What to Include in Temporary Employees Business Contracts      


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As with permanent workers, offering a competitive pay plan to high-performing temporary staff, whether in the form of a day rate, hourly wage or fixed-term contract income. It is the most effective approach to recruit and retain top performers. It has become much more common to switch companies every year or few years. 

Comparing the job by kind, industry, complexity, length of the assignment, and the location in which your Company is headquartered may generate a competitive offer for the position. Employers with greater budgets will always be able to outbid you on salary. However, you may still get an advantage by using excellent company branding, chances for learning and creating value, and appealing non-financial advantages in your temporary employment contract that you can provide. The following are some crucial things you need to include in the agreement.

1. Working hours per day

Temps will work from [DAY OF THE WEEK] to [DAY OF THE WEEK] at the hours chosen by the employer, provided that their normal working hours do not exceed [AMOUNT] hours per week every week. The Temp must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that they do not work more than [Number] hours per week and know and accept that if they work more than this amount, they may be subject to penalties, including termination of their job.

You can set up an influencer contract by searching for pre-existing templates, tasking it to a lawyer/hr department, or certain software programs made for running such programs. A temporary hire’s hours will diffr depending on the position and industry. 

Hiring temporary and contract staff isn’t for every small Company. There are several situations why employing a permanent employee is better than hiring a temporary one. However, temporary staff may assist when a short-term or seasonal boost in revenue leaves your firm shorthanded.

Maybe you are launching a product and need extra help to increase your audience reach. These employees may also temporarily stand in for regular staff who are away on personal leave, vacation, and sabbatical. Sometimes a business is overworked for a short period of time, and this is when hiring someone for a temporary period of time is beneficial. 

2. Responsibilities

The Company will employ the Temp in the position of [POSITION TITLE] (the “Position”). The Temp undertakes to accept employment with the Company on the terms and circumstances set out in this Temporary Employment Contract and dedicate their whole time and attention (except reasonable times of sickness) to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement. You want to make sure the listed responsibilities are clear and concise since time wasted on training a temporary employee cuts into their contract period. 

The Temp will generally carry out all of the responsibilities detailed in Exhibit A, attached hereto. After both parties sign this employment agreement, the Temp shall not perform tasks other than those mentioned on Exhibit A unless and until this Agreement is updated in writing and signed by both parties.

Make sure the listed responsibilities are similar, if not identical to what you list in a job posting. Especially for a temporary position, clarity is important so employees don’t feel tricked. 


Should the Temp perform duties other than those listed in Exhibit A without the Company’s prior written approval, the Company is not accountable for time spent on these non-essential duties unless and until it can be shown that the Temp’s supervisor or another management directed them to accomplish those work.

A contract between the Company and the Temp is included as Exhibit A. If you believe the employee will help with duties you can’t think of in advance, make the responsibilities broader, so they can include a variety of tasks. 

3. Term.

The parties will work together during the length of this Temporary Employment Contract, which will begin on [START DATE] and end on [END DATE]. Both parties can agree to renew this Temporary Employment Contract by providing a written notification signed by both parties.

An extension of temporary employment shouldn’t be understood as an offer of permanent employment unless and until the extension expressly indicates it is such an offering.

Some temporary employment agreements are only valid for a certain time, others are valid until a specific project is completed. Usually, you want the contract term to be around 3-12 months. To extend the contract or hire them full-time after this, start speaking with the employee before the contract is set to end. 

4. Termination.

The Temp understands and agrees upon that, just as they have the right to end their employment with the Company for any reason. The Company has the same right. It may terminate their employment with the Company for any reason as well. Either Party may terminate the employment relationship by providing the other Party with written notice.

If you want to include a certain period of time i.e. 2 weeks, a month, make sure that is included in the contract. This will help reduce employees leaving with no notice. Leaving their work half completed and you struggling to find a replacement. 

The failure of either Party to give written notice of termination to the other party can result in that party being held accountable for the whole amount of work or compensation that was owing to them during the period that elapsed between the termination and the provision of formal written notice. It’s better for both parties if neither side is liable to pay out the remainder of a work period. 

Although temporary and contract workers have shown to be effective productivity boosters, there are instances when recruiting permanent – or regular – personnel is the most prudent course of action. It depends on what you need an extra employee for, and if you have the money to hire them full or part-time.

The upside to temporary contracts is usually, you don’t have to provide benefits. Which can be expensive. Workplace legislation involving temporary employees may be complicated, so contact an expert who specializes in labor matters before making any decisions about personnel.


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