to get everything done without any fuss.

There is simply no way of doing it all for yourself without any help, no matter how hard you try to do so. The volume and variety of tasks involved in even relatively simple projects mean that you have to build a strong team to help you out.

Looking on the positive side, what this means is that you have a wonderful opportunity to learn all about leading and motivating a team the hard way. If you come into this role without a lot of management experience then it will be a steep learning curve that ultimately benefits your long-term career.

How to React to Setbacks

If there is one thing that new project managers tend to realise right away, it is the importance of reacting well to setbacks. There are so many things that can go wrong in any piece of work that you simply can’t afford to be slow to react to.

What kind of thing could go wrong on your next piece of work that puts you on the back foot? Well, the implementation dates might get brought forward, the budget might be drastically reduced, you might lose an important team member or your testing might be a disaster. Each new projects brings new and unique challenges for you to rise to.

This means that over time you can expect to learn a range of different ways of dealing with setbacks. From ripping up the plan and starting all over again to holding an emergency project meeting to hammer out the way forward, you will feel more confident once you have got to grips with all of the different approaches open to you.

Why You Need to Keep Learning

Being a project manager is a constant learning experience. Every project is different, meaning that you need new skills to handle whatever comes your way. You simply can’t carry out a long career in project management without being happy to learn all the time.

The starting point is with your PRINCE2 training edinburgh. This will give you the tools and techniques that you need to carry out this role to a consistently high standard. It is the most important part of your training but it is far from being the only thing that you need to learn.

You also need to react to the changing demands of your tasks by working out what sort of training you need to arrange next. This includes softer, people skills as well as the technical issues that you want to improve upon.


There are few roles that give you as many chances to learn as the project manager position does. If you have a thirst for knowledge and want a rewarding career then this is the sort of job that you should definitely be interested in.


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